review o’ the day: AA Gill on Barnes Grill

It was a grizzly, vile thing, like chewing a vasectomy scar with a pustular, yellow skin — as nasty a burger as I’ve eaten this year.

Yeah, but tell us how you really feel.

I love AA Gill; he makes me glad to be a reader and very, very glad not to be a restaurateur.

He's coming for you!

143 thoughts on “review o’ the day: AA Gill on Barnes Grill

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  2. I’ve read about the sunday times”THE land that time forgot” it wasn’t very nice because you offended all the albanians and i’ll tell you something ALBANIA is not like that it has culture and loves it’s people and ALBANIA is getting better everytime and whereever you come from I think your country is like that and maybe some people will write bad and nasty things about your country and you will feel bad like the ALBANIANS did when you wrote that discousting letter. I hope yor the right AA GILL from the sunday times.

  3. Well I was surprised to see such an article as “The land that time forgot”, actually allow to get printed. You would think a magazine by the name of “The Sunday Times”, would actually print decent journalistic works….. because you know, its name sort of gives the impression of a serious magazine. Never judge a book by its cover they say…..

    Upon doing a little research on A.A. Gill it seems that this guy’s way of getting attention is by making extreme/outrageous comments….. so his article and his opinions about Albania are not worth the paper they’re printed on, and I would know, having lived in Albania for 15 years.
    It becomes pointless and time wasting to critique his work…. also, judging by his readers comments (sam, raincoaster), one can see to what kind of people his articles appeal.

    @Raincoaster said,
    “Apparently, however, Albania is also rich in stupid people with poor English composition skills and Internet access.”

    You know “Raincoaster”, calling you a moron would probably be a compliment…. hence I won’t call you names so as not to make fun of retards like you.

    Don’t go on commenting on “unknoun” writing skills, whom English happens to be his/her third or fourth language.

    @sam said,
    “hahahaha, this time aa gill was right! I loved his review on albania! spot on!”

    You know what would be “spot on” Sam?

    You actually pointing to Albania on a map!

  4. Sweetheart, you need a stiff drink, and an enema. It’s a review of a hamburger joint, okay? If you want to whine about what he said about Albania, tell it to the Times, who actually ran the article you hate so much. They have a comments section, you know.

    And maybe they care.

  5. Every time I mouth the words “Enver Hoxha,” I laugh my big hairy white American ass silly. It’s like going up to a horse and blurting out “Frau . . . . BLUCHER!”

    Enver . . . . . HOXHA! (insert whinnying horse here)

  6. he is just a desparate middle aged man, who does everything to attract the attention. He is just an ugly man with an ugly soul, and just trying to fight is middle age life crisis by offending the others. shame on him, and on the serious paper that accept his garbage for publication…the article on Albania, showed again his ‘style’ of ‘journalism’: with full of lies and prejudice. the guy, (as he reported) didn’t want to visit any cultural or historical site of the country, but got himself drunk at a death metal bar in Tirana and just wrote his garbage there under the influence of alchohol and his middle aged crisis… actually he doesn;t deserve anybody’s attention;

  7. and you ‘raincoster’ perhaps are dried up by the very sunny weather these days. ..shut the f*** up and don’t joke about people’s language or countries that you don’t even know where they are. (By the way that you talk) it is clear that you don’t even have A-levels, or any GCSE (as you don’t even know how to properly use your own language… the guy that you offended here should not bother answering such ignorants who think that Shakespeare is italian, Hemingway French, England is in the South Hemisphere…and that the rest of Europe speaks English…

  8. You know, sweetheart, I really can’t choose among the many different punchlines you offer me. Why don’t you go take your medication and calm down and, again, tell it to someone who cares?

    Wouldn’t that be swell?

  9. Yo raincoaster. U think u so tough with ur shity language. Y don’t u bring ur ass to Albania, n will see if u have a mouth as big as my ass, prick. Go bring some cookies and milk for ur queen. Oh and bring ur friend…Mr.Gill.

