mummified fairy remains found!!!

This is totally legit.

dead fairy closeup

In news bound to rock doctrinaire Evolutionistas everywhere, another set of ancient fairy remains has been found. Assiduous readers of the ol’ raincoaster blog will recall our original reporting on the fossil fairy of Coney Island, which we broke to the larger world several months ago, much to the consternation of the scientific orthodoxy.

Now comes breaking news from Derbyshire, via Neatorama, that the mummified remains of several authentic flower fairies have been located in a barrow somewhere in the countryside. The exact site is being kept secret for obvious reasons; there is no knowing what shameful lengths the charlatans in lab coats might go to in order to erase this stunning blow to their orthodoxy.

The proof is undeniable:

dead fairy autopsy

The 2inch remains complete with wings; skin, teeth, and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm that the body is genuine. X-rays of the “fairy” reveal an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child. The bones, however, are hollow like those of a bird making them particularly light. The puzzling presence of a navel evne suggests that the beings reproduce the same as humans despite the absence of reproductive organs.

Well, I’d like to see what the “scientific community” can set against that kind of proof, eh? Try your darndest, you godless heathens! Just look at that photo; it’s even got a Police Evidence Bag and latex gloves! You can’t get much more official than that! Ha! I say again, HA!

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2,244 thoughts on “mummified fairy remains found!!!

  1. Did you see the big news on the BBC: “Photographs of a mummified fairy supposedly found in Derbyshire have been revealed as an April Fool’s prank.”

    Oooh. Heavy hitting reporting there boys. Go get thee some high paying jobs at Yahoo.

  2. The Beeb has lost all credibility, and this is just the final nail in the coffin. Naturally, the lapdog of the establishment would seek to discredit a find of such magnitude; it could shatter their carefully-constructed NeuLab world.

    I hope that all readers will join me in a boycott of the BigBrotherCompany until such time as they admit their part in the cryptocracy which keeps much of the so-called “free world” in chains!

    Clap your hands!

  3. See, finally a use for squeegee people. Who wants to deal with that mush themselves? Also: corroboration! Who would not take the word of someone named “analglyph”?

  4. I DO believe in fairies!! I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies!!!

    Yes – and I DO believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and her sidekick the Tooth Mouse, not to mention the Easter Bunny!!! (this is what happens when one has little kids in their lives!!!)

  5. Which reminds me to get my hair cut. Can’t afford to get the teeth done yet, and my dentist is straight anyway. Come to think of it, he IS a bit mousy.

  6. The Tooth Mouse! Heck yes, he deserves to be in the temple too Raincoaster!!! In fact, I think he’d prefer a tooth encrusted one!!!
    Apparently, according to folklore and bits and pieces handed down the ages, the Tooth Fairy used to be a mouse!!!! The mouse turned into a fairy to help the good queen defeat the evil king by hiding under his pillow and knocking all his teeth out!
    Yip – macarbre I know, but hey – isn’t that where all fairy tales find their origins?? Sugar coated horror stories from centuries gone by!!
    So, you see Stiletto, queens and fairies abound!

  7. No, that’s why I make all those sacrifices of tourists!

    Thanks for the tooth mouse backgrounder. How did I get through most of a degree in comparative literature and folk tales without knowing this?

  8. Goblins and Fairies aside, new to all ‘dis’ blog-readin’ and have to say that I have found your blog a fascinating read Raincoaster!!! And yours too Metro. I admire the time it must take you to put it all together!!!!

    BTW it really is quite interesting what one can find on Wikipedia these days!! No almost degree needed for that! :-)

  9. Gwash!! Awww – thanks!! Grasshopper eh! That brings us to another tale!! You know, the one about the grasshopper that only wanted to play and live it up all summer long, scoffing at the hardworking little ants along the way – then come winter -he was stuck out in the cold and who took him in … none other than the very same hardworking lil’ bitty ants, that’s who!
    And the moral of that story is ….

  10. Hair, teeth, if I were a hairdresser or dentist I’d offer my services for free.

    Not sayin’ it’d be any good but I’d still try my best.

  11. just imagine, all this time we thought fairies were just imaginary, and they turn out real, so that means sum1 would had to have seen one before and passed down the tale, meaning any imaginary creature could actually have lived! i cant quite picture a heap of giants roaming aroud though….

  12. the “fairy” looks real but it still isnt enough for me to think they are real and that they do exist sorry

  13. i do beleive in fairy’s!!! and dont forget unicorns and murmaids and stuff, i beleive they just died cuz noone beleived in them… but i dont think the mummified fairy is real cuz if fairys were real there bodies wouldnt be left behind because that will kill the meaning of “beleiving in them” its cheating if you only beleive in things once youve seen them.

  14. Man, whoever did his mortuary work didn’t do that great of a job, I thought. But then, they didn’t have that much to work with I’m sure.

    Just wait til Keith Richards meets his maker.

  15. This is amazing!!!!! I am absolutly shocked I am so amazed that people found this increadable find!!

  16. if there are fairies, there should be fairy dusts… wish peter pan would teach me how to fly with it i will go to derbyshire to grab one. Fly A-W-A-Y!

  17. kelly, you’re right. Fairies do not believe you: I asked them.

    mr smuggles, are you saying you collect leaves that look like fairy wings? How remarkable. I ask myself dat all the time…or is that “I axe myself”?

  18. fairies are not true if u think that they r ture you r a dick fuckers and the wings look like leaves and the body looks like a brunt barbie doll

  19. u r a DICK LICKER if u think fairies r true and its a burnt BARBIE DOLL with LEAVES ON THE BACK.

  20. u r a DICK LICKER if u think fairies r true and its a burnt BARBIE DOLL with LEAVES ON THE BACK.

    Hey! I resemble that remark!

    So eat shit Mr Sums!

  21. Thank you, Rain! I know how you feel about personal links but I thought it was a perfectly and irresistibly suiting response to his post!

  22. I’m cool with links as long as you’re not popping in once in your lifetime just to drop a link to an unrelated post on your own site. I know you’re not a spammer, no issues there.

    And that was just too perfect.

  23. well im sorry to hurt your feelings but hey we’re in the real world and you have to get used to it so im sorry raincoaster and also do u know a girl called veirty i dont know how to spel her name correcrly but please inform me if you do

  24. I know someone named Verity, but I very much doubt that is the person you’re talking about, as she lives in Mexico.

    Those posts were done from the same ISP, and the person input exactly the same email address. Either they were both the same person or you have a stalker, sweetie.

    If you live in the real world, you really should be more realistic. Do I know your friends? I rather doubt it.

  25. Fairies may be fiction. Trolls on the other hand …

    Grotesque little thing isn’t it? I love how it’s trying to talk like a normal human being.

  26. Because I have better things to do than hang around the internet in case some trolls in the comment section happen to be demanding my attention.

    Now that you’ve annoyed me, you should be MUCH MORE afraid.

  27. Every time someone says i do(“nt) believe in Fairy’s one dies.
    So that is why this poor little fairey has died. I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES
    It looks real enough for me, so I think it is true.

  28. Oh yeah, sure. That’s what he told them on-camera. I’ll be it’s a different story when he’s walking through the woods alone in the dark. You’re sooooooo gullible!

  29. I know they could have lived just like any other “creature”. It is believable and I always did believe. And of course still do. Easy to prove someone right, hard to prove someone wrong in this case.

  30. Wow If they get a hair sample from it what result of animal did it say it was??? wouldn’t it say that the animal was unknown

  31. Hey Raincoaster!! Long time no chat! Amazed to see the fairy debate continues!! Wow – and some really, “um” poetic, eloquent …. comments up there! Guess it all keeps the blog alive, eh!

    And, yes – I do still believe in fairies. Funny. I usually say I only believe in what I can see with my own two eyes, and yet, as far as fairies go – I believe? Huh!

  32. Well I see them all the time around here. You’re just not staying up late enough!

    Yes, the fairy debate continues, although slower. I expect most of the fairy commenters are in the lineup for the Harry Potter book at the moment.

  33. i think its fake but i do belive in faries and wen i searched for “real faries” they showed that pic and they said “real fairy found NOT ! ! !” it might be real it might not be u never know love, o:-)

  34. they could of found it and it barely had wings so they removed it and put leaves on it and Mr. smugglers ur a dick licker cause u dont belive in it so ha i say again HA one more time HAAAA ! ! ! :-P

  35. lol it looks like a doll the way the hands are all straight… kinda like in grand theft auto their fingers are always stuck together they dont move individualy…

    if you look at the close up and look at the hand it looks like… ok if you make a model car sometimes you have to shave off extra plastic from the parts and thats what it looks like between the thumb and finger

    just saying

  36. If you believe in God then you have to believe in fairies.
    Fairies are elementals they are of the lower realms of angels.
    Us as humans, God has given us gardian angels, now fairies are the same but they are the gardians of animals and plants.
    Now I really dont care wether you believe me or not but I’ve seen a fairy, not like a little person with wings but a big ball of light floating through the room.

    It’s very sad if you dont believe in Angels, as they sure do help you out a lot.

  37. fairys are real ok u can think whatever u wannna think there still real if u ppl took the time to study about them u would believe but u dont because ur all stupid all the ppl that DONT believe there real and i dont care what all u ppl say there real and thats it period done

  38. ive seen a fairy too and if u think im stupid whatever if u think ur a hot shot saying ohh this is stupid bla bla bla bla thats ur opinion not mine or any of the other ppl that believe in them there real creatures god put them on this planet for a reason to make this planet a better place. the fairys arnt little with wings like natalie said and shes right they are a ball of light i was sleeping in my room when it tuged on my hair and the most likely time of night which is june 23 is the most likely time of night to see a fairy and when that happend it was june 23 and no it wasnt a rat i have no rats in my house its been searched and theres none.

  39. I`d like to see the X-rays mentioned, a C-14 test, a DNA examination and Histology of teeth and skin.

    That would be areal proff.

  40. OMG – you people are so daft. This is totally fake. If it were real, why do we not have it in the museum? Instead is is placed as “police evidence” and posted all over the net.
    Get real people!

  41. no it cou;d be real thats why its being checked out at the police stastion. and when they know that if its real or not then they will deside where it should go. any way i think its real. cause how could someone make something that with it showing ribs or the teeth !?

  42. Of course it’s real. The only place you see people who look like that is in zombie films, or The Mummy. Mummies are real–you can see some in museums, right?

    And everyone knows zombies are real: it’s commonly known in Hollywood that during the filiming of Day of the Dead , George A. Romero had two houngan medicine men on the set making the legendary “zombie’s cucumber” paste for making people into the living dead. He also employed teams of men to comb the local cafes and diners for desperate young actors, whom he kidnapped, buried alive, and then had made into zombies.

    Asked later why he resorted to such methods, he commented that he was straining his budget, and this was a great way to get around paying Actor’s Equity scale, as AE refuses to represent zombie talent, Ryan and Reeves notwithstanding.

    Of course the subsequent street protests and riots by his exploited workforce were simply filmed and presented to the unsuspecting public as part of the movie. News outlets were suppressed and all zombie-related activity was dismissed by the mainstream as a publicity stunt, including the legendary Million-Zombie March.

    This is at least as factual as the sad history of zombie protest.


    Thank you.

  43. wow i havent been on this thing in a while hello peoples… :D the people who do belive in faries good who ever dont U SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you

    Angel O:-)

  44. wel how come things like this are never found in countrys where they orionate like ireland when was the last time someone actualy reported something like that there the myths are still alive there and things are constantly being found but they are never given the chance to be much more than a romour they just seem to disapear americans are the only people who seem to actualy find anything so im a little bit sceptical for that reason

  45. You’re not allowed to be skeptical until you can spell “Originate” and learn enough folklore to realize that the fairies of England are not the same as the Little People of Ireland. Sheesh! Don’t even get me STARTED on Scotland and the Redcaps.

    Besides, look at the URL: these people are not Americans. They are Lebanese, duh.

  46. Erm… He he… Well, I’d say that someone is very good at making little dolls look like mummified fairies.

    Sorry, people, I’d like to believe as much as the rest of the world, but hey, facts are facts.

  47. The fact is, “hope,” that this looks more like a mummified fairy and less like any doll I’ve ever seen. Facts is facts: which does it resemble more to you?

  48. I honestly truely KNOW it’s a fake. If fairies were real, they wouldn’t be called “fairy tales” now would they?

  49. I think that athiests made them up to give God NO credit what so ever. Wasn’t it he that made everything in seven days? The people who didn’t believe that God was real, they made up fairies to make a point, we can’t see God but we can’t see fairies either. Humans are cowards, we don’t like to think we’re alone, so our minds automatically find a reason to think that we aren’t alone, so again, that’s probably why lonely people made up the creative creature.

  50. You’re a fairy agnostic? How can we believe anything you say, then? You can’t see fairies the same way you can’t see God, so your skepticism is strangely selective.

  51. That may be true that i’m a fairy agnostic, and I haven’t seen God BUT I have felt him and sensed him and I have NOT sensed or felt a fairy. . . and I would like to believe in fairies, I love fairies, they’re beautiful, whimsical pieces of art. . . but that’s the sad thing, they are just lovely art, nothing else.

