In the Cards

So there I was, minding everyone else’s business on 7 different social media platforms as one does, when suddenly I saw it. And it’s a good thing I did, because I can’t even find it now, but there it was at the time, right there in front of me in black and white or, as we “in the biz” say, in 000000 and ffffff: a tweet about Julian Assange‘s tarot cards.

Now, I don’t know about you. I only know about me. Do we have to go over this again? But one thing I do know about other people, and particularly people who pride themselves on being mathematically/computorially/autodidactically inclined is, the very existence of things like tarot cards offends them on some level.

So, naturally, I forwarded the information about Julian Assange‘s tarot cards to the head of the JulianAssangeFanciersGuild. And who among us would not have done the same, I asks yez? Eh?


Some time later I got chatting with the tarot card reader (a tarot card reader who does readings via Twitter: welcome, in one perfect swoop of fellage, to the Twenty-First Century) and she offered to do a reading for me, for free. And as I’m inordinately fond of that particular F Word, I accepted, and that with what I believe is called alacrity. And while you’ll have to do without Julian’s reading, for lo I cannot find it, you can read mine, and it is VERY entertaining, particularly if you know anything about tarot.

Now, you can argue whether or not it “works,” but the one thing you cannot argue is that it is very, very, VERY, and did I mention VERY unlikely that any person’s reading will consist entirely of Major Arcana, ie facecards, over multiple readings and, indeed, multiple readers.


Somehow, it always works out this way for me. Al. Ways.

And so it was this time, mathematically impossible as it was.!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95938100647309313

To everything, turn turn turn, there is a seasoning WAIT THAT'S NOT HOW IT GOES!

To everything, turn turn turn, there is a seasoning WAIT THAT'S NOT HOW IT GOES!!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95939865031622656

There's a big yellow thing in the sky and I think it's giving off radiation WHAT DO I DO???

There's a big yellow thing in the sky and I think it's giving off radiation WHAT DO I DO???!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95940251993903104!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95942274445344768!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95942431429758976!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95945119831818241!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95945873439207424!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95946238322679808!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95946984938147842

What can I say? He made me do it!

What can I say? He made me do it!

Hang it all, Houdini!

Hang it all, Houdini!!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95947885811740672!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95948034923442177

Well, can’t disagree with THAT now, can we?!/NYC_TarotReader/status/95949146032312320

and some further remarks I got via DM:

they follow each other. Resurection 2 regeneration/gestation

I read both neg and pos as part of the read. Positive if best happens. Neg if u fuck up! Either possible according 2 ur actions. Open future….

Freedom…reads situation and best and worst outcome…depends on how u handle it,,,,

So hanged man is the persecuted or the Ego B4 tranSformation. And Death is Transmutation or Inertia/Slow Change. Either can happen..

It a Eyes Wide Open Conscious Choice.,free 2 choose….the old free will thing…it says choose w caution…here’s situation and ur CHOICES

And I choose: to take this as an easy blog post! So, I’m ahead on that whole “productivity” thing already!

Kuato sings Chocolate Rain

We’ve long been Kuatonatics around the ol’ raincoaster blog, and not just because of his cunning linguistic skills and way with teh ladeez. No indeed, he’s a true Renaissance monster, complete with musical talents beyond the pink harmonica, as you can see from this moving edition of Tay Zonday’s instant classic from a couple of years back, Chocolate Rain.

in related news, here’s Chad Vader’s cover.

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Digital Shrine at Parade of Lost Souls: Participate!

Parade of Lost Souls

(psst, can I get some coverage up in here? Links, tweets, emails, posts gratefully accepted. Spread the word and win fabulous, yet completely imaginary, prizes)

stolen from the FearlessCity website:

Fearless City LogoSaturday, Oct 25th, 2008, Grandview Park, Vancouver, BC
Time: 6.30 PM, procession at 7:00 PM

The Parade of the Lost Souls is a lively commemoration of the cycle of life and death, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest. Costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, skeletal brides, blessed witches, ghastly ghouls, and prancing pixies lead a walking procession through the neighbourhood to honour the dead, wake the living and celebrate.

The Digital Shrine at Parade of the Lost Souls is an installation where hand-made / solid shrine objects are placed, notes of remembrance can be written and posted on paper or video, and a
projection screen mixes text, pictures and video. The Digital Shrine is a way to pay tribute to friends and loved ones who have DIED or things that have PASSED.

Send your text, images, video up to 10mb to Shrine08 curator Flick Harrison: shrine08 at publicdreams dot org

OR post to YOUTUBE / FLIKR & tag with shrine08 and we’ll find it!

Deadline for youtube / flikr / email content: Oct 24th

Text / picture SMS messages: During Parade only.

text / pic to: 778-320-6673

or TWITTER #shrine08

Or come to Shrine Making Workshops:

and SEE THE DIGITAL SHRINE at Grandview Park at Parade of Lost Souls

Terms of Use: All submissions will be licensed to Public Dreams Society under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5, Canada terms.

Digital Shrine Website, including submission instruction sheet /handbill:

Public Dreams Society thanks Fearless City Mobile and DTES Community Arts Network for their help in creating the Digital Shrine.

Flick Harrison
Digital Shrine 08 Curator
shrine08 AT publicdreams DOT org

Deep Ones Caught on Camera!

Filmed at great personal somewhere off the coast of Ponape, this horrific Japanese Korean (thanks, Lori) video shows two of the unspeakable crossbreeds native to the area halfway through their mutation into Deep Ones, the alien aquatic servants