  10. Darling! I’m so glad to see you! Who’d have thought George W. Bush would be posting on my blog.

    But that “Yo” is the givaway. Yo Blair, Yo raincoaster, it’s all the same to Yo Americans, isn’t it?

    As for your size queen question, I can’t imagine that anything on Earth is as big as the ass that you are.

  11. Enver . . . . . . . HOXHA!!!


    And Raincoaster my dear, why yes I do live in Virginia. Little known fact: “The Beverly Hillbliiles” was created in concept by a Norfolk, Va. easy-listening radio station DJ, Paul Henning.

  12. Enver . . . . . . . HOXHA!!!


    And Raincoaster my dear, why yes I do live in Virginia. Little known fact: “The Beverly Hillbililes” was created in concept by a Norfolk, Va. easy-listening radio station DJ, Paul Henning.


  13. Hey, Im not the one making the big ass bullshitness. U noe wat I think. Ur a prick. U have a big ass mouth. U hide urself in ur living room with yo mama making eggs for u and u talk shit. Thats wat I think. Guess wat. I don’t sell macsi like u do bitch.


  14. Im not gonna reply anymore becauz I don’t blog with dicks like u and ur friend Frontier Editor. So CYA. Jackass

  15. Not at all. I just like teasing my friends. And, as you can see virtually anywhere on the blogosphere that I’ve been this week, I’m cranky.

    Particularly with quadrupedal Albanians of very little vocabulary.

  16. Although now that they’re strapped into the restraints, I do kinda wonder what the hell “macsi” means. It must be Albanian for puppies and kitties, don’t you think?

  17. Bakhunin’s my man in a pinch. I’m pretty sure this was shortly after the 1968 Olympics, during Hoxha’s “let’s steal from the oppressed American black man’s stand against the Yanakee running dogs” period.

  18. if what you say is true, (I mean that you have just taken your medications, and had a glass of water sitting on your fat a***) than shut up, and start talking after the medication has had its effect on you (if it does anything to you)

  19. quadrupedal —hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…you seem exactly like one with your shitty language, go back to the forest were your place is…

  20. Y’know, I could forgive the language skills. And the review was pretty mean-spirited; it’s really tough to believe that an entire nation has not one redeeming feature.

    Then again, if the nation actually is full of these dopes who come here and crap all over Raincoaster for posting an unrelated bitch-queen restaurant review, perhaps he’s got a point.

    @ “unknoun”, dea, Enkelejas, and “raincoaster = a dick”:

    Could you not go to the International Development Bank and get a loan to buy a sense of humour?

    Or at least a sense of direction? Since y’all insist on complaining about something so unrelated, and Raincoaster didn’t even link to it, allow me.

    Or a clue?
    If you stopped simmering in outrage long enough, you might notice:
    A) That Gill is famous for grubbing up publicity by talking $#!7, and

    B) that this is not in fact the homepage of AA Gill.

    But would you give a damn who you insulted? Neither did Gill. And in that, you are perfectly matched.

    Perhaps you could buy one another that stiff drink & enema.

  21. Either
    a) language difficulties are getting in the way here or
    b) dea is feeling repentant, or
    c) someone’s not reading the whole comment.

    Given past history, I’ll pick “c”, Regis.

    And yes– that’s my final answer.

  22. by the way I am Suede, but have visited that country and got some great friends there… just felt that it was unjust to treat people like that, and that was all…

  23. It’s a bit of a cliche to say “some of my best friends are Albanian” but it’s actually true. I do have friends there. And it’s irrelevant to this restaurant review except to note that none of them allow their feelings to get hurt by pottymouthed foreign tourists. I, personally, respond by heaping scorn on them.

    I make no apology for making fun of people who post barely-literate and irrelevant comments on my blog. He talked all kinds of shit about our national icon, Celine Dion, and you didn’t hear me whining about it.

    Thanks for the link Metro, I’ll read it today. If it’s as good for hits as this has been, I may even post it. Who knows?