  52. fur: you can’t prove any of it. And I have both sensed and felt fairies. They’re all over my neighborhood, in fact, generally dressed in designer jeans.

  53. I would have to say this is Quite Interesting…I cant really say that I Believe this Photo But yet yu never know what is Really out there we are not alone in this Universe…

  54. whoever doesnt beleive in fairys is wrong fairys are very much of a real person just extra small and has beautiful wings…!
    i do beleive in fairies,i do,i do

  55. Well, all I know is that it’s probably more fun trying to find some sign of wee winged folk than it it to find some semblance of sense and humanity in the world today.

    Hey, that haunted house thingie is starting to fit really well today . . . .

  56. I can disprove that assertion easily and with the full agreement of all fairies – I have no taste in clothes, interior decorating or furnishings. And I look like shit in a bustier, ballet slippers and wings – you haven’t seen me handling any Disney World advertising chores, have you? Eh? Eh?

  57. ican’t bleave that fairys are real i thought they were just a mith but it looks so life like so i am going to say SWEET!!!!!! but i do know that giants were real awhile ago but i never knew this was real.!!!! i would like to know if i was a fairy in my past life. well cool

  58. wow, it looks really real, but im not sure if it is real, i thought faries where a myth but this has convinced me enough to tell all my friends!

  59. WOW!! they are real…my grandmother still doesnt beleive it! shes soooo stubborn….I would like info on how to get a job lookin for things like that faires and such…its so facinating.e-mail me to let me know how to start ajob like yours!

  60. First blog ive ever read, not much of a reader, not much of a fairy believer to, but this kind of evidence could make Mr.Roger’s shit a brick. But then again, i think its real cos you have to believe in it, i mean come on, with out fairytales about dragons,fairys,and all the other sparklely bullshit, people would stay in a world with george bush as a president….now tell the truth wouldnt you want dream of fairys instead of hearing george bush and watchin Carlos Mencia stupid ass on television every nite? i pick fairys, cos GW is a retard and CM isnt mexican…

  61. i think the story is fake at first i thought it was real im pissed because i do truly belive in fairies and many other ppl do as well i think it is a mean april fools joke to the people who do belive and i am going to laugh one day when someone does find a real one!

  62. also to the hoaxer whom made this fairies arent all cute they are very hostile vicious creatures who dont take to kindly to humans and i hope you never run into a real one because you wont even know wut hit you i assure u they are real and if you dont belive me go walking into the woods at night alone and lsten for there bells i know ppl who have truly seen them whether u belive me or not BEWARE OF THE FAIRIES

  63. Actually, this hoax was created by a magician’s artist. He creates incredible artwork, but he himself said that it was all a joke.

    Very well put-together, but all fake. Check it out on

    A lot of people say that he’s just saying its a prank to get less publicity. i say, hey, believe what you will. Everyone could use a little magic now and then, right?

  64. wow i bet you didnt expect this much attention when you published it. I love fairies i think they’re awesome. I can’t beleive how angry people are getting on here! That split personality Smuggles dude/chick got dead pissed off and then wanted your help on spelling! Fricken hell! Some people are wierd and come on you guys! Some of you relly need to learn how to spell!!! A fourteen year old can spell better than you! (and i know cause i’m the 14 year old who can spell better than you) :P lots of love

  65. Let me add to the chorus:

    They certainly are real. Not a day goes by that I don’t have to shake one out of the ashtray out on the porch, or clean the mush out when they fly into the fans, or pull one away from the cat (those little bones are hollow and light, but they can cause havoc in a cat’s oesophagus).

    Oh–and it’s kinder and cleaner to spray them. Unless you get them on the first blow, you wind up having to step on their heads, which is tricky while they’re flopping around trying to get airborne again.

    In fact, they seem to have overpopulated the area, and if anyone can help me find the hive and kill the queen, I’d appreciate some advice right here in this thread.

  66. No, the whole thing was IN the police evidence bag. So it was evidence. I guess they were investigating whether or not it had been murdered. You can see it in the pictures.

  67. Well I am still skeptical. Since when was hair preserved? If it were not for the hair I would believe this. Where is this supposed to have been found anyway?

  68. Sorry to break this to you guys but this is fake, some guy made it as april fools joke and sold it on ebay. nice try tho.

  69. It’s pathetic the way you lot make these outrageous claims without any proof. You’d think you’d pay a bit more attention to the facts, which are conspicuously absent from your post. Where is your corroborating material? All I see are claims.

  70. I am a roman catholic woman. And although fairies are not spoken of in the church (as I am sure that they have considered fairies part of the ‘occult’) – I DO NOT consider myself to be a robot of a council of secretive men somewhere in the hills of Rome who ‘decide’ around a long table discussion, what is right for me to believe. In fact, I just so happen to believe in a God who is capable of creating ANYTHING HE WANTS, and that includes FAIRIES. And after combing through other religious texts, it is noted quite often that God is capable of doing ANYTHING HE WANTS, WHENEVER HE CHOOSES to do so. Now, without reading any further, can any of you who comes from any religious or spiritual background argue with that last statement?

    I mean, when you think of the vastness of the universe, who the heck are ‘we’ to say what can exist or not? Don’t forget, that we, too, were once ‘thoughts’ breathed into existence by the awesomeness that is GOD. Having said that, if an innocent child (or an adult, for that matter) ‘thinks’ they exist, then what is stopping God from choosing to grant that miracle? Oh yeah, I forgot- Because in a round-about-way, some of you said He can’t.

    We are arrogant to think that HIS AWESOMENESS stopped with ‘us’. The same wonderful ‘us’ that kills, steals, gluttons, rapes, and even chooses to turn away from Him. Do you think He is satisfied only in His creation of ‘us’? Why can’t we believe that He is capable of creating things of beauty such as fairies?

    Just because we can’t always see them, doesn’t mean that they are not there. Most religious texts speak of angels. Yet I’ll bet most of us have never seen one. Does that also mean that they, too, do not exist?

    I heard somewhere that fairies can only be seen by the pure at heart – a gift from a God who has been abandoned by the rest of us caught up in the rat race of life.

    Look, I know, we all have to grow up sometime. I am 31 years old. I am a successful business woman. Back in my University days, I studied world religions, psychology, and philosophy. But growing up doesn’t mean we have to curse at others with foul language like the ones in this forum who ‘chose’ to speak poorly and condemn those whose hearts still beat with a faint innocence.

    Don’t you think that life would be that much more easier if you choose to believe that anything is possible at the hands of God? It’s not about who’s “too cool” or who’s “too childish”. What it really comes down to is it’s a matter of choice: Do you believe, or don’t you believe, in a Great God? Well, because I NEVER question God’s awesomeness, I choose to believe…. that fairies EXIST.

  71. By the way, I’m not sure why a lot of you are huffing and puffing over this particular mummified fairy having ‘leaves’ for wings. Being an avid fairy follower, I have learned that fairies come with a variety of wings – Butterfly wings (most common), translucent and irridescent wings (like a dragonfly’s), and wings that resemble ‘leaves’ for ambiguity. They are, after all, nature’s angels.

    And, although I am not quite sure about the authenticity of the photos, someone here mentioned it would be more believable had the corpse had no hair. Well, having studied Egyptology, I can tell you that hair in a mummified state can remain well preserved. Even after the body has long been decayed.

  72. Well said, Shanara:
    “I believe, and there is nothing that can convince me otherwise. No argument, no question, no fact.”

    I believe fairies are just as real as God is, and that those among us who are Believers are a unique breed. Thank you so much for your affirmation of my belief!

    It is also true, and I know this from personal experience, that hair on a head can be preserved even after soft tissues such as the brain inside that head have long since rotted away.

  73. My cousin kathy knows everything there is to know about fairies, she would know if this was real or not..she has fairies all over the place. She is a fairy!!! go Kathy, tell us…is it real???????

  74. well my cousin seems to think i know what this is, well im thinkin its not a fairy,im thinkin its a demon from hell, they float around to make people do stupid things this one just got caught in the physical realm….hows that glenna?

  75. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a good fortune must not be in need of a Fairy, especially a dead Fairy from Derbyshire, the est of Counties

  76. i think its kinda creepy but itz belivable i am 12 and i do(nt)belive in fairys lol is it true or not ?????????????????????????

  77. omg- might eb copy right or a fake but ill test it for now i dont know weather or not to belive but ther has bin evadence befor so yea…if it is fake itz a very good fake then xD


  79. Isn’t Kant spellt with an initial “K”, not IC

    I’m sure Kant would have believed in a Fairy discovered in Derbyshire – after all, he believed in the Autonomy of Human Theoretical Thought

    If you can’t believe an ENGLISHMAN, who can you believe ?

    Mr Brown and Mr Blair don’t invalidate this – they’re Scotchmen

  80. I would not dare to tell Englishmen what they could think of this.

    Because God knows…It wouldn’t do any good.

    Some day I’m sober I will post the justification for Kantian Teleologism, which should be impossible which is not.

    Seriously,wait for it. I’ve been working on it for 20 years/

  81. Mr G. EAGLE: I am not yet ready to reveal my reasons for Kantian teleologism so I cannot, as yet, support efforts to explain Kantian deontologism. I would hope that you have patience…

  82. Mais peut-etre le Monsieur Metro will favour (err … favor) us with his prediction as to whether this thread will attain 300 hits before or after or (as the case may be) simultaneously with Senor FFE telling us what happened to poor PeeWee or (in the alternative) with a certain Marchionesse’s striking 1 million hits

    Tot siens

    G E

  83. I’m behind schedule. I should have hit it at the end of September, given the pace I was at this summer.

    Thank GOD for Britney sex tape rumours. I can rely on the pervs: they at least will never desert me!

  84. No, we never will, Raincoaster! We do not always comment but we are always watching! When your ship is about to sink it is us who will throw you a life raft!

  85. Better drowned than duffers
    If not duffers, won’t drown

    Unfortunately for this Fairy, it had not the requisite life-raft, but fortunately for Believers, its remains were preserved in the anoxidant liquid of a deep Derbyshire Lake

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  87. I beleive that this is real, no matter what the so called “creator of the remains” released to the public. I know that taxadermists create things like this all the time that looks unbeleivably real (e.g., the remains of a ‘jackalope’ or ‘winged cats’) but i just can’t beleive anyone would do this as a prank. surely the man realised that such a discovery would have set off a series of horrable events twords any living specimins caught, and put such off as a prank. kind of noble, yet unbearably stupid on his part. The world needs to realise that beings such as faries, dragons, and seamonsters are evident in every cultures history world-wide, and that there is no connection between said cultures. this in itself provide sturdy evidence that the beings in question exsisted at one point in time or another.when you really think about it, it is entirely possible for faries and dragons to have evovled out of something just as human beings did- and just died out do to mankinds innability to let be what it doesn’t understand. Discovery channel made a program about dragons, and explained every aspect about them in rational, and physically possible terms- even the ability to breathe fire. so these things ARE and i repeat-ARE POSSIBLE. anyone who thinks that they aren’t should go and read a few science books- there are annimals that are “real” that are MUCH more bizzare than any kind of “mythiliogical beast”…

  88. i believe in fairies even though i have not been blessed with the sight of one. it matters not if this one is real it matters if you believe! thoughts are matter and you create all the time. so to all those who dont believe ha! they exist!

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  90. I want to believe in fairies.. but it’s kind of hard in this dead world.. Not enough fantasy, not enough magic.. But in my so strong imagination (which I live in most of the time) there are many different creatures.. but not fairies, unicorns or gnomes.. Wonder why? I love them so much.. And they doesn’t even include my fantasy.. Which is on Andromeda.. With the whole Anime-world.. And me.. *dream*

  91. Well is the fairy a male or female? Is it gonna be released to the public or what? Have you ever seen a live fairy?

  92. Her Grace la Marchionesse de WitchHampton under Buzzard de la Zouche “This is totally legit.”

    Warum, warum, varroooommmm

    Why does an anxious Citizen anxiously check his Wallet for his Credit Cards, upon hearing these menacing mots from a friend of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni

  93. I have no idea. Why, you can see the police evidence bag for yourself, and if you still doubt, you had the opportunity to purchase the remains on eBay. I can only conclude that doubters refused the opportunity to do so lest they be faced with the wrongness of the conclusions to which they have jumped.

  94. I am still very young, not even in my twenties yet. So i would believe in faries no matter what… and there is proof somewhere out there, we just cant open our eyes to see it. Pay attention, next time you gou out somewhere where its moist, or wet, like the reinforest, you might spot one. Trust me… :(

  95. You know my name i use, mystery girl, theres a purpose behind it. There are many mysteries out there. If we listen to the facts, we WILL fins them. Take fairies to be exact. Someone cant make something like them up! The photo of this fairy is very convincing, and now i believe in faries more then i did before… thank you for helping people realize the truth behind the “fantasy world” i’ll be checking around, so see ya soon…. maybe

  96. Faries do exist to all of those dumb asses out there the only reason why they stopped showin is cos people stoped believin in them and all of u ppl that think u r so high and mighty can all go to hell….

