Continued Attacks on the Drone Industry in Russia by the IT Army of Ukraine

The IT Army of Ukraine continues its attacks on the Russian drone industry for the second day, with an expanded target list.

The Cryptosphere

Whatever y’all are doing, it’s working. One of the things you’re doing is adding related target suggestions by emailing them to the ITAU, so today we have an update to yesterday’s list, still drone-focused. Let’s get to it!


We continue to prevent equip the orcs with drones. Your recommendations have been added to the list of targets.

You can grant access to your cloud resources to our bot that will launch a coordinated attack from all the available servers. It has been improved and it is already possible to transfer servers with a non-standard ssh port. More info


Продовжуємо заважати доукомплектовувати орків. Додали до цілей ваші рекомендації.

Кожен бажаючий може надати свої хмарні ресурси боту, який буде централізовано запускати атаку одночасно з усіх отриманих серверів. Його доопрацювали і вже можна переносити сервери з нестандартним портом ssh. Детальніше (

Targets (80/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp)…

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Russian Drone Suppliers in the Crosshairs of the IT Army of Ukraine

The latest list of targets from the IT Army of Ukraine to hacktivist supporters. While the Telegram group is down from 400,000, it’s still a solid quarter of a million hacktivists.

The Cryptosphere

We’re back! Here’s hoping the internet and power hold up long enough for us to get this list up.


Copter drone shops is the next valid target to diminish its availability for russian troops. Please let us know if you can share more web addresses with a special form on the website (

Для того, щоб зменшити надходження цивільних дронів для орків пропонуємо атакувати спеціалізовані інтернет магазини. Якщо ви знаєте адреси інших ресурсів, де можна придбати дрон, що може використовуватися для розвідки або наведення, просимо пропонувати їх через спеціальну форму на нашому сайті (

Zelenskyy and NAFO put Russian drone suppliers on notice

Targets (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)

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MHDDoS_Proxy Updated, plus Russian Diplomatic Targets from the IT Army of Ukraine

A major change in the cyberwar in Ukraine: the IT Army of Ukraine has switched from open source tools to closed. This allows them to control the target lists completely so that they will ONLY attack Russian targets: the Russians or their allies had been using the open source tools against Ukrainian targets. That’s no longer possible.

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Sorry we’ve been offline: Ottawa has had a massive internet outage that’s still not fully resolved (we’d like to think that’s Russia trying to stop us from posting these, but we’d like the liability courts NOT to think that). And dropping the phone in the bathtub effectively removed all our other alternatives. Anyhoodle, we’re back. Let’s get to it, shall we? Big one today.


Another update of mhddos_proxy ( has been released, simplifying its use and improving security.

Recently, we’ve noticed that tools created by volunteers are increasingly being used by a hostile party. This also applies to everyone’s favorite mhddos_proxy through open-source code, the enemy could use it against us and our allies.

The only solution, according to its developers, was to close the source code. We do not want to provide such an effective cyber weapon to our enemy, so we fully support such a decision.


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New Russian Targets from the IT Army of Ukraine

Hey! Didja know that over at The Cryptosphere we’re sharing the IT Army of Ukraine’s daily target lists? Today we’re hitting Russian media. Care to join the biggest hacktivist action in history? Links in the post to everything you need.

The Cryptosphere

Here we go, people! Remember: Tor, then VPN, then happy hunting!

Russia ruins everything
Russia ruins everything


Well done! For the last two days, the Russians have not been able to access their CRM. As always, on weekends we switch to Russian mass media.

Хороша робота! Останні два дні росіянам не вдавалося поправцювати в своїх CRM. Як завжди на вихідних переходимо до росзмі

https://www.xn--32-6kc4bi9i.xn--p1ai/ (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn--80aaajllyo6c2h.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn—-7sbbdcrylc1ahd6a1as4e7b.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
http://xn—-7sbemcagqeo2b3bkwe.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)

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IT Army of Ukraine Russian Target List for June 8

Here’s today’s list. If you’re not yet a part of the largest hacktivist action in history, it’s not too late. #SlavaUkraini!

The Cryptosphere

New day, new target list! There was none yesterday, so I got a day off from staying up till 3am..although I didn’t know it in advance, so I stayed up till 3am.

Anyhoodle, let’s get into it, shall we? Let us do even so, forsooth!

Putin Weak, Zelenskyy Strong

Announcement from the IT Army of Ukraine

We’ve added more russian government web resources to our list ( Thanks a lot to everyone who searches and shares with us future targets via chat or email!

The proxy finder ( for mhddos_proxy is running on all OS again.

Доповнюємо список цілей ( іншими державними ресурсами рф. Дякуємо всім, хто також долучається до пошуків та ділиться ресурсами через чат або електронну пошту!

Шукач проксі ( для mhddos_proxy знову працює на всіх ОС.

Target List for Today

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