  24. This thing that this journalist has written are oversized plus a lot of them are fake.Is he MAD…..Haw can he call Albania The center of the ilegal arm trade hhahahahahhahah
    He makes me laugh
    He doesnt know that america is the first who import and export arms not to mention other things like drugs and ghetos or ……
    You are english person so here in albania we say to them

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  26. To raincoaster:
    I have a small stove at home but i think it can fit you and your jewish friends.
    And as for being able to speak good english no one gives a shite cause no one wants to be like you

  27. Me and my Jewish friends? Tell me, what in hell are you talking about? I mean, tell me if you actually KNOW what the hell you’re talking about.

    Apparently there’s a period shortage in Eastern Canada. Here, Shq. “.” Just for you. And have a vowel or two while you’re at it.

  28. Eventually what is the point of arguing in a matter of facts that you are American and I’m Albanian or English I mean how is that you see the world in front of your eyes are there facts do you often see yourself in the mirror or I believe u see yourself in front of a TV that means to me the you kind of live a life of fantasy to me. We Albanians have a very poor English and terminology well in my view that makes the person that judge the other person by insulting his or her reputation in rich culture. I mean how in the hell you know about Albanian people personality well you wouldn’t even understand an Albanian language at list I do read and write English that makes me the rich guy in mind and turns to make you the filthy guy who does not clean his or her own mouth coz there is nothing to clean off anyway I have to live it at this stage coz I don’t have the time to argue with Idiots like you people who insults Albanians first of all I bet that people like you wouldn’t even have the gad to enter Albania at list I enter anything coz you know why ……Loading…..they say never judge a book by its cover and keep it low even if you are the richest guy in the world another think is my advice the more TV you watch the more things in reality you will fantasise


    Sincere: Albanian Geek.

  29. How can gravity hold the moon in place?

    Gravity is by far the weakest of the four fundamental forces at work in the Universe (the others being electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces). Scientist characterise the strengths of these forces via so-called coupling constants, and on that basis gravity is around a billion billion billion times weaker that electromagnetism. But as Isaac Newton famously showed, the force of gravity depends on the masses of both objects involved. That resolves that apparent paradox of how a force as weak as gravity means the earth can keep a grip o n the moon-putting the numbers into Newton’s law of gravity it turns out that the force of gravity that keeps the Moon in orbit around the earth is almost one million million million times stronger that the gravitational force holding a needle to earth.


    Sincere: Albanian Geek.

  30. Why can we remember some dreams and not others?

    Neuroscientists have found that most of our dreams occur during periods of Rapid Eye Movement *(REM)* when our eyes move about rapidly under our closed eyelids. These periods occur about once every 90 minutes. It seems likely that the dreams that we remember are those that we are in the middle of when we are awoken during a period of REM sleep.

    Sincere: Albanian Geek

  31. There actually appears to be no shortage of periods at all–clearly several of your commentors are having them.

    The main shortage seems to be English competency; not fluency, just a basic ability to fathom what the £µ©λ they’re going on about.

  32. Actually, I’m learning about Albanians mostly by reading their ridiculously moronic comments in this thread.

    I am not english person. I am not american person either, dumbass. Welcome to the blog.

  33. I’m really sorry for you, too. Although you wish you lived in London, you actually live in Albania, surrounded by hostile, thin-skinned and moronic Albanians. Such as yourself.

  34. To live in London?!!!!!! NO, THANK YOU!!! Neither in canada with celine dion. I prefer sunny places like…. ALBANIA, Italy etc.
    p.s. You know what the sun is, don’t you???

  35. How? They live at the other end of the planet. Idjut.

    And people wonder why I think Albanians are stupid. Actually, it only seems to be the Albanians who post here. No, “london” doesn’t like London; why would I EVER have thought that? Duh. I can see that you’re posting from Albania. Enjoy the Albanians!

  36. That’s funny: you look more Kosovan to me.

    A hearty raincoaster welcome to the first Albanian commenter NOT to say something stupid. Do you want to bring friends next time? You’ve just singlehandedly restored my faith in a universal average IQ of 100, even in Albania. 

  37. A person from Albania can live in Kosovo, right ?

    And Oh.Mi.God. – did I really do that (restore your faith……)? I’ll make sure to spread word among my English-speaking Albanian friends to join here… hopefully they’ll contribute with more smart, intelligent remarks and maybe, just maybe, your faith in us with not waver ever again.