  97. Yeah, this does look really cool. I do believe in fairies and vampires and werewolves and mermaids. But what really very annoys me is that as soon as something like this comes up there is one annoying loser who has to put God in the picture frame, OH look what god did HE GAVE US A FAIRY CORPSE!!!!! God punished us by killing the fairies, yeah ok, give me a break. 200 hundred years ago people who believed in god would have tried absolutely everything to cover up the existence of something like this, because according to them humans were as high as it gets. Screw that. You just say God did this because it sought of been proven and you people dont like to look stupid, and im not an atheist, i believe in religion that remembers and loves nature, like the norse gods and ancient egyptian gods. But those were all desrted by those who sought to make up a story that would benefit man kind and not the world we live in. If anything will prove this science will, so leave the scientists ALONE (IM A TEENAGER AND I CAN SEE CLEARER THAN YOU). Juts let anyone love the fairies, prank or not, because its people like you that killed them in the first place.

  98. I will always believe in fairies raincoaster cos I live in Derbyshire and I’ve seen them. Those wings r totally fake though-they would have decomposed ages ago

  99. Hey raincoaster this is an amazin thing u got goin here but I can’t believe it goes on for so long-just about fairies, y can’t people just believe, they’re real!
    Sarah r u Sarah Barrett?r u in Lower 5 G?

  100. Yeh, y, r u Ben Hunter? This whole fairy thing is so weird, I no peeps say it’s not true but they haven’t proved it yet an I still believe (an not cos I’m catholic or anything)so mr smuggles an his bf can fuck off

  101. Yep, I’m off school cos I feel like it, I notice ur not in 2day either. I no u have better things to do an all raincoaster but r u here? stiletto? anyone?

  102. Is this real? I always thought fairies were supposed to be pretty little things that floated around like merry little nobs getting in the way and sprinkling fairydust in your hair. Bugger… that would be annoying. Anyway, if it was mummified wouldn’t it’s wings be, like, mutilated?

  103. This is a dried fairy; its wings dessicated rather than wither away, because of the unique properties of the immediate area in which it was found.

    Zombie fairies; there’s a thought! Somebody call Romero!

  104. hey are there fairies at Albany, New York or in the town of -Schuylerville?? please I need to known because I believe in faires and all my life i’ve been dreaming of seeing one, and making things that could be useful for them!! :)

  105. Your Grace

    What do they teach children in these American Schools these days !!!

    In Derbyshire (the best of Counties), everyone knows that fairies are indeed “pretty little things that float around sprinkling fairy-dust in your hair”, while they are alive

    – at least, Derbyshire Fairies don’t go round eliciting disguised Anonymous Political Donations, from Property Developing Millionaires

    BUT death brings on many changes for Fairies as for other Creatures

    G E

  106. their not teaching us about fairies!!..but that would be pretty cool though!!:) I chose to believe in them! oh and just to tell you I know like verything about fairies and they DO NOT! go around srinkling fairy dust on your head! Fairy dust is only used for majic…they dont use majic on humans!

  107. The reason one rarely sees such well-preserved fairy remains is that they are often significantly altered by their passage through the jet engine; or in the more rural areas the digestive systems of dogs and cats.

    I had thought to encourage them to take up residence locally, perhaps even establish a breeding colony, by leaving out the traditional bowls of milk. However, this attracted more cats, which as I noted are death to fairies.

    Seeking something sweeter, I eventually discovered ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze. While I haven’t sampled it myself, several resources assure me it’s quite tasty. I’ve been leaving it in a dish on the back porch for several weeks now, and the fairies are lapping it up at a rate of knots!

    They have yet to establish a colony–in fact I have yet to catch one feeding. However the local predator population seems to have declined, which I regard as a hopeful indicator.

  108. … die ??

    Warum + waroom = Varoom

    [Y + Y = Booming Climate Change]

    The Fairies will not go away because these Evolutionizing pScientific Materialists keep unleashing into the atmosphere Bowls of ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze, which (like Disguised Donations to the Labour Party) are hardly Carbon-neutral

    G E

  109. hey…
    i got a shock!!!
    i am really intrested in all these….
    however i don’t think it’s true…
    could you please send me to my e-mail adress some more details and evidence by the scients????
    thank you so much anyway….

  110. Your Grace

    In the Life or Death of a Thread, it is important to ask the Right Question

    It is the Right NUMBER that we should seek, not this nagging Anxiety for Evidence nor this worried speculation about the impact of ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze (“Fairy Booze”) on Canadian PermaFrost

    Surely the Right Number is :

    NOT 42

    Nor “0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393 ……”

    Inspired by the sagacious Guido Fawkes’ longest thread, I commend a number beyond :

    71 x 5

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc

    G E

  111. Her Grace la Marchioness de W under B de la Z

    Your Grace

    Here in the little Auld Country, Guido Fawkes is (as always) vastly worth a Visit

    Senor Guido’s famous thread achieved the almost Magic Number of [(71 x 5) – 1]

    Currently, Senor Guido is doing a brilliant Job over “DonorGate”, where our New Vicar (Herr Braun) is being embarrassed by (apparently) doubtfully reported/recorded Mega-Donations to his Working People’s Clerical-Party

    I dinnae ken what all the fuss is about – I’m sure the US Republikans raise their Funds on a Grander, more Brazen & Shameless scale, without anyone complaining or suggesting that criminal offences are being committed

    However, all this DonorGate fuss means that our Vicar has not been able to enact enhanced Protections, much-needed by Local Fairies – hence their mass-emigration to the Canadian Pacific Rain-Forests where so many are falling as premature prey to Tree Octopodia & Cats/Dogs and ethylene-glycol-based-antifreeze-Addiction

    I have the honour (err… honor) to remain your Grace’s MatheMagically-challenged Servant etc

    G Eagle

  112. Your Grace

    Can (or is that a mis-type for Cant) seems not to have completed his Sagacious Komment

    Perhaps the Britisch could fly out their Cabinet with all their assistants & other high-paid lackeys (err …. patriotic hard-working Public Servants, the best in the World)

    Stressed & troubled folk would of course have to fly Business Class, if only to keep out Poor Seekers-after-Truth (“Journalists” like M Metro et Senor FFE) whose Employers don’t run to Business Class flights

    They need the peace & quiet of such lovely Countryside to quietly co-ordinate how to Spin against the DonorGate misREPRESENTATIONS, away from the unWelcome observation of Gentlemen and (in these enLightened times) Ladies of the Press

    However, having banned Fox-Hunting in Inglaterra (and at the stroke of a frivolous pen, destroying 250,000+ jobs in the UK Countryside despite its heavy levels of unEmployment) the danger is that they would eat raw Tree Oktopodia as a succulent delicacy, as alternative to Battered Panda Steaks

    On reflection, perhaps we should get Mr Bush to send more Americkan tourists

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  113. I’m given to understand that it’s, what?, 13 comments to go before you overtake the comments count set by Guido Fawks and his ‘Peter Hitchens’ thread?

    And this thread is “proofs were brought forward and each, in turn, mocked. Fossilized fairies. Mummified fairies. Even, in the ultimate legitimization that Western society offers” So, no relation to the Guido thread then? Related Fairies? No related fairies.

    I might be in error so I think it expedient to say absolutely nothing about Peter Hitchens or fairies or any relationship between the two.

  114. Well I’ve done my bit and even got a warning message for it for posting too quickly which I thought was impressive considering I know sod all about fairies!

  115. Your Grace

    Noch ein grosser Sieg mit 301 Treffer


    As Obi Ben Kenobi’s freond so sagaciously opined :

    “There’s always a bigger fish”

    Senor Guido’s thread ran to 354 posts !!!

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc

    G Eagle

  116. Your Grace

    Well done

    [sotto voce]One is reluctant to make any remark that might be construed as insulting to Spartans, but perhaps your Grace could be urged not to get too friendly with your Friendly-Neighbourhood Spartans

    These were the Guys who used to shew such tender regard for their Wives that they murdered those babies who did not shew sufficient of the robust Potential of Muscular Christianity

    and while some of our Better, most incisive Journalists struggle with their Employers’ Wise Judgments & Generous Remuneration packages

    the Spartans used to (without warning) declare War & go round murdering their own Loyal & Quietly-Behaving Employees (“Helots” or in the 1860’s Confederate Vernacular – “Slaves”), just so that the Helots [Greek-Speaking yokels] would know they would get far worse if they ever chose to become revolting – eg by voting Democrat or supporting Leveller opinions or learning Latin

    G E

  117. Easy peasy.

    Incidentally, HWMNBN has published an apology from a correspondant at the end of todays post, the delivery of which to blog readers is so smug it’s vomit inducing. The apology makes the one painfully extracted from me look positively shy in it’s brevity. Can we send HWMNBN faeries for xmas? No. I should eschew these thoughts and sleep.

    I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,

    Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,

    Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,

    With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:

    There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,

    Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight;

    And there the snake throws her enamell’d skin,

    Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in

  118. Oh that’s brilliant I love that, thanks. Best not send him anything though it just invites bile by return – I just delete his emails now without reading, it serves for a much happier life. He has got my phone number, eek!

    Ellee Seymour has a post: ‘Publish and you are damned!’ about unfortunate blog posts and I couldn’t resist this comment:

    And as if by magic we can see an apology for a blog post published on Peter Hitchens’ blog at the end of todays post about the film The Golden Compass.

    The presentation of this apology to blog readers is so smug it’s vomit inducing. But do not imagine that I do not admire his skill with words, and my personal admiration for him is positively Shakepearian in it’s poetry; like that of Titania for Oberon. But when he launched the strong voice from his chest, and words came driving on the air as thick and fast as winter snowflakes, then, as Odysseus, he could have no mortal rival as an orator!

    Sadly I do not have the beauty of Helen of Troy but, it seems, all of the effect.

  119. And the third.. message I mean:

    Lady dear, if fairies may

    For a moment lay aside

    Cunning tricks in elves play,

    ‘Tiss at happy Christmas tide.

    We have heard the children say-

    Gentle children, whom we love-

    Long ago on Christmas-Day

    Came a message from above.

    Still, as Christmas-tide it comes around,

    They remember it again-

    Echoes filled the joyful sound

    “Peace on earth goodwill to men!”

    Yet the hearts must child-like be

    Where such heavenly guests abide,

    Unto children, in their glee,

    All the chill year is Christmas-tide.

    Thus, forgetting tricks and play

    for a moment, lady dear,

    We will wish you, if we may

    Merry Christmas, glad New Year.

  120. Philipa: is he stalking you? Maybe Boris could help: Boris loves press!

    Ellee is an awesome blogger, someone I HAVE to get to more often. And of course, this post rocketh severely.

  121. Oh soz, don’t have your gmail but reply sent to your reply so hope you pick that up. Will ask for your gmail next time.

    Anyway, just got the children Shrek 3rd, will look out for fairies but the main one plays a character that looks spookily like a young Boris the beautiful.

  122. Mon dieu Mr Eagle!

    I think it was Vogue who ran an article featuring the Bozmeister and I particularly remember a pic of him aged about 21 in which he looked uncannily like ‘Charming’ from Shrek2, only not gay and with a better voice and a backbone, obviously.

    PS: thanks Raincoaster, thankyou for your decision. I am indeed calming down, slowly. Handing in my assignment helps. It’s Rousseau next – goody :-))

    Liberty, fraternity, property??

  123. ‘parently the soundbite was originally ‘liberty, equality, property’ as it was essentially a bourgeois revolution but I will look into this and report back..

  124. “Everywhere, Men are born Free,
    mais les Dames do the Cooking et the Washing-Up

    Rousseau was rich enough to be able to afford to be a Socialist – presumably Cruella de Blair et M. Le Brun are similarly embarrassed with riches

    What happened to Rousseau – did he live long enough to have a Blind Date with Mlle de La Guillotine ???

  125. Composer I think, he died a natural death and I think he dumped his children in an orphanage. Dominic Lawson did quite a good piece on men who bang on about liberty and family and whose behaviour is quite the opposite.

  126. I’m reading my Tom Paine book at the mo but may treat myself with a book on Rousseau for crimbo. I want to get Simon Schama’s book on the French revolution but do you know it’s cheaper and quicker to buy it from Amazon than it is from my local mall?! They didn’t have anything I wanted in my local bookshop, it was full of pap; biographies of footballers and z-list wannabes, penny dreadfuls and celebrity chefs.

    I declined the offer of a free book on wizarding claimed to be aimed at children though it was beautifully presented with pentagram and spells and free parchment. No fairies though :-(

  127. I prefer the Halliburton film version of A Christmas Carol. It’s just like the Alistair Sims version, only they play it backwards so that it has a happy ending.

