IT Army of Ukraine Russian Target List for June 8

Here’s today’s list. If you’re not yet a part of the largest hacktivist action in history, it’s not too late. #SlavaUkraini!

The Cryptosphere

New day, new target list! There was none yesterday, so I got a day off from staying up till 3am..although I didn’t know it in advance, so I stayed up till 3am.

Anyhoodle, let’s get into it, shall we? Let us do even so, forsooth!

Putin Weak, Zelenskyy Strong

Announcement from the IT Army of Ukraine

We’ve added more russian government web resources to our list ( Thanks a lot to everyone who searches and shares with us future targets via chat or email!

The proxy finder ( for mhddos_proxy is running on all OS again.

Доповнюємо список цілей ( іншими державними ресурсами рф. Дякуємо всім, хто також долучається до пошуків та ділиться ресурсами через чат або електронну пошту!

Шукач проксі ( для mhddos_proxy знову працює на всіх ОС.

Target List for Today

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