  38. True enough, an Albanian can live almost anywhere. And if that person’s as smart as you, they can alone restore my faith in the nation. I’m easy!

    Bring them on, particularly if they are male, single, and handsome!

  39. All of my friends all of the three above (I have female, single and beautiful ones too). Look for upcoming posts from such beings.

  40. Perfect. There you go, now we have a win-win situation – we restore your faith in Albanian IQ, your male friends hopefully get to have some fun…. adn evereyone happy!!

    I love this

  41. Hey raincoaster, why dont you take a look at my site, and learn few things on Albania and its poeple. I got a nice picture gallery. Maybe you should make plans on visiting this gorgeous country instead of wasting your time with “low I.Q poeple”.My site is “strictly” in English.You see sweetheart, there is a huge Albanian community in North America, and hundreds of thousands of them are second and third generation Albanians.


  42. Gosh, how can I resist a condescending come-on that assumes my own ancestors are Aboriginal North Americans and offers that the website got a good photo gallery? Kewlness.

    I think I already know as much as I care to about your “poeple”. I’d prefer to meet Albanians who aren’t quite as stupid as you.

  43. The “intelligent” calling others stupid like it is a greeting…isnt that too obvious, or you worry it will go un-noticed…

  44. Oh, it would never occur to me that an Albanian would think he’d made a fool of himself and STFU. That just never happens. I can’t remember who it was who said, “it is better to remain silent and seem a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” but he was a very smart cookie.

    And obviously not Albanian.

    Where is Diell and her smart, handsome Albanian posse? We could use some of their kind, not the kind who don’t even know how to fill out a URL box.

  45. No, it is not an URL box. I believe what you’re trying to say is “It’s ‘an’ URL box” but your English isn’t quite good enough to make yourself clear. The use of parentheses is, while whimsical, quite inappropriate. Happy to clear that up for your befuddled and inferior wee mind.

    In any case, the use of “an” before a vowel is an antiquated usage which is, while not strictly speaking incorrect, certainly no more correct that “a” URL box.

    And you won’t have noticed, but when you leave a comment at this blog there is a box for your name (in this case your parents took one look at you and decided you looked like a, as opposed to a Sharon or a Bruce) and there is a box for your email, and there is a box for your URL. This is the URL box to which I am referring and which you did not fill out.

    This is only one of the many reasons I conclude that you are not very bright.

    Another is, of course, that the article in question is not about Albanians at all, but several of them, including you, have such a feeble grasp of reality that any mention of anyone who has ever said anything negative, however accurate, about Albanians, must result in vast steaming piles of poorly spelled, idiosyncratically punctuated drivel.

  46. parentheses???
    get it right, it is parenthesis…
    or are you having difficulties spelling correctly a greek word ?…
    another greek origin word “idiosyncratic” is thrown fancy, as it was meant to be used before the word punctuated.
    Quiet frankly your English stinks, and the more you try to put down poeple whom first language aint English, the more you expose yourself … You are just a twaddler. Look it up.

  47. Parenthesis is the singular. Being Albanian, I thought you’d know the Greek plural is “parentheses.” I shall never take your intelligence or education for granted again.
    You know what “singular” means, don’t you? You sound pretty singular to me; perhaps if you found someone to bracket you’d be a little more relaxed.

  48. hey raincoster,

    not sure why are you wasting your time and trying to wind people up here…if you know that you’ve got an advantage over those guys in terms of your English, then it’s not too clever to use it as a tool I think…chill out man…if you don’t like Albanians, that’s fine, I don’t know why those guys try and argue with you about this at all… I am sure that they should have better things to do…

  49. I don’t have a problem with Albanians; I have a problem with stupid, gratuitiously abusive people. Check out my responses to Diell if you aren’t sure.

    They certainly should have better things to do, but apparently they don’t think so. I didn’t even post the article they’re all so steamed about. It seems that some of them think that all English-speaking people know one another or something. In any case, I try to reply to all comments on my blog, including the stupid, gratuitiously abusive ones. And I long ago learned to express my urban rage only on those who generated it in me.