  128. Cheers me up when I can escape the TV. That’s what a lot of people do here you know – just eat, drink and watch TV, with relatives they’ve managed to avoid all year, it’s the talk of the playground; everyone’s having a good whinge and getting it out of their system so they can smile through gritted teeth at the bitch their brother married or the mother-in-law that hates everything through her painted pink smile. Luckily my relatives are ok – they like quiet when the very loud TV is on so I go in the back with my babes and play till bedtime then read Tom Paine and I’m asleep within 2 pages!

  129. That’s not what happens to me, Philipa: I generally throw Tom Paine across the room and then write really bitchy comments on Tory blogs.

    Metro: if Cheney were to be visited by the ghosts that Haliburton has created, he’d be kept busy till New Years at least!

  130. Just saying this, how utterly stupid!
    Fairies are a figament of childrens imagination.

  131. Char “…. figament of childrens imagination …. ”

    All Children are of course very welcome in this Kindly & Tolerant Space … even perceptive and sagacious faery-unbelievers/skeptics

    SchPelling is the burden of Adolt imagination and it improves with age, at least prior to dementia setting in

    Was it Galileo’s ADULT imagination that came up with the misconception that the Earth goes round the Sun

    … whereas inspired by Einstein, 20th Century Physicists kNow all Motion is relative

  132. Mr Eagle – “all motion is relative” – you’re not kidding! That’s all some relatives talk about.

    Can’t bitch on Tory blogs at my folks as it turns Mum into something sounding like Terry Jones from the Life of Brian, which admittedly can be a laugh but only once.

    I don’t think ‘Rach’ is a child of 13 at all. She might be 14 at which age everything is stupid. Bless. Or she might be a 220lb trucker named Duane who’s in denial. I think we need more proof, at least on the fairy front.

  133. wow i dont know what to think.

    when i lived in texas when i was in 2-3 grade, me and my best friend tasha DID see fairies at our school, at my apartment, in her yard, basically everywhere! one day we were exploring and we came across a tree with a bush. we peeked inside and saw a colony of fairies! the leaders name was laurabella, and she was about to have a little baby fairy! i would go there everyday and see them. they showed the their ruines, and cloths. laurabella had white wings and dress, and she “said”(couldnt talk to us ut signed to me) that she was going to name the baby fairy after me, and that she would visit me. but when i moved to socal in 3 grade, there were no fairies and nobody beleived in them. im in high school now, and laurabella and her baby have never come to see me.

    maybe it was just our imagination? idk but this has convinced me otherwise! this looks so incredible!

  134. Your Grace

    It is a Truth universally acknowledged that educating females can have unexpected (as the Mond=Tochter indicates) consequences, as the years advance

    Without female education, we would be deprived of those glowing Jewels in the UK Governmental Firmament

    These Ladies have brought such glamour und political effectiveness – such supporters (as they gobble up their massive Government expense allowances) of Mr Blair, until he moved on to a higher plane of existence

    eg Mrs Jack Dromey (err in Canuckistani – Ms Harriet Harman)

    eg Mrs Ed Balls (err in Antipodean – Ms Yvette Cooper – even as we type, she is doing more to wreck the English Housing Market with her “HIPS” packs, than the combined Greeds of the US Sub-Prime Mortgage Lenders and Northern Rock)

    eg Mrs David Mills (err … Ms Tessa Jowells)

    eg Mrs Tony Blair (Cruella Booth aka Cherie Antoinette)

    eg Mrs Derek John Gadd (… Ms Ruth Kelly) – the member of Opus Dei who is a pre-eminent contender in a well-populated field for the prize of most light-weight Education Ministers – the sort of woman who would exclude Faerie as a subject in the Englisch National Curriculum, as well as criminalizing Catholic Adoption Agencies

  135. 355 comments is the goal? I can see the whites of its eyes.

    G Eagle, don’t be so narrow-minded. I saw Guido’s “Tory Totty” thread, and the pickings there don’t look much more promising, either aesthetically or politically.

  136. Your Grace

    … but I am so much older than you – allowances must be made

    AND Your Grace et Mr AerChie can luxuriate in not being narrow-minded, when your Countries’ affairs are so well presided over (of course under our Gracious Queen. God Bless her) by those awefully nice Chaps Mr Harper & Mr Rudd

    but even wide-minded Colonials et exColonials would be endorsing this SECOND BLAST OF THE TRUMPET against the MONSTROUS REGIMENT of WOMEN … if Canada & the USA was under the Government of the afore=mentioned Ladies

    Perhaps this explains why Gordon currently looks so …..

    Lucky for your Grace that your Grace had not registered to take a UK Driving-Test, in readiness for Britain’s leading Bloggerist asking Canada’s leading Bloggerista for remunerated help – if you had, your personal details might well be in the hands of the US mafia

    Mrs Derek Gadd has now apologized in the House for losing the personal details of 3-million Learner-Drivers – perhaps we should ask FFE (our distinguished US Correspondent/Investigative Journalist) to try to recover them – apparently they went missing on a Hard Disk in the USA

    However, if your Grace’s name is indeed amongst the “3 million”, I suppose your Grace could go on a UK Witness-Protection programme, with a New Hidden identity

    … err … but perhaps this would not be such a good idea

    International Criminals could well have now acquired the Inland Revenue’s “lost” 25-million personal files, which include the assumed names & locations (& National Insurance tax numbers) of all those on the UK’s Witness Protection Programmes

    Harrumphus, harrumpha, harrumphissimum

    Yr Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

    PS Me miserum – still another 12 to go … und I see I have included not Mrs Ian Ducat in the Schedule of Illustrious Ladies who so illuminate British political Life

  137. I knote the abundunce of posts from a certain G Eagle of whome many tails are tolled. He no longer has credibility as he, above, on Octembere the fiveth, referred to “Scotchmen”. And he was not referring unto the makers of a form of uisge beatha named Laphroaig. He was referring, insultingly, to guid honest Scotsmen. Undoubtedly he is blinded by his foolish detestation of the followers of Keir Hardy. He has shocked me into correct spelling.

    Someday soon, he could well be attacked by an enraged sporran and kilt! And all the Derbyshire Fairies in the world will not save him!

    Ask not for whom the belle tolls – – – !


  138. No Sir, can it be, Archie, that Mr Eagle has made such a mistake? It must be so and a heinous error it is to any scotsman to be sure. I predict that if the word gets out the little wee haggi will be hunting oot the poor man. Beg forgiveness Mr Eagle for a haggis with a mission is a sight to behold.


  139. Indeed, and he seems to be blaming the US mafia on the female of the species. Given my neighborhood and gender, this is not inclined to endear him to me.

    He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the porridge this morning or something.

  140. Oh waily, waily, waily, Sweet Philipa, as you are already a member of the Grey Eminence’s “Monstrous Regiment of Women”, I fear your opinions may be ignored, as he seems to be taking on the attitudes and habits of that other grey person, the Wintersmith. But let him be in nae doot! Nae King! Nae quin! Nae Laird! Nae Master! We willna’ be fooled again! For we are the Wee Free Men!

    And we will cut off his porridge!

  141. Ach no Archie, the Wintersmith is no grey, he’s white and bites like the frost on your face and stings your eyes and steals your breath in the wind. He dances like snow in the breeze and threatens like thunder. He has the power of the Earth and is tamed by the brightness of a sunny smile. Nae lad, Mr Eagle’s not like the Wintersmith, we can easily cut off his porridge.

    But as Raincoaster decrees – 48hrs before bringing in the hoses. (why hoses? you’ve got a spoon, what more do we need? – it must be a haggis thingy, ah waily waily, not the haggis beastie)

  142. Her Grace La Marchionnesse de WitchHampton under Buzzard

    Your Grace


    We’re all doomed

    In January 2009, in her remoteness outside the London Congestion Zone, residing within a Racing Pigeon’s flight of Shepherd’s Bush, even the Lady ApilihP will be endorsing the SECOND BLAST OF THE TRUMPET when oor Hilary is moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … and insisteth on passing the Port from the Left to the Right

    Doomed – we’ll all be reduced to drinking Aqua Vitae in the Gallic – och, hoots, man

    Just think of the US Spelling=Imperialism which now (even before oor Hilary’s Advent) creepeth even into this Blogge Eruditissimum, withstanding not that it is read by so many Ladies and Intelligent Children and by Monsieur Metro

    Porrige …. Neighborhood …

    and BTW

    Freond is not a Spelling Mistake – it’s Anglo-Saxon


    the korrekt spelling of Equine in the Plebeian Vernacular is “hoRse”, nicht “hose”

    Doomed – is Jesus to return and the World end before we ascend to the Magic Number [71×5]

    I have the honour (… ummm … honor) to remain your Grace’s 352nd obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

    PS Le Chevalier Aerchie’s Petition to Save the Whale (err … in AntiPodean – Waily)

    NOW is the time for All Good Bloggers to visit Aerchie & Sign the Petition to save Motherhood, Apple Pie and the Cetaceans NOW

  143. I would always pass the port to the left, unless I was sat on the hosts right. Hilary is Boz’s choice but I have never endorsed her nor would I. Jesus isn’t to return, he never left – we are only doomed by our own actions, especially those actions that court the wrath and displeasure of the dreaded Haggi..

    oh waily waily!!

  144. Why aye, the big green beastie!

    Do you not have green beasties in Canada?

    Hey I saw a prog on the bears in Canada moving into the towns of ski resorts to feed. They were magnificent creatures but people would happen upon them and then take pictures and the bears would amble off – you’d be in more danger in London! Well you would in hackney.

  145. We have only Ogopogo.

    But yes, we have bears, but they’re not that harmless. People routinely mistake them for chow-chows, which is a mistake. One eedjut decided to have his kid feed a honey sandwich to the bear…which was a grizzly. Now they call the kid “Lefty.”

  146. Yes the teddy bear image does rather give the wrong impression. Sounds like the kind of dumb parent you see pushing the pram, with baby, into the road whilst themselves waiting safely on the pavement to cross.

    Sadly my babe, the junior journo, has had to come home from school with a raging temperature. If you have any influence with the fairies I’d like to have her well for at least Xmas please. The annoying thing is that out of hours medical care is non existent in this country unless you go to A&E.

  147. Fairies rarely heal people, in my experience. They DO cause a lot of fevers, though, so maybe they’re watching what you type here!

    A&E? The Arts and Entertainment network? I don’t think they can help. This mythical country where doctors are on 24 hour call over the holidays? It does not exist, and never has. Just read A Junky’s Christmas; even the drunken sot of a doctor in that one wouldn’t take calls on the holidays.

    My sister used to work switchboard in a hospital, and she suggested that rather than bring sick kids in, parents call in and ask to speak to a nurse, who could make the determination of whether or not it would be better to bring the child in, with all the waiting around that entails, or to try a bit of on-site triage and see if the child improved.

  148. 360 – well done!

    Managed to get my babe to a doctor so she’s on antibiotics. But in all fairness this mythical country where doctors are on call 24/7 is in fact the Accident and Emergency dept in any NHS hospital in the UK. My son spent xmas from ambulance to A&E to ward one year and they tried so hard to make it fun for him with presents and a santa who had to wave from the door of his isolation room. ‘Daddy’ wouldn’t even come onto the ward but this stranger ho ho’d to every child. That mattered.

  149. You mean where “residents and interns” are on call 24/7!

    And yes, they really do try hard in children’s wards at Christmas. It’s heartbreaking for them to have to be in there at that time.

  150. Her Grace La Marchionnesse de WitchHampton under Buzzard

    Your Grace


    We’re all doomed

    Yes – 364 – but is the Gentle Laurie’s 500 record to remain safe

    Doomed – bring on the Horses

    I have the honour (… ummm … honor) to remain your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  151. And this
    Another Fairy Caught on Film?
    This anomalous flying, glowing object was photographed by reader Neil Wallace at Spofforth Castle, North Yorkshire, England. “Perhaps there is more to this faerie thing than meets the eye!” Neil says. “I was the only one there and was braving out a night time photo shoot. Spofforth Castle is reputed to be haunted by a young maiden who committed suicide supposedly by falling to her death from one of the towers, and has been frequently seen walking the grounds in and around the castle.” You can see the full photo in the Paranormal Gallery.

  152. Thanks! I shall keep you posted (although I did once show up at my friends’ house, having idly boasted of doing so months in advance. Such a shame it was two-thirty in the morning and they didn’t quite have the strength to appreciate the joke.

  153. Bonjour, la Vestre Grace

    The puir wee Lassie – she seems rather thin

    Peut-etre, elle est morte parce que elle a mangée de trop de Porridge avec le salt et pas de beaucoup de sucre tres nummé et nourishant et fattenant

    Cause of D’Eath = Dieting & Eating Disorder

    Is that what made your friend the Mesonychoteuthis Hamiltoni float to the surface off New Zealand on Monsieur AerChie’s Blogge

  154. Ah, that would explain it rather well. Perhaps we are looking at Kate Moss’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother?

    As for the ways of the Colossal Squid, they are mysterious even to the fairies.

  155. i know fairies are real.I have a fairy that keeps an eye on me.i also have a sister in law that can see them.just coz u don’t see them,doesn’t mean that they are not real.u can’t see love but u know that it’s there!!!!!!!

