Daily Briefing Bingo: The Canadian Content You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hey Girl from Whaaat Studio?

Hey Girl, do you want a robust social safety net? I got you.

But you totally DO need it, you know?

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest challenge faced by contemporary news organizations (besides rapacious owners; don’t get me started) is that of enticing readers, listeners, watchers, away from the never-ending stream of infotainment which surrounds us. Never mind getting them to actually pay attention to the news.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have, at long last and at uncounted expense, solved that problem. I mean, it didn’t cost me anything, but I also didn’t count it, so … that.

The solution? We can finally reveal it:

Bingo cards.





Oh, come on. You’ve been on Twitter. You know how this works. You know this works. You’ve played this, don’t pretend that you haven’t. We’ve taken the old jokey cultural trope bingo game and updated it, giving an entire nation a reason (finally!) to skip out on this “work from home” nonsense (these crazy kids and their crazy ideas to integrate work and life in a holistic, effortless, and sustainable way, pssssshhhhhhh, whatever) and tune in to the daily briefing on the Covid-19 crisis from Prime Minister Zoolander Trudeau.

And yes, we know contemporary audiences have short attention spans, so we’ve built a few tricks into this most competitive of game boards. In order to complete your board, you’ll have to watch on multiple days. Yes, we are just that hardass around these parts.

Enough prelude, on to the downloadable game board. Yes, there can be only one.

You can print it out or just edit the PDF as you go along, and play along live on Twitter (follow @raincoaster, who will be calling out the squares live unless she {I} sleep[s] in again) and the Canadian tv network of your choice or YouTube at 11am EST each weekday.

Safety Tips: Phone Safety in a Pandemic

An important piece of advice for visible minorities, as racist attacks increase throughout this pandemic.


This important phone safety tip comes to us from Facebook, specifically the account of Benjamin Luk. We thought it was worth passing along, as racist attacks increase through the Covid Crisis.

For your safety right now, and especially if you’re a visible minority, it’s currently advisable to always keep some free space on your phone. If you’re attacked, any video evidence you can generate might be the difference between your attacker walking free, or them getting convicted.

As much as I believe in the police, it’s true that they need evidence tied up in a nice little bow for them. That’s why we’ve turned to reporters to bring down people like Josh Liu and Carla Waldman.

Naturally, there’s risk associated with recording your attackers. Please make your safety the #1 priority.

Just know you’re fighting the good fight. The world has good people in it, and we’ll help make…

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CESB and CERB for Students in Canada

Attention post-secondary students in Canada! You’ll want to check out the new CERB supports!


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced an additional $9 billion in economic supports in response to the continued COVID-19 crisis, putting students at the forefront this time with the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB).

Other student work and grant initiatives were also announced:

From CTV:

  •  Creating an additional 76,000 jobs for young people in sectors that need an extra hand right now, or that are on the frontlines of this pandemic which could include contact tracing or helping out on farms;
  •  Investing $291.6 million to extend scholarships, fellowships, and grants for three or four months to keep research projects and placements going, including for postdoctoral fellowships.
  •  Broadening eligibility for financial assistance and raising the maximum weekly amount that can be provided to a student in 2020-21 from $210 to $350.
  •  Launching a new Canada Student Service Grant of between $1,000 and $5,000 for students volunteering in the COVID-19 fight…

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CERB AMA With MasterCowfish

Got questions about the CERB supports, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit? We’ve got answers at 4pm PST with MasterCowfish.


Remember our post about applying for CERB? Our guest author is back today, Thursday April 16 from 4-5pm PST, 7-8pm EST to answer your questions about the Canadian government benefit, eligibility, what you can expect and when.

I need to start out by clarifying who I am, and who I am not. I am a Canadian citizen who remains employed throughout the COVID-19 crisis (touch wood). I am working from home. Previously I worked for the government, in a department adjacent to the one that manages the EI, but was not directly involved. I know the basic workings of the EI system, but am not privy to insider information. I have not applied for the CERB, nor do I intend to, as both my spouse and I continue to work. I am writing this guide because I am adept at maneuvering the ins and outs of bureaucracy, and have been…

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Covid-19: What We Don’t Know vs What We DO Know

People will backslide on social distancing because “hasn’t it been long enough?” but it hasn’t. Not by a long ways.


a Guest Post via Facebook by Bradley Cooper, 
Not The Movie Star One

Things we don’t know: our future with a world economy in turmoil. The eventual social and health outcomes of the Covid19 pandemic.

Things we do know: the kind of behaviour as a group that will determine best possible outcomes with regard to virus spread and impact. We know this from experts in the field who have studied similar virus attacks and historical responses and have modeled the results.

Take time in the coming days and weeks to double check your actions and maintain the utmost diligence with regard to preserving the safety of the greater population. People will begin to break and revert to old customs and actions. It’s all in our best interests to take an active role in turning these folks around.

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