    It’s only fair to the rest of the world.

  50. Like reading the post and the other 69 comments for a start?

    To fill you in, Rony: The Albanian Anti-defamation league is here because someone made the rather amusing error of confusing Raincoaster with Mr. Gill, whom they feel gave Albania a rather nasty review. He did, it’s his stock in trade, and they’re wrong to be upset about it because his “bitch queen” act is the one note he can play.

    But that’s where it starts. And comment #2 is where Raincoaster commented on this misunderstanding and correctly implied that poor English skills were to blame.

    Explanations have been ignored, abuse has been heaped, and as far as I can tell Raincoaster’s completely right to wind them up until their springs break–whenever they’re not doing it to themselves.

    Now if Raincoaster dropped in on an Albanian blog and began posting furious tirades in broken Albanian, wouldn’t the blog owner be right to gently mock her and prod her with a sharp stick?

    By the way, speaking of superior English skills–it’s “Raincoaster”, not “Raincoster”. Just mentioning. Not impugning your English spelling skills–we all make the odd one, eh?

    Grammar and punctuation could be a bit better though. But I’m sure you’re trying.

  51. What ARE you drinking over there? It’s apparently hallucinogenic, but it has some weird side effects too.

    For instance: Your face is melting. I can see it all the way from here.

  52. hey raincoster thanks for ur reply. Not sure why metro had to jump in though…just to let him know that even the best writer can’t get rid of typos, if he knows what I mean…

  53. Hey raincoaster… I see none of my good looking witty intelligent male and female friends has made it yet to this exchange of comments.

    Much as it hurts me to see that Albanians are being flogged here I am actually amused. They did miss the point of this blog. And as for Gill (sorry I am going back to him but that is what started this Albanian – Canadian abuse) he is very word-wise and reading his article about my country I had to laugh out loud with some of his venomous comments, he was right about some things but in general the article contained a bit too much ugliness. But that’s his style as far I have understood so just forget about him.

    And as an Albanian I don’t give a damn if a native English speaker mocks me for my unnatural grammar or erroneous punctuation in English given that it is not my native language. So please guys, don’t get mad – not speaking/writing properly a foreign language is not a crime or a sign of stupidity. Stupidity actually is perceived in the contents of what’s being said (in this case written).

    Hey raincoaster… you’re Canadian, right? Wow, I just LOOOOVE the few friends I have from your country. Must visit one day. I’ve heard you have wonderful beer which your laws prohibit to export to other countries. I have to try it.


  54. Thanks, that’s very nice of you. We’re allowed to export our beer, but I don’t know if you’re allowed to import it; regulations vary by the country. I know you can get it in London, but dunno about the rest of Europe. And yes, it’s pretty good; even I have to say so, and I’m not much of a beer drinker.

    You’re right that stupidity is expressed by what is actually being said, rather than the way it’s being said, but, that said, I’m still well within my rights to use any weapon at my disposal, including my superior vocabulary, to beat these losers down.

    Would I, knowing as much Albanian as I do, go to an Albanian’s website and start abusing him for the things other people have said here? Hell no. If I DID, would I expect him not to make fun of me? Please! Of course he would. And he’d be right to, especially if I threw in nonsequiteurs about how gravity works, and mistook him for somebody else.

    Because that would be stupid of me.

    You should see what AA Gill said about Celine Dion, a Canadian icon. It was like watching some guy in a club slag off your mother, at great length. He IS screamingly funny, though.

  55. Celine Dion doesn’t get half the kicking she deserves.

    Rony, you’re right. The best of us make mistakes. Peace.


    One small warning: The first beer exported from any country is whatever the locals won’t drink. I mean think about it–why spend money to ship your product if people are lining up to guzzle it at the brewery.

    Australia’s first export was Foster’s, which no-one there actually drinks. Canada shipped Labatt’s Blue to Australia, possibly in revenge.

    So once the beer turns up, drink the second Canadian brand you see. Enjoy.