  156. Her Grace La Marchionesse de WitchH etc


    La vestre Grace

    Noel Joyeux et Best Wishes pur l’Annee Nouvelle

    Quand vous estes plus riche, we shall hope in 2008 to see you in Inglaterra – je puis recommender la Cooking de la Magicale Mdm Grise-Aigle

    La vestre Grace’s servant obedient etc

    G E

  157. What do Grey Eagles cook? Bald Eagles eat a lot of salmon…I shall do my best to become rich enough to annoy in person on two or more continents by this time next year.

    Archie: it looks like we shall leave Guido in the dust long before then. Although I think he’s more of a cinder than a mummy, unless my history is all wrong.

  158. There are always things that were told which have for some reason passed down the line as tales. No one knows if they were real, but who knows what our past bred! With science or without it, you can’t always prove something right. It’s possible that fairies do exist, or at least existed long ago. It’s also possible that they do without scientific evidence because science isn’t always on our side- nor 100% correct. The truth is hidden within the past, and sometimes science can’t find it. So maybe the fairy there is real. Maybe it’s not. Maybe fairies have existed long ago. We may never know throughout the life of this planet. But to have a possibility takes a step closer to the proof. You can’t say something’s real, or say it’s not real- no matter how much evidence there is, because you don’t control the fate of this planet’s life (historical to present) nor do you know all of it’s past. Science is so difficult that we can never understand everything about this planet to stay short, but think about what the universe has that will take forever to find! That would make my head hurt…

    If you’ve seen one- then there’s a chance that they’re real^.^

  159. Science is not difficult – it is the observation and analysis of the natural world. Getting it right is the difficult bit. It IS possible to ascertain what is real – the light in the fridge routine is a con spouted by men to confuse you long enough to get you naked.

    Mr Eagle Sir – porridge with salt in? Ugh!

    Happy New Year Y’all!

  160. Her Grace La Marchionesse de W’Hampton under Buzzard de la Zouche

    Your Grace

    I flatter mysen that the Lady ApilihP und this Eagle agree on so many things – at least, we seem to be of one mind on the merits of EgdirroP con sale [pSalt]

    BUT as Trinity observed to Neo, it’s the QUESTION that DRIVES us

    Much may be admired for sheer talent und a good voice … mit [with] opinionation circumscribed mit such an Economy of Language, but we must not let the veracious Dame Bassey so drearily distract us, however welcome may be such une Visiteuse si distinguée

    UND it is not what Eagles cook – peut-etre it is plus interessant to know what MDM Eagle cooks [… mmm …. yummy gooseberry phoule …]

    Rather as Pythagoras perceived, it is THE NUMBER

    Elle n’est pas 391 – c’est plus prochaine a [2×2 * 10×10] + <1+101, ut vincimus la Gentille Laura’s Blogge-Record

    Je reste le Vestre Servant

    L’Aigle Gris

  161. im 9 years old and i belive it. 1 because i rote to a fairy and they said they were 6-8 inches tall. i left my note on my drive and did NOT tell my parents. no lie

  162. yes i right to the fairys no lie but their is evedance this is fake. but if their was no evedance i would belive it

  163. I’m sorry I didn’t understand that – should there be a hyphen in eve-dance? Do fairies dance on new years eve? You’ll have to let me know as I can no longer be bothered with all that auld lang syne stuff – grim.

  164. Haggis is yummy but chasing them always makes me dizzy.. and it freaks me out when they turn and start chasing YOU! ARGH! Hey enjoy the dance if you get the chance but be careful ;-)

  165. Her Grace La Marchionesse de W’H under Buzzard de la Zouche

    Your Grace

    The Lady ApilihP has achieved a Milestone of Wisdom

    It is a Truth universally acknowledged amongst the Cognoscenti of Occult Mysteries :


    We’re all Doomed

    The Hunter must always BEWARE, lest the Hunter becometh the Hunted, on the Way to painfully-becoming Late (= Dead in Botswanan or FruhStuck for a Gaelic-speaking Haggis)

    A Haggis most Ravenous is indeed an anxious Sight – but just think hWat it must have been like before Caledonia was inhabited by Homo pSeudo Sapiens, WHEN Giant Haggises (in Gaelic Haggoi) roamed the Land in Quest of Beavers, Panda Cutlets, Raw Squirrels and pSalted EgdirroP to afford a varied Diet to the Plump & Greedy


    Exactly what did this Late Fairy have to do with D B Cooper – is it true that the Body was discovered with used $20 dollar bills from the early 1970’s

    One would not like to think ill of a Derbyshire Fairy

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  166. well i sorta blive in faries but yur right they should stay in our head but i showd it to my dad but he said its a load of s***(poo) but im not botherd to what peeps think stacexxx

    p.s maybe the bbc said it was april fool coz the FBI told them 2 just maybe

  167. I believe DB Cooper was on the run from the murder of this poor fairy; it would explain so much! Stacy’s on the right track, insisting on a BBC-FBI conspiracy to cover up the truth.

    Philipa, the thought of being chased by a wild haggis will now haunt my dreams.



  169. I prefer the real thing to imaginary except in certain circumstances, such as being sung to by a witch underground while Puddleglum tries to remember something important.

  170. Hee hee, excellent. Have I mentioned Quasar 9’s blog? He’s got a post up at the mo about magic circles concentrating energy and some pretty pics from outer space. Apparently stars have a heartbeat! Don’t think that’s gonna help a dead fairy but there you go.

  171. Oh my god there is a real fairy in that picture? :O i will pray for that fairy and wish i can see the fairys i wish i can see them i believe in them i sereiosly do!!! please tell me how to see a fairy! please i want to see them :'( :'( :'(

  172. If some one is making a joke about a real fairy! THEN STOP!!!! i want some one to stop that pranks i wanted to see them and i wanted to fine somthing from a fairy! we dont want pranks anymore i want to see a real fairy please i want to see it!!!


  174. This is true, but as Fairies live in a monarchy, they rely on the King to provide housing, which he does in the form of barrows, etc. Low-rent, low-rise, these are not part of the Fairy dwelling experience.

  175. Not at all; as you can see in the renowned Flower Fairy books, many fairies have somewhat leafy- or blossomy-looking wings. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

  176. okay so here it goes.fairies are like angels rite? if so i beleive. yet the picture is alittle skechy.i can’ say it’s fake nor real.the body looks real……but the wings don’t look real. anything is possible.well…..almost everything


  178. if fairies dnt exist (which they do!!!!) then why years ago before camera trickery did those two little girls get pics of those fairies? and yes they admitted some of them were fake but thy also said that some were real and photography analysists studied those photographs and said the wings in them were moving how did two little girls who had never picked up a camera before manage to do that? also people believe in god so what so wrong bout believing in fairies, unicorns and such like? i dont believe in god but i dont go critcising everyone, i dont get everyones big problem. FAIRIES EXIST GET OVER IT!

  179. Oh good grief, Liberace was a fairy??

    No I can’t believe that, fairies have some taste and use magic and pixie dust rather than plastic surgery and rhinestones.

    I think all the flesh they cut off Liberace was made into Bobby Crush but away from the host it withered and died.

    See? Nobody clapped :-(

  180. i was clapping to keep all the fairies alive that a lot of u are killing by saying you don’t believe in them when given all the evidence they so obviously do
    still clapping!!
    and anyone that doesn’t believe in them is either too old to be with it anymore or a complete and utter reject that has nothing better to do with their time than sit and play computer games day in day out.

  181. I agree Pixie dust, you keep clapping!

    er.. what happens if you’re an utter reject and too old to be with it but you still believe in fairies? Get sectioned, drugged and put in a home I guess.

  182. a complete and utter reject that has nothing better to do with their time than sit and play computer games day in day out

    What have computer games got to do with anything?!




  185. Her Grace the Marchionesse of W etc

    Your Grace


    When the Electoral Commission has finished exonerating that terriblY nice Youthful Peter Hain, perhaps the Commission will have leisure & resources to investigate this Mummified Fairy and give her a Clean Bill of Health, as well

    Colonials/exColonials will struggle to understand or even care at all about the Kindly exRugby disrupter, who has now achieved true meaning in Life & Respectability by becoming a Minister of the Crown

    The tragedy is less that on this occasion young Cephas has quite unCharacteristically shewn a certain “je ne sais quoi” in returning his Election Expenses, while focusing on making the UK Work & Pensions Dept the envy of those US Citizens unable to afford Health Care insurance

    After all, the UK Cabinet is full of curiously-insightful Ladies (eg Mrs Derek Gadd, Mrs David Hill etc etc) on the basis of their Membership of the Monstrous Regiment of Women

    * A Gentle-Eagle of course does not comment on Ladies’ looks or brains or how this qualifies them for high Political Office

    Pete’s real sadness is that (as observed at the heroic Mr Guido Fawkes’s place) Pete spent £100,000 (or was it US$400,000 +) but he could only achieve 5th Place in the Election of Labour Deputy-Fuehrer, behind the Winner Mrs Jack Dromey

    I flatter myself that I agree on so many things with the Lady ApilihP (while understanding neither the incisive Lady OttelitS nor that distinguished Equine Mr KStafford), but Pete indeed has alternatives to “Get[ting] sectioned, drugged and put in a home”, if (contrary to expectation) Mr Brown shews enough decisiveness to teach Pete that Political Life can be “solitary brutish nasty and short”

    Pete could study for an Open University degree in Fairies … or the UK could appoint to join Mr Mendelsohn as a European Commissioner

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc


  186. I love how the “JOSH” banter ceased after you outed him publicly. Buy why, I must ask? Surely he could’ve debated further whether he fornicates with canines? I mean….at least for our amusement, right?

    As for the fairy…The first photo must be the famed “mid-masturbation” shot I’ve heard so much about. :)

    In the second pic it looks like they are about to roll him into, well you know. Dude, there’s even stems and seeds on the paper behind him!

  187. I simply assume that ALL people who use all caps exclusively fuck dogs…or are fucked by them!

    and yes, I wonder how high you get if you lace your doobie with pixie dust!

  188. Your Grace

    I THINK … err …. i think for your german readers, your grace means unGlaeuber … or is that unGlaublicher …..

    and, in a philosophy exam, as for WHY – why not or why not what

    es macht man denken, nee
    das ist es doch

    yr grace’s obedient servant etc


  189. Ok, no offence to anyone who thinks it’s real but… if it was really a mummified faery, why has it still got {pretty clean looking for a faery thats been mummified} hair?
    I’m really not trying to ruin anyones ideas on faery existance or anything but it sorta confuses me… Blessed Be! x

  190. Salena,

    You are obviously painfully unaware of the advancements in fairy hair products over the last decade. They’ve got some wonderfully balancing shampoos and some conditioners that are to die for. We are, after all, talking about a “fairy.” Should we not expect it’s hair to be perfectly groomed? You don’t know many fairies, do you? You should probably get out more.

  191. We believe in fairies its said that every time a child says i dont believe in fairies a fairy somewhere drops down dead they are just little helpers of the earth

  192. well said, JTK – people like Salena should be ashamed of themselves. They have fairy blood on their hands thanks to their repeated denials.

    How many fairies must die, Salena? How many??

  193. 476

    Gut gesagt, MeinPferd – Wieviel, doch, Wieviel
    [well said, mine Equine, how many indeed]

    We all know why the Britisch economy is in a mess – all these Monstrous Women like Mrs Jack Dromey & Mrs Derek Gadd running the Government & criminalising Catholic Adoption Agencies – and not voting for that nice Cephas Hain as Deputy Leader of the Party

    Now that they’re all losing their Jobs at Northern Rock, it’s not wonder that so many Fairies have fled to Canada and taken to drinking Monsieur Metro’s ethylene-glycol-based-antifreeze

    Das ist es, doch
    Es macht man denken, nee
    [This is it, init,
    It makes yer fink, dunnit]

  194. wait this explains it! lot of poeple dont believe in them so all the fairys die some poeple or lot of poeple do believe they can see 1 fairy this explains it of course!! :O

  195. Stumbled over a Canadian group who were obviously fairy motivated.

    Yup, we miss you dudes.

    Herr Eagle – I don’t know how you could think there might be fairy related individuals in the cabinet – perish the thought!

  196. The Faerie kingdom is alive and well, if people can believe in miracles, why can’t I believe in Faeries?
    Keep the Faery Dream Alive.

    Woo, Australia.

  197. Aren’t the “godless heathens” the people that normally wouldn’t be so skeptical of something like this. It seems to me that a devout religious person would be the more likely party to question the validity of this “fairy”, mainly because we know of these creatures from FAIRY TALES, not religious texts.

  198. Ah but the very religious know that their truth is the only truth.

    And if you’re a Muslim they definately don’t believe in fairies! I think they have another name for them.

