Dumb Comment o’ the Day

Not on this site. Goodness me, no: we’ve hardly had one single stupid commenter around since The War of the Albanian Burger Joint Reviewer thang. I mean, give or take, right?

No, this was in that Hall of Fame of Hallowed Commenter Idiocy, YouTube. Check it out for yourself:

kyletjackson (10 hours ago)

What child watches Nat Geo? I did occasionally as a child, but this was not the tone they took, and kids these days shouldn’t be at alevel of literacy so low that this is what to expect. I come from Britain, and we were once the best child readers in the world, now we have dropped to 14th. We were once the top education country in europe, now we are at the bottom, and this is just exhasberating the situation.

Goodness, we wouldn’t want to exhasberate the situation! Reading children is hard enough, especially if they’ve been practicing their poker faces. Sad news it is that literacy standards in Britain have fallen since the intrepid and apparently entirely self-awareness-free kyletjackson attended what s/he would no doubt refer to as “shcool,” but alas, there you have it. But what that fact has to do with understanding a narrated video entirely free of text I have no idea. Perhaps the commenter blames National Geographic undersea specials for the slide? Or then again, perhaps s/he simply meant “vokabewlary?

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