  56. Raincoaster, you’re very well within your rights to use any weapon. My comment was actually about those who get offended by your pointing out they are not good enough at English to grasp what’s going on – completely missing that you’re ridiculing their contents.

    I’m sorry to hear he was bitchy about Celine Dion – sh’e got a great voice. But hey, we have an expression in my country that I will literally translate as “a good horse raises dust”. So there. Don’t give a damn of what Gill says. I’ll continue reading his comments only to learn new words and expressions in English.

    Oh, and recently I tried a Canadian recipe for gingersnap cookies from one of my Canadian friends… mmmmm…. loved them.

  57. Diell: So I missed your point. I’d better have more coffee and less beer!

    Yes, I picked that picture because it went with the quote so well. It’s actually an incredibly expensive lobster risotto from The Spotted Pig, and probably cost about what I make in a week (when I actually have a job). The Gill review really IS disgusting; he knows what he’s good at and does it very well.

    If you really want to gross yourself out, type “Tapeworm” into the search box in this blog. The story is the funniest single thing I’ve ever read, but it is DISGUSTING!!!!

    And if you DON’T want to gross yourself out, try a recipe for butter tarts. They’re our national tart (and you thought that was Pamela Anderson!). Or Nanaimo Bars, which are tooth-shatteringly sweet, but very, very good.

  58. Butter tarts. Mmmmm!

    Hey RC, how come all our national dishes save poutine are baked goods?

    And how come everyone knows Celine is a Canuck, and that bloody Shania, but no-one ever mentions Kim Mitchell, David Wilcox (the Canadian one), or the Tragically Hip? More Canadian content!

    Poutine, for those curious, is french fries topped with gravy and fresh cheese curds (the way to tell if they’re fresh is to listen for a squeaking sound as you bite down on them).

    I love that saying about a good horse raising dust. I intend to steal it as part of Canada’s quest to culturally conquer the world.

    Eat more poutine!

    PS: Cheeseburger Brown, referred to in previous link, mentioned a “web whore”. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be someone else!

  59. Indeed. Imagine my own.

    Please can we not just have Kim Mitchell fall off the face of the Earth? “Patio Lanterns” is what a Bruce Springsteen song would have been, had Bruce grown up an underfed eunuch in Thunder Bay with a serious lite beer and Export A addiction.

    What about BTO, POCO, Bruce Cockburn (I am trying to learn how to upload an mp3 to share with Steven, guess which one) The Cowboy Junkies…or Gowan! Gowan’s a genius!

  60. Just mentioning three: y’know how things come in threes; celebrity deaths, White House Press Secretaries, that sort of thing.

    Those others you mentioned are good too, though I suggest that BTO may not qualify for the “under-appreciated” category. Also, Poco’s not Canadian, in fact it had its genesis in a lack of Canadians–namely Neil Young.

    And it’s not Mitchell’s fault that his biggest hit was a mawkish tribute to adolescent sociophobia. He has lots of better material. Gowan is certainly under-appreciated too.

    But that’s how we like our artists. It took Tom Cochrane almost twenty years to become an overnight success. He was playing bars in Toronto in about ’67 but had his best hit in 1986 or so.

    I expect to be hitting the top ten music charts any day now …

  61. Poco was the remains of Buffalo Springfield (sorry “The” Buffalo Springfield) once Young and Steven Stills took a hike. Formed in L.A., I think but don’t quote me on that.

    “Poco formed in Poco”–Hah! Next you’ll be telling me Toronto’s Canadian too. Or Chilliwack.

    But there’s no mistaking Beau Dommage.

  62. raincoaster said,

    August 24, 2006 at 10:34 am

    “True enough, an Albanian can live almost anywhere.”

    True, very true. And indeed to be celebrated. Where would we find our underage whores and very reasonably priced heroin if it wasn’t for the noble Albanian immigrant? Never has so much been given to so many by so few (or did someone already use that line)

  63. Well, I haven’t looked at any blogs for a week and come back to Guido’s tomfoolery and the above. Joined-up nonsense in a very joined-uppness way.