  199. so i dont really care what that dude who “made” the dead fairy carcass says, even if its real or not, fairies are DEFINATLY real! They are either real in my imagination or really real in this world! I have yet to see one but who cares! I’m going to have fun believing and if they are real then thats one less dead one because i believe, i always have and i always will! I sat here and read ALL of these comments, and i like the theory that they could be some form of angels…who knows…but when people says God didn’t mention them in the Bible, you are right, but did he mention every type of crazy aquatic creature either? I don’t recall, and even though we are the only ones who were made in his image fairies are not in any way human like! =] so thank you, they are real =]

    <3 Cally

  200. Good grief no! I would never sleep with a muslim, you have to marry the bastards first – I’ve only ever slept with bastards I could get rid of.

    (for those who think that a racist remark let me assure you that in my experience all men are bastards, regardless of their ethnicity or religious practice)

    Never slept with a fairy though.. least I don’t think I have.

  201. @Philipa – so you are quite comfortable making blatantly sexist comments? Yet you are defensive about making blatantly racist comments. When are you going to begin making blatantly specieist comments and start putting down Fairies?

    Fairy-hater! You are oppressing our dreams!

    Oh goody – this can now move in a new direction!

  202. I think this shitts bad ass dude I would if faeries were real as long as they werent hurt & they werent skankishly dressed lol…probably impossible…I WANNA BE A FAERIE!!.or be a draenei from world of warcraft

  203. Her Grace La Marchionnesse de WitchHampton under Buzzard etc

    Your Grace

    AerChie hat recht [A. hits the targets yet again]

    Doomed – We’re all doomed

    498 … Yes – another thread record must be transmogrified

    Ducks …. and ever more Qwacking Ducks are coming home to roost, as Gordon Bruin’s Weputation for Economic Pwudence & pwomoting Monstrous (lightweight) Ladies gets ever stranger

    …. and ex America semper aliquid novi [always something bizarre from the Land beyond the Rim of the Known World] – oor Hilary gets ever closer to the generous Trough at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    In the Best of Colonies, large Animals face the twin threats of Specie-ism und Size-ism, when SMALL (… err … small) predators like Falcons & Beavers get the best posts from the SreggolB most distinguished

    AND what about the Workers, including that puir Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni ending in the forced accommodation of a Giant Kiwi Fridge en route to Japanese Kalimari Dishes with Sliced Whale slivers

    Doomed – bring on the Hoses, save the Panda

    I have the honour (… ummm … honor) to remain your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  204. ArchieArchive – you are correct; I have no conscience making sexist remarks, indeed I consider it a sport. In fact I guess many men would agree with me – with regard to the opposite sex let us sport while we may.

    Gin helps.

    Apparently the fairies keep drinking the gin :-/

    Sushi – what language are you communicating in, pray?
    I speak Eagle. Save the panda.
    (never eaten Panda)

  205. It’s not racist: it’s religiousist!
    Sushi/Chelsea, you can’t be a fairy until you pick ONE name.
    Philipa, pandas are buddhist. Would you eat a buddhist on a first date?

    DING! 500!!!!!

  206. @Philipa, I also enjoy making sexist comments but I’m not really sexist, I just like to poke fun at lesser mortals – – –

    @His Greyness, the flighty one, How will the hoses stop the Tory promoted globular warning?

    @Rain, Pandas are delicious in a white wine sauce.

    Gin is but a fading memory. Along with Port and Chardonny. Living in a dry community can be HELL!

    (Let’s aim at 600)

  207. Raincoaster – I wouldn’t eat anyone on a first date, nor the second. Ok I might have a nibble on the second.

    Hee hee, Archie – you like to poke lesser mortals?

  208. raincoaster Dec 20 at 6:06 am “… with all porridge-related medical conditions, it’s best to give them 48 hours to solve themselves before bringing in the hoses”

    Bonjour, Herr AerChie

    I dinnae ken how HOSES will save the Planet – but her Grace has revealed their efficacy for (among other illnesses) Persistent EdgirroP-itis

    C’est tout tragique for such a young man to have run out of White Port – no wonder the Colonies are succumbing to Labour … peut-etre that puir wee Faerie succumbed to a stroke induced by high blood-pressure upon witnessing the last-surviving White Port flagon passing from left to right

    Alles Gute

    G Eagle

    Oh, BTW, in your Place, everyone will enjoy your Shark-Embracing non-Buddhist Oktopus …. but Is it wise or prudent to poke the Lady ApilihP – she may turn her last Tree-Oktopus on you …. unless of course she’s already fed it to some random Buddhist ….

  209. @Philipa, most of those lesser mortals I poke tend to laugh – so I guess they find it funny – umm – is that what I meant to say? btw, I am not a random Buddhist – I am just random

  210. Well of course they are Patrick.

    Archie keeps poking me to see if I’m done but that’ll never happen if he doesn’t turn me over!

    Haggis, banned?? Yes that is an offal shame.

  211. Um… how kids are made?

    Sorry Raincoaster, obviously the fairies bring them *hangs head in shame*

    Pan-sexual eh Archie? How are the lost boys??

  212. That’s so funny, because when I was little my parents always thought fairies were trying to take us away. We live in a more enlightened time now, obviously.

  213. @Philipa, those boys are totally lost! The “Pan” part of the description is quite correct – Nymph chaser by nature, cloven-footed Capricornian by birth – – –

    Have some Madeira, M’Dear

    @Rain, Many an old wive’s tale contains unexpected truth!

  214. Sucks to be you, bethany. I dare you to challenge the existence of fairies after seeing this definitive proof. This will blow your mind.

    What say you? Shall you continue to deny in the face of prof?!?!?!?!?!

    (oh gawd, rain….this is soooo much fun!)

  215. Ah, yes. PeterPan. His site had three point five million hits the last time I saw it, and he had just proposed to his “Tink.” At first I laughed at him, but after some reading I’ve actually developed a real respect for the guy. He just loves being this persona, and he means all that pixie peace stuff just the way Oprah means her spiel. He’s a sweet, crazy guy and I admire him for being so public and for accepting that award in the way that he did (google it; I’m too lazy to find the link). Respect.

  216. Well maybe, but I’m afraid I couldn’t last out the full vid experience – only in America.

    I’m a cynical Brit, what can I say? We have people here who live the Elvis experience – knock yourself out (as long as I don’t have to join in).

  217. Cynical Brits abound – wait, that makes you sound like a Kangaroo – – – (Kangaroo Tail is quite popular with the locals out here in the desert)

    Yes, Rain, I am going to my room!

  218. Whenever anyone mentions a kangaroo I remember a little ditty taught to me by a reprobate some time ago that starts.. Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down (shag a wallaby).. and it goes on.

    I’ll spare you the rest, the fairies have probably been at the gin and you’ll only get grumpy, Raincoaster.

    BTW, how is Snow White, still in rehab?

  219. He’s not British; he’s Galliffreyan, duh. I well remember his conversation with The Brigadier in which the B said, “It’ll have to be one of us, you know, we can’t trust the rest,” and the Doctor paused a moment, smiled craftily and said, “Well, naturally not. The rest are all foreigners!” to which the Brigadier nodded before he caught himself.

  220. “Well slap my bottom and call me baby”

    I was going to until I realised the children were not in bed. Rain is already annoyed at me for corrupting the miners – well, actually they were already corrupt but no one talks about it.

  221. Your Grace


    Ich weiss nicht,was soll es bedeuten,
    das ich so traurig bin

    I don’t understand what the talented Anti-Soviet Deviationist Aerchie-Dude is saying

    ABER (err … but …)

    Methinks he doth protest too much

    There is NO RAIN in the Western Anti=Podes, wherein resides such an incisive & entertaining Promoter of Human=Menacing Pseudo-Animals (Drop-Bears, Desert-Sharks, Tree OktoPodia & the Wild Antipodean Rudd-Creature etc)

    ERGO the holes in his roof cannot pScientifically afford the explanation of the Wet Spots on his Floor

    … nor can it be spilling White Port over the Cigars after the retirement of the Ladies – ALL the White Port in his Desert has apparently been consumed in a (SCHOCKINGLY) anit-Clockwise direction

    WHENCE, as a more felicitous alternative to Mummification, so many UK Fairies have selected Metro-Land as a Target to emigrate to, instead of Van Diemen’s Land

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc

    G E

    PS No Kangaroos were hurt or injured in the making of this Post – can the AerChie=Dude give us a similar assurance over his comments

  222. Perhaps those pussy-eating dragons have bitten off more than they can chew? And a large, invisible, and very, very satisfied Persian cat rests atop Archie’s house?

  223. Errrr … your Grace – it’s CHESHIRE cats who become invisible

    …. but I rather apprehend that Pussy-Munching Dragons predate away from the Western Desert to avoid the witty taunts of the egregious Archie-dude [Homo Sapientissimus AerchiDudius Ferox et Lepidus]….

    …. has anyone warned them about the perils of sampling M Metro’s ethylene-glycol-based-antifreeze saucer-offerings

  224. Er.. Hang on, Archie has a Pussy-Munching Dragon or Achie is a Pussy-Munching Dragon?

    I’m so sorry, I’m confused Mr Eagle, Sir.

    and who’s the homo-sissy fox?
    I thought raincoaster was a fox..
    and the fairy was dead (or if you’re in Alabama, deyad)
    and archie was downunder…. !

  225. Archie is being haunted by a gigantic Cheshire/Persian cross?

    That explains so much.

    I’m not a fox. But I’m not a chick either.

    Philipa: who did Archie go downunder on?

  226. Tch! Tch! One does not go down under on. One simply goes down under. And I never name names – except to ET – – –

    I am terrified of cross Cheshire Persians. So is my inner dragon.

  227. Jawohl

    WARUM ist das Dach [roof] des AerChies NASS [vet] – in a DESERT

    und HOW MUCH is it his Inner-Dragon causing Global Warming in the AntiPodes, with the consequent flight of Fairies to the COOLER Environs of MetroLandia, with its high-class cooking even if gin & high-class beer supplies are being consumed

  228. I cannot tell – the children are not yet in bed, the fairies are listening and they tattle to Father Christmas so I wouldn’t get ant pressies – not a single gift-wrapped pussie, siamese, persian or even manx (although they do not have a tail).

    Now, have I changed the subject sufficiently?

  229. @the nonumlauted MeinHerren GrEagLe, It is true my roof is quite dry for this is a desert. Yet the assumption that it was my roof which is wet was incorrect – the wet spots are lower! Possibly due to the excessive consumption of gin (and in its absence, absinthe). Why, last even I noticed the Port, of a sufficiently Ruby hue, being passed to the starboard. I was forced to leave the room in shock! That such ungentlemanly conduct could be tolerated in these climes where every touch of the true civilisation must be kept and celebrated. I fear there could be a stray Metrolandian masquerading as a gentleman.

  230. Sorry Raincoaster – in that piccy of you in a bedsheet I was sure I detected a bushy tail, my mistake.

    Ah Absinthe – I hhave pahssed ohhhceans hov tihme to see youh; my favourite bad movie.

    Archie you’ve changed the subject… back to your wet spots!? Modesty forbids me to comment further on this subject.

  231. Ahh Philipa, I do apologise for accidentally including you in the discussion of wet spots. May I say categorically to the assembled multitudes that we are just good friends!

    There, that should clear your name and restore your reputation – – –

  232. Archie: you get ant pressies? Are you an ant?

    If they never pass the port to starboard, remind me never to book a starboard cabin. It would be such a pain, having to go to the bar for it!

  233. Look, I’m sorry but it’s been at least ooh 20 minutes and there has been no…. well.

    I don’t know why I shouldn’t be included in a thread concerning DIY (I live alone) or wet spots (I didn’t always live alone yet have now steeled myself to the reality of DIY and have purchased tools), however, i don’t thatch,

    but would quite like to be a fairy..

    having done the dragon thing.

  234. “It’s been at least twenty minutes – ”

    I’m sorry I rolled over and went to sleep. I was quite exhausted. From so much thatching.

    Fairies are nice enough but for genuine excitement you can’t beat a dragon!

  235. Actually, Aerchie, anyone who chooses to beat a dragon will find the brief remainder of their life filled with a great degree of excitement.

    Beating fairies can, so Raincoaster assures me, be fun, but is apparently less interesting.

    Oh, and “thatch” is a rather crude metaphor, no? Why not simply go with the rolling granduer of “toupée”?

  236. I like to beat my dragon several times a week. I usually end up with that same “final expression of Tutankhamen” look on my face that you see in the first fairy picture.

  237. Mein Pferd Stafford

    It restores our faith in Equinity that it is a distinguished & witty Cavallo that keeps alive this thread, unlike the Fairy who maintenant is si tragiquement “late”

    But perhaps beating dragons was nae the raison for the Prince’s unhappy death-grimace

    … there may be une autre explanation pour le mort del Prince Tooting-Common – it may have been the prospekt of oor Hilary moving in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    … but peut etre it was the terror induced by completing a US Internal Revenue Service Tax Return

    It makes yer fink, dunnit


  238. I agree that King Tut would prefer Obama, if only to have a relative on the throne again.

    #’s, I can state for the record that neither the fairy’s, nor G. Eagle’s heads are plastic.

