and just as I say that…

stop poisoning your body with FOOD!

stop poisoning your body with FOOD!

And just as I update you all with my busy, busy life, it all comes to a complete stop, thanks to a bout of food poisoning. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, as I AM trying to lose weight except:

  1. Thanks to construction on the building, there’s no power in my apartment right now, and it’ll be Monday before the power is back.
  2. Meaning it’s pitch-black in there, and I have no candles, batteries for flashlights, etc, and it’s a long way till payday
  3. The toilet is blocked. Parse that: I have food poisoning and the toilet is blocked.
  4. My plunger moved to the West Side when the neighbor I’d loaned it to moved away.

So, typical for me. I finally get a computer that works like lightning AND a wind stick so I can work at home, and the power goes out so I can only work for an hour off the battery AND I get brutally sick so I can’t go work in cafes.

Typical. See the well-known sociological principle of the Law of Conservation of Catastrophe.

17 thoughts on “and just as I say that…

  1. But do you have infinite scrolling yet?

    Sorry to hear you tribulations, I have to say my day was much better than yours. No food poisoning over my way.

    Get better soon!!

  2. Thanks! Much appreciated.

    One sad side-effect is that the Christine Assange story got pushed back, because I’m not able to go through the last edits it at this point. You’d think writing wouldn’t be heavy lifting, but I’m really not able to get my mind off my belly.

  3. Thanks. Today I’m not doing any work or heavy lifting, just sitting in a cafe doing copy-paste work. I can just about handle this.

    What I can’t handle is the realization that I missed yesterday’s Mexican wine and tequila tasting.

  4. Three days later, I’m not 100% but then, as a friend says, I’m better when I’m the 99% anyway!

    Had a ham and cheese sandwich, which quickly informed me this was a bad idea. Looks like I’m going to be a fruitarian for awhile. All Hail Steve Jobs!

    On the plus side, five or six pounds gone!

  5. Oh, SNAP! Mexico, it’s ON!

    But there was also tequila. Apparently too much: a friend of mine got quite verbose on Twitter and had to delete most of what he wrote that night. Still, pity to miss it. More info about wine and more nibbles at Yew at the Four Seasons = BETTER

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