    From the very joined up Caledonian-Conservative,


  64. Hey JPTP, thanks for your statistics – could it be that you’re so omniscient because you have a taste for underage whores (and by visiting them frequently can provide us with exact statistics as to where they come from) ? But I am a little concerned though because apparently the reasonably priced heroin you might have bought by some Albanian noble immigrant might have not been that at all (see, we have a sense of really dark humor sometimes) and as a result your brain is not what it used to be. Enjoy your new world!

  65. Excellent! Now I have a two-sided flamewar going on. This place will soon become a must-read for Albanians AND Brits alike. Brilliant work!

    Where are the Romanians, though? And, honestly, what kind of tourist doesn’t buy their heroin from Hondurans imported by the mob? Jeez!

  66. No problem. I’m obviously not squeamish about fights. You’ve every right to blast him.

    I DO try only to blast the dumb, crazy, abusive commentors of whatever background. But if you see one I haven’t nailed, go for it.

  67. Oh. On the URL thing: if one normally pronounces an acronym as a noun and the acronym begins with a vowel then one is quite correct in using “an”. I have met very few people who pronounce “URL” “Earl” so “a URL” is technically the correct construction as one would normally say (let me get all phonetic here) “a You Are Ell”.

    Carry on.

  68. Wow, was it a dinosaur egg?

    A Newfie was on his lunchbreak. His equally Newfie pal sat down beside him and asked what he had in his lunchbag. The Newfie peeked and said, “Guess!”

    “I dunno. Give me a clue.”

    “It starts with ‘N’.”

    “Is it a norange?”

    “No, hee hee.”

    “Why are you laughing? Is it a napple?”

    “No, haw haw, you’re really dumb.”

    “Well what is it then?”

    “It’s a negg!”

  69. I note with respect, Richard, that the Canuckian experts agree with you. I am trying to break the news of their report to my elderly aunt, who continues to refer to “an hospital.”

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  72. Just read the A.A.Grill review on Barnes Grill… Can someone from London, or just England, confirm that it’s £13 for a cheese burger? The most I ever paid for a burger was something around £5.50 and the only reason I paid that much was because there was no other place to get something to eat in that town. I mean, seriously???

  73. I know there’s one in Vancouver that’s $36, and there’s one in New York that’s more. The Waverley Inn in Manhattan sells $50 macaroni and cheese.

    And remember, ALL food in London is ridonkulously overpriced. I mean, I love reading the restaurant reviews in the Tatler, because I laugh and laugh.

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  78. I met the hottest Albanian waiter in New York’s Little Italy. He gave me great table service! I’ve had a thing for Albanians ever since!

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  83. Wow. That was epic. I have to agree with Stiletto, the only 2 Albanians I have known at all well were both incredibly hot and incredibly charming. One was a coke whore, which is no fun if you’re not participating in the coke part, and he lived in Little Italy as a matter of fact. The other was a limo driver, again very hot and very on the take, and doing very well at it. Not that this is a commentary on their Albanian-ness, (Albanianism?) necessarily, as I just described about every hot guy in NYC under 25, but I did notice they do like to stick together, and are very “family” oriented. As I have little use for their speaking skills, I prefer to just nod and look at them. I will now tack this onto the many other frustrating but entertaining hours I have spent in the company of Albanians. They’re nothing if not handsomely persistent.

  84. “As I have little use for their speaking skills, I prefer to just nod and look at them.” Sounds like me with Romanians, actually. They’re all intellectual, they’re all gorgeous, and they’re all batshit fucking insane. It’s like the whole country was created by David Lynch.

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  88. This has got to be one of the all-time greatest OT comment/rant/flame threads I’ve seen. Bizarreness reached some real heights here. The entire “Albanian” theme is particularly bizarre because you clearly didn’t mention anything about Albania or Gill’s “opinion” of Albania in your post. (I did reread it, short as it was, thinking I’d missed something!)

    One of my favorite stand-by answers to things is, “People are strange.” I just have to glance at this thread to have that confirmed!

  89. AA Gill’s writings only merit is to stand out for its rubish-ness…we all know that! Needless to say more………..

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