  239. While the Eagle may not have a plastic head, I feel sure that, as an espouser of Republican causes and a denouncer of the abilities of the distaff side, his head my not be filled with much at all. He allows his natural raptorness to take over when discussing the defenceless. Rather than dropping bombs, it may be necessary to export some Desert Sharks to Slough. Providing the Mars factory is protected.

  240. Well hey Americans have been trying to decipher the English language ‘for a long time’ and they haven’t managed it yet.

    Archie – there is no plastic in my head thankyou, I decided against that operation; sorry to disappoint – do you prefer women plastically enhanced? Raincoaster is right; I’d really rather discuss politics just now. Given my aversion to plastic and the current Tory leader :-/

    ..he’s no angel but he’s no fairy either.

  241. Weird….just saw Stiletto’s commment. I basically said the same thing in the forums yesterday. Yes people, fairies exist in more places than you imagine.

    Philipa, was that a rhetorical question? :)

  242. He’s no angel, he’s no fairy, but he IS a Ken doll. I bet he stole those kids from Britney’s family; they drop them like dingleberries in the Spears clan, they’d never miss a couple more. And apparently Britney’s got an English accent… hmm, where’d she pick THAT up?

  243. Not a rhetorical question no, if felicia is dead and able to blog then I’ve a few questions..

    maybe the first one would be to Raincoaster as she’s the tech expert – how would you ping a dead person?

    Raincoaster – I should have said: ‘Raincoaster is right; I’d really rather NOT discuss politics just now’; with the exception of the fabulous Bozmeister I don’t think much of the rest and the Daily Bellylaugh just isn’t funny any more, I wouldn’t use it to wrap my chips.

    Fairies are everywhere? So that is where all the socks go, one of every colour and pattern, just one.

  244. How do you ping a dead person? Easy: use the black Pingoat of the woods with a thousand young.

    Vicus has been having some fun with Boris over on his blog lately. Lovely pictures.

    Socks, of course, go through the wormhole generated by the vortex of heat and energy in the dryer. I thought everyone knew that.

  245. The Ha! the Lady ApilihP says. Well, this is certainly unusual to say the least. I think you might be on to something here. So, I say Ha!

    119 x 5 …. Ha !!

    and BTW – where do Fairies get their MacKintoshes from

  246. Alas, puir wee EglAE, I knew him well.

    Are you in pain, old friend?
    For schurely only an illness of most grievous nature could cause such a vandalism of the Queen’s English.

    A preposition is nothing to end a sentence with.

  247. And yet, somehow we’re capable of turning on/off the “caps lock” feature on our keyboards. It’s a fine line between ability and disability indeed.

    And for the record, how much is “too much” crack? Is there an okay amount? Can you get some for me? What about for the fairies? They threatened me with harm if I could not produce more crack.

  248. I wonder what my contribution has been? I’m just glad that someone is championing the cause that fairies existed, or existed. I’m ashamed that none of our political candidates have expressed their views on this matter.

    I challenge anyone for proof that fairies do not exist.


  249. kstaff, you had comment #600! Also about twenty-five others. An excellent showing for a latecomer to the thread!

    I think that Mormon has definitely stated that fairies exist, and they should be illegal.

  250. I think they are most definately illegal in the UK or they would have been taxed by now. Or maybe they have been made legal under this government – they brought in lots of airy-fairy laws.

    I find that the secret of getting more crack and indeed more faries is to expose a big Bottom.

  251. Oh, Philipa, you should HEAR the British Fairies I know complain about their taxes! “And all going to those fucking schools! Damn Breeders!”

    I think you are right about attracting more crack. Or you could just hire plumbers.

  252. I believe, upon reading, that faeries are actually attracted when the Bottom is actually concealed, rather than displaying large quantities of crack.

    In some cases it seems to be acceptable if said Bottom is disguised as an ass.

    However, I have also discovered why the faeries have abandoned the Albion Isles in favour of the Great White North: A sufficiency of fairies is often associated with the presence of a Puck.

    Which explains so much about Junior A coaches.

  253. Ah, you see! If you wrestle with a problem long enough all is revealed! The connection between Junior A hockey and the de-Fairification of Albion. Wordsworth would definitely whip up an ode over that!

  254. Nothing wrong with a good Puck.

    Or if you’re a fairy there’s nothing more attractive than a nice ass.

    So I’m told.


    Raincoaster I think he already did as Fairies are not a new thing:

    Fairy Land! Thee all men greet with joy; how few,
    Whose souls take pride in freedom, virtue, fame,
    Part from thee without pity dyed in shame:

    But he may have been writing about Italy..(?)

  255. @Pippa:
    Of course I’m not a fairy. I’m a Metro-sexual. Also, not being a member of the Harperite party, I am not fossilized.

    Though a nice Bottom always has my admiration; It’s always fun to play with a talented one … So I always consider that an asset. Or is that a miniature donkey? I forget.

    However, as a thespian (yes, it’s true, I admit it!), I’m always up for a good Puck.

  256. Philipa: no WAY did Metro write that! Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

    Layla, keep the faith. Belief in the self is the foundation of action.

    Metro is usually up for just about anything in my experience. It’s one of his best qualities.

  257. I have no idea, but someone called Peter (who refuses to grow up) seems to like them..

    Metro I was always of the opinion you were a Metro-sexual and simply assumed you knew about these things, which obviously you do. I too like a nice Bottom and have enjoyed a good Puck in my time :-) Unlike you though I’m always in receipt and not the giver – ah you theatre folk!

    Layla – you believe, therefore you are.. and have to defacate. (Hey, defacation happens!) I too believe in fairies. I don’t believe in Archie though – he’s just a happy thought.

  258. JUST a happy thought? Do you realise, young Lady P, just how much hard, grinding work there is in being happy? Fairies won’t talk to me, I’m becoming a world champion curmudgeon and Thor is aiming at me! Not that I have any sympathy for Rain. I have been drinkless since last year! Late last year, admittedly, and the drought breaks tomorrow night!

    Metro deserves wings – that way he can be a flying Puck – – –

  259. Archie I’m sure you’re most accomplished at hard grinding and I’ve heard tell that sort of thing becomes more difficult as you get older so perhaps you should have a little rest and a drink, for medicinal purposes. I hope you have a relaxing flaccid drink-sodden tommorow night x

    Raincoaster, once again you expose my naivite – I know bugger all about theatre folk.

  260. Be fair – this is about fairies, probably wearing Fairisle pullovers, fairly new ones, so a little fair play would be fairly well in order. Planning for the fairies fairisle fair is fairly well under way.

    I need a drink!

  261. Cripes! I wish you’d taken the words out of Archies mouth – is he quite well do you think?

    Taken up knitting maybe..

    I can see that knitting can be relaxing but I’d still rather have a good Puck with a nice Bottom thrown in for good measure. A good measure is important – hope you get one Archie x

  262. “Good,” Philipa–“Is he quite good, do you think?” Or are you asking something else?

    I could also use a drink. This is by way of being a ground state for me. Everyone was born with a certain amount of natural alcohol in their bodies. I just happened to be born two drinks short and have been trying to catch up ever since.

    Unfortunately, after a Raincoaster visit it takes quite a while to rebuild the supply chain.

    As for good measures, well the women hereabouts say sex is like snow. To a certain extent, I share this view. In that while it’s happening, I never see any fairies about.

  263. Well Metro, I believe Archie is accomplished at hard grinding but of course I have no knowledge of the state of his tools for that activity. I think he should take a good measure, certainly, he seems to be in want of one and I know just how he feels as I indulged in a glass myself this evening, for community.

    As for good measures, well the women hereabouts say sex is like snow.

    I agree, it never occurs in my neck of the woods! If I remember that far back it was just like snow – something you’ve often dreamed of but the reality is a disappointing wet mess. How do Fairies make little fairies I wonder? Raincoaster will know…

  264. While measures are needed, I prefer taming the shrew – I once did the lighting for an amateur production of Kiss Me Kate which was Broadway’s version of the play. Wonderful fun even without a Bottom.

  265. Aparently chocolate mimics the effect of dopamine in the brain, I think – kinda simulates being in love, and is an aphrodisiac apparently.

    Dunno about all that – it tastes yummy!

    anyway, back to fairies..

  266. Damn straight! Is it the Tories that are behind it? Oh my god! Thank god Boris has slimmed down; he’s obviously eating fewer fairies than he used to. I’ve always heard Tories had a fondness for fairies…

  267. Oh, they all went to boarding school. You know it’s true what they say.

    Check out Guido’s blog for “Top Tory Totty” of the male and female variety. I’d venture to say that if the Tories were more equal-opportunity in the distribution of wealth they’d have had much more attractive men there. Some of those women are professionally “companionable” if you know what I mean.

  268. Yes but I’m not comfortable with the belief that Boris has eaten any fairies.

    I know, I’m English and conservative, pass the macaroons.

  269. I, also, am skeptical of tales of Boris’ fairy-eating past. What is certain beyond the shadow of a doubt is that since declaring his candidacy for Mayor of London he has lost some weight, perhaps through a change of diet, and he has not been caught in embarrassing proximity to any researchers, fairy or not. There’s a long way to go till the election, though.

  270. I will always wish Boris well but I hate the thought of him not being an MP and in the house of commons – he should be there IMHO.

  271. The Mayoralty of London is but a brief interlude on his unstoppable rise to the top, I am sure. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him standing for EU president, his previous statements (including the book he signed for me) notwithstanding. One day he’ll be in Westminster again, opening Parliament with a crown on his head.

  272. Her Grace La Marchionesse de W etc

    Your Grace

    Quelle Night=Mare

    The Middle-East Peacemaker ANTONIO becomes Il Presidente dell’Europa (Viele Volker, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer, Kein UmLaut) on his triumphant path to Wealth und the repayment of his mega-Mortgage – assisted by Cruella’s modest fees for giving Charity after-dinner speeches in the AntiPodes und elsewhere

    BUT to the admiring amazement of his Grandad (last Ottoman-Sultan’s Foreign Minister), one can hope for der Boz-Meister becoming Londinium’s Mayor, in place of Red Ken, on his way to becoming El Presidente dell’E…

    BUT where will Ken go – does he have an alternative to replacing ANTONIO as The Middle-East Peacemaker

    No wonder Derbyshire Fairies have either given up the Struggle for Life or emigrated to MetroLandia, notwithstanding the Local Fairy-Predators and the perils of drinking from M. Metro’s Garden-Saucers

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle [5x13x2x5]

  273. DUde its obviously fake look at the wings their Leaves for gods sake. At least try harder… By the way he used doll hair the hair has no dna. However the bones may be made of pigeon or chicken bones. Or maybe wood.

  274. How do you know the hair has no DNA? Where is your proof? One cannot make scientific postulates without backup evidence. Speculation is amateurish and unseemly.

    G Eagle: [5×13×2×5]? I’m a blogger, dammit, not a theoretical mathematician!

  275. Good FSM! Bob could be right!

    Amazing that the insight of a mere (as I picture him) beardless stripling, somehow crippled or deformed in a way that makes manipulation of the caps lock key and basic spelling a laborious chore, could somehow seize upon a detail that has for six hundred previous comments completely eluded older and sometimes wiser heads.

  276. Herr EaGle (Unumluated), “[5×13×2×5]” Would these be your co-ordinates in the Space Time continuum? By my calculations you should be able to see the vale of fairies from there. From Quentin Crisp (BBQ flavour) all the way to Oscar Willed.

  277. Gross. Honestly the things a man will resort to when in the desert; if it’s not ‘forbidden love’ with animals it’s getting your mouth around a fairy.

    What’s being ‘snorted up’?

    No, don’t tell me, probably something revolting concerning mummified remains.

    And all for the want of a real woman..

  278. A big-burly Australian? You mean like Mark “Jacko” Jackson?

    Remember him from the Energizer commercials?

    “The new energizah, it’s gonna surprise yah…Oi!!!”

  279. No, I meant Archie. I think he’d be Quentin’s type, don’t you?

    I prefer the young Steve Irwin, of course. Solid steel body and a distaste for clothing Those two traits go very, very well together.

  280. “pommy halfwits”? I don’t think any accent is going to overcome that prejudice!

    Nope, I’m with you on this one Raincoaster: “I prefer the young Steve Irwin, of course. Solid steel body and a distaste for clothing Those two traits go very, very well together” – shame he’s gone :-(

  281. …err …

    [shifting awkwardly from one taloned foot to the next … and back]

    …. Perhaps your Grace means :


  282. I think that God created everything for a reason, and maybe some poeple don’t beleive faries exist, but who are poeple to say what can exist, we only have one creater and his name is GOD, I strongly believe he created creatures we have not yet discover or found. I LOVE YOU ALEX

  283. @ Philipa; not all Pommies are halfwits – some of them are wonderfully talented. Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, Queen Victoria, Philipa, Keir Hardie and Gracie Fields. JK Rowlings almost makes it to the list while CS LEWIS and JRR Tolkien are definitely on it. As is Dawn French. A pity about Maggie the roof repairer.

