pic o’ the day: fossilized fairy

This genuine antique fossilized fairy from the collection of Takeshi Yamada is the kind of thing that throws Pharyngula and his fellow godless Darwinian crusaders into a frenzy. No doubt the heirs of Arthur Conan Doyle will be purchasing this irrefutable proof of the ancient existence of fairies, should it ever appear at Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

Fairy Fossil by Takeshi Yamada

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56 thoughts on “pic o’ the day: fossilized fairy

  1. I can digg it (in fact, I just did). In this Baptist’s humble opinion, it’s clever and funny. But then I may be an unusual Baptist – evolution is the way to go. It just makes sense.

  2. :)) That is cool! I also had a pic with a so-called mumy of a sea nymph. :)) They are terrible, these pic-makers junkies! :)

  3. Philipa, I think it has been REDUCED to fairy dust. 7news, if you click on the pic it’ll take you to this guy’s whole catalogue of weird creatures that he’s put together. Fiji mermaids and the whole deal. anomalous, thanks for the Digg. FFE, Quentin Crisp ascended directly into God’s kitchen garden, was taken up bodily from the Earth the way he always wanted it.

  4. Actually, squids are what the fairies evolved into, hence the overwhelming supernatural attractiveness of the entire tentacular kingdom. You could say rather that Pharyngula was looking for this, but just didn’t know it.

  5. How cool is that picture, well found friend.

    Though might I point out that Faeries are inface pure energy. I have never heard the theory that faeries evolved into squids. Good picture though.

  6. Being of Irish decent, I love fairy lore….but its these people who try to “prove” it with lies and false evidence that take the magic out of it.

  7. G Eagle is quite correct, and in that sense the Cascadian Tree Octopus is the closest thing the world has to a living fairy fossil. Mind you, there are those who say there are a lot right here on Denman street.

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  10. The “Fossilized Fairy” seen here is one of “sideshow gaffs” created by internationally active and respected artist, Takeshi Yamada in Brooklyn, New York. Yamada had over 400 art exhibitions internationally. Here is his website with many pics and articles of curiosities, oddities, monsters and marvels: http://sideshowworld.com/SSA-15.html

    Takeshi Yamada won the first prize at the 2006 Photo Hoax Contest with his gaffs. http://paranormal.about.com/od/ghostphotos/a/aa052206.htm

    Here is the link of the detail description of this fossilized fairy specimen gaff: http://gallery.pethobbyist.com/index.php?photo=268763

    Takeshi Yamada is currently having solo art exhibition entitled “Museum of World Wonders: Cabinet of Curiosities” at the Brooklyn Public Library – Coney Island Branch. (October 2006 – January 1, 2008) Yamada is also featured in a documentary film shown at the “Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids” exhibition at the American Museum of the Natural History in Manhattan, New York. ((May 26, 2007 – January 6, 2008)

  11. Well to say its impossible, is small minded in my eyes. We are a creation which can do many things, to discover another creation is amazing. If you allow yourself to be shallow, you wont experience much or gain much knolledge in life. :)

  12. Esta muy interesante tu pagina muchas felicidades, no se si existen o no solo se que yo soy de las personas cree en ellas.
    saludos desde zacatecas, mex.

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  14. Fairies are real the people that dont believe in fairies are jerks and frauds you suck too we have fairies in our woods theres either 4 or 5 BELIEVE IN FAIRIES

  15. this picture is so cool. fairies have always facinated me but i just thought the were a myth like unicorns hahaha! but now i know that they are actually real, great work in finding this!!!!!!!

  16. GO RAINCOASTER!! It is so rare these days to find people and websites who genuinely believe in fairies, and websites like this just push any doubts from my mind that I’ve ever had. :)

    Much Love x

  17. That looks totally fake!Lying bastards.Like raincoaster said,it looks like a carving.Don’t get me wrong,I do believe in fairys(because of my past sightings).Besides,fairys are spirits and do not have skeletons. Let me know then anyone finds a fossilized skeleton of an “angel”!

  18. What are you talking about? Of course it’s real; it’s a fossil, for god’s sake! It’s in an actual rock! That proves that fairies have existed for eons virtually unchanged, like the coelocanth.

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