  284. Glad you’re home safe and well Archie, well done fairies, and yes, I agree with you, it’s such a shame Maggie the roof repairer is now too old to hold office – she’s just what this country needs right now :-)

    Happy pointless ceremonial day y’all x

  285. @Archie – I’ve yet to find a man that can stay the distance! (or stay in the room – please no-one tell me I’m scary again as I have no idea what ‘neebling means’ and you won’t tell me)

    Well of course he was tried under English law – he was living in England at the time and taking a Lords son up the west-end farce, which was not only asking for trouble but against the law. Doh!

    And I too am a Barbarian, I am NOT a Roman – Romani ite domum!! Bloody I-ties.

  286. yes, the English were like the Americans, always putting their own laws where they’re not welcome.

    Boris is a Roman,though, Philipa. I hear he goes Roman every night.

  287. Raincoaster:

    yes, the English were like the Americans, always putting their own laws where they’re not welcome.

    um… you mean like their own country?? Hmn, terrible. And like the Americans??? I reject that comparison completely! The Americans would have been better off with us in charge but they would have the French..

    If Boris in anything foreign Raincoaster, he’s a Turk.

    And WTF does ‘neebling’ mean? You enjoy the torture, I can tell – may fairies raid your liquor cabinet.

    @Archie, Age. Fac ut gaudeam.

  288. Faries come all the way from Mars, and Venus? That’s a long damn way! Through vacuum, yet.

    Hmmm. Maybe that explains all that “cosmic dust” stuff the scientists are always rabbiting on about.

    Perhaps the fairy above was exhausted? Maybe it isn’t so much mummified as fried by the heat of entry.

  289. I’m relatively sure England’s laws were unwelcome up the rectums of the greatest writers of the Victorian Age, every last of them.

    I haven’t heard of Boris being in anything foreign: he prefers them home-grown.

    Metro: so every time someone disbelieves in fairies, one falls to Earth as a meteorite, burning up as it falls? What a metaphor!

  290. Isn’t it though? That’s why I get paid to write workplace safety crap I’m increasingly convinced no-one bothers to read.

    Tell you what, you can use it free of charge. Though I retain copyright under fair use.

  291. I like the “fried at the heat of entry” hypothesis. Perhaps we can combine that theory along with one of the theories of how water became so prevalent on Earth. The “ice comet” theory.

    We’ll twist it around and make it an “ice fairy” hypothesis. Clearly biblical creatures travelling through space time were bombarding the surface of the planet. The ice debris they “cooked off” or left behind gave rise to our oceans and saturated our atmosphere with water vapor.

    In due time a giant monolith appeared and taught man to crush skulls with bones. Years later Genesis would pay homage to this awakening by featuring the Kroft puppets in the video for “Land of Confusion.”

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    Good lord I’m random today! :)

    By the way, has anyone thought of doing a “mummified lolfairy” picture?

  292. Not as far as I know. Hint. Hint.

    So, spaceships are made of snowballs? Honest to god, there’s a story about some would-be terrorists who trained in Canada and who were thinking about putting explosives inside of snowballs. I suppose they figured they’d need a getaway dogsled, too.

  293. Some were puppets – I noticed the roof repairer made a live appearance – beer does wonders to the eyesight – I wonder if fairies drink beer. I hope they have better hangover cures that I do.

  294. Jawohl

    Das ist es, doch
    [This is it, i’n’it]

    The Ha! you say. Well, this is certainly unusual to say the least. I think you might be on to something here. So, I say Ha!

  295. @Aerchie:
    The thing about the toadstools it that you’re not supposed to nibble them yourself before offering them around …

    Among other things, it’ll cut down on the number of fairies you have to share your beer with. Or you could just keep a swatter handy.

  296. I mean, the US government is talking about shooting down some soi-disant “spy satellite” orbiting above us, but we know what’s really up there.

    Thwarted in his ambition to organize a Glorious Democratic War in Iran as he did in Iraq, George the Lesser is striking at the heart of Queen Mab’s territory.

  297. Yeah, as if the George Dubya Bush presidential library would be too big to be picked up and moved to another location.

    Place’d be about the size of a phone booth and would contain nothing but Archie comics and books with chewable cardboard covers. Oh, and a few Sears catalogues with suspiciously worn lingerie sections.

    Of course they’d need to keep the collection small, to allow room for the toilet and sink.

  298. Good heavens, Metro. What does that have to do with fairies? Are you implying something? And on President’s Day, too.

    What did the President have on sale from President’s Choice today?

  299. Of course that should have read clap, someone, quick – I wasn’t suggesting… well, anyway.

    I do believe in fairies,
    I do I do I do believe in fairies,
    I do ;;-)

  300. Philipa, Archie does NOT have the clap. Shame on you.

    “I saw these sea spiders and thought of you” awwwww. Words to warm the frosty cockles of my heart. I hadn’t seen the video, but I did read the article. Thanks!

  301. I meant it in a nice way :-) and as for Archie, well I have had this rash since…

    well anyway, he’s back home and I’m turning to fairies again :-(

  302. They have the freaking thing in a lab! and these people who are trying to find out if its true or fake are pro!i mean thik what you think but this looks too real for me.Also ( in a lab )!

  303. Best thing to do with a dog.

    Do you think Archie should be neutered? It’s suppsed to stop them roaming but I just love the pictures and stories of his travels so I’d say no, even with the crayfish. I suppose a fairy could sort those suckers out but I’d still say no – what do you think?

  304. I don’t think we should neuter Archie. Buff would never forgive us, for one thing. For another, I understand neuters get along well with fairies as well, but are less likely to be invited to stay for dinner. If you want to know what they talk about at those parties, it’s probably best to leave Archie as-is.

  305. Well yes I’ve seen the benefits of a man being paid to sod off from under your feet (brother-in-law in the Navy) so I’m definately with you on this – Archie should remain un-fairyfied.

    He may not agree though and may quite like the idea – give his crayfish something to do; for all we know it’s already happened!

  306. @Philipa:
    If fairies could sort out suckers there’d be no Raincoaster.

    While I have never seen fairy in a lab, I have occasionally spotted the fragments of wing or tiny teeth that are the result of fairies ending up in a cat or an owl.

    I hasten to point out also, that as an Antipodean, Aerchie may in fact not have crayfish, although Moreton Bay bugs are a likely possibility.

  307. Nope, got that re: the tentacled one. The bugs look a bit frightening and every time I think of a huge crustacean I think of how they scream when dropped in boiling water, I know that’s supposed to be air escaping but… wouldn’t you if someone had dropped you in boiling water?? I like the advice: “demands a racy, dry and crisp wine to refresh the palate. Try a leaner style of young semillon sauvignon blanc blend. ooh! I’ll have a box of that mate! That reminds me of the fosters ad was it? They went to get a load of beer and put a bottle of sherry for the ladies on top of the beer in the truck and it collapsed, so did I, excellent.

    I don’t think you get many fairies in the outback…?

  308. For shame–to think of doing that to a baby. Everyone knows babies go with a boistrous red. Try a nice heavy merlot. Oh, and barbequeing keeps the wild flavour better than boiling.

  309. ‘To serve man’?? No thank you!

    Quite right in not showing the faces of fairies – give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth, and I’m sure the same applies to fairies.

  310. On the contrary; it’s one of the few times I don’t object to sexism. “No, no, the book is quite specific. THAT is a man, THIS is a woman. You wouldn’t make pizza with “potato sauce” would you?”

  311. I checked the “prankers” website and this is what it said, copied and pasted-

    The 8inch remains complete with wings; skin, teeth and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm the body is genuine. X-rays of the ‘fairy’ reveal an anatomically identical skeliton to that of a child.

    It goes on, too. I DEFINETLY believe in fairies. raincoaster, I love this picture and now I have proof to my soul that fairies actually excist. Thanks for inspiring me with my manga/anime!

    Falling thru the sky

    And here is the link if all of you people want to check it out. Goodbye!

    And, this has the image attached to it that brought me to this place.
    This time, I will sign off. Goodbye! (for real)

  312. When I’m wearing wings I can roller skate and wear tight white jeans and little flirty dresses in the disco, and ride a bicycle and do loads of things I couldn’t do before – wings are great!

  313. Lucky me; I’m only in my forties. However some days I can empathise real well, especially after cheap chardonnay the night before :~} I blame it on the fairies – they won’t steal cheap white wine.

  314. if you click on the picture where it shows the entire fairy, it will take you to another website, on that website if you scroll all the way down in red letters it says that it’s just a fake and the winner of some contest will get the ….action….figure thing…. so yeah. just thought you buttholes should know.

  315. Actually, Miguel, if you look at that site closely you will see that the retraction was printed some days after the original article. This could indicate a genuine retraction or it could be that he was contacted by the fairies and told to retract! Now, have you any proof, one way or the other?

  316. So the topic is now Miguel, his butthole, sh1t and retraction due to constipation. I recommend a curry, Miguel mate. Eat in a curry house no Indian or Pakistani ever would and results are guaranteed, especially on a monday night. Go for the phal and you’ll fly to the bathroom as if with wings. It’ll give the waiters a laugh too.

  317. I’m sorry you’re with Archie Raincoaster as I was hoping you’d be with us in the UK earning lots of money for doing very little (so the job description seemed to read). When I get my poor person pension (lottery win) you’ll have a first class round the world ticket and can see us both.

    And anyway, Archie isn’t talking to me; I am in the wilderness of Archie’s private attentions – I blame the fairies.

  318. Eventually I shall be with you. If Cameron gets in, I figure I can get some cash out of his “Off the Dole, Into the Dosh” programs, teaching useless skills like Blackberrying and so on. And I’ve got the EU passport eligibility, so that’s bonus points: I can even work legally.

    Archie isn’t speaking to you? I think it’s just that he’s concentrating on Miguel, who is as Archie so rightfully noted, full of something and it’s not pixie dust.

    Where has that Eagle gotten to?

  319. Ahh, young Philipa, I am not aware of not speaking with you – I have just come (sic) from making a comment on the latest of your postings. I have been rather quiet for the past couple of days but that was due to f**king real life! There isn’t a fairy to be seen out there at the moment. It is too hot and the humidity wrecks their wings! I think they have migrated.

  320. GE: Please don’t regret the passing of years: they are proof positive that you don’t give up easily, if nothing else. Besides, everyone loves a distinguished older raptor. No doubt Archie will make a pun on that in his next comment…

    He has apparently been very busy f**king, or so he says!

  321. Ahh that explains it – I asked Archie privately if he missed anything of the desert even though he’s glad to be home; answer is obviously no, F*ck all! And yep, we’ve got all the fairies – Raincoaster was right (again!) there’s loads of ’em over here. Cameron may need a Fairy co-ordinator. I’ll leave that one to you Raincoaster.

    Mr Eagle Sir – ‘everyone loves a distinguished older raptor’

  322. I guessed you were part of the hags movement – creating high quality, innovative online environments that are aesthetically pleasing are one of the keys to HAGS success. You provide one of the largest ranges of virtual adult fun environments catering for a range of ages and abilities, from the traditional conservative & UniPlay/MultiPlay (in an election year) through to your innovative Agito collection for the hard-line left-wingers who spend a lot of time alone. Raptors are made as welcome as those with the softest of tentacles and most fragile of wings and other things.

    You’re a star and maker of pleasures – what can I say?!

  323. I had a fairy hit my winshield while driving home last night. It was still half alive when I pulled over so I just drowned it really quick in a nearbye creek. I figured that was the humane thing to do.

    I started driving home and realized my mistake. I turned around, recovered the drowned fairy corpse, and drove immediately to the nearest freakshow, where I promptly sold the remains for a $250 profit.

  324. Well I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that you mention it I do remember thinking the fairy had fantastic tits. I admit. I copped a feel as she struggled for breath. They were sort of squishy.

  325. Your Grace


    We approach another numerical milestone – it is refreshing that ===m should again shew a WISDOM beyond his youthful years by introducing such an elevated intellektuel tone with his suitably serious asperation

    but one must ask serious pScientific Qvestions :

    Wer ist der Mothman ?


    WHY are there apparently 2 widely-separate Mothman populations in West Virginia (wherever that is) and Charleston

    Isn’t Charleston in South Carolina – the place where the YANKEES commenceated a certain infelicitousness with the Cotton States, in days when the Republikans seem to have been quite left-wing

    …. and is it really the Amerikan Way to be content with such a lowly profit of $250 (£80 sterling) – wouldn’t he have got more by selling it on e-bay – British MPs (& their taxpayer-funded relatives) are much greedier

    Yr Grace’s obedt servant etc

    G E

  326. Yes, Amy, there are fairies. They exist as certainly as love, and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Fairies! It would be as dreary as if there were no Amy’s. There would be no childlike faith, then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

    Not believe in fairies! You might as well not believe in Santa Claus!

  327. This is so totaly absolutly fake ok but before everyone gose all death to the non-beliver i do beive veri mutch so i just dont think this is real there are fairies out there
    sorry for any spelling mistakes i reali cant spell
    bibi :)

  328. Boy howdy can you ever not spell. “Kiki” is spelled with K’s, not B’s! But if you are Kiki of Kiki and Herb you can spell it any damn way you like; drag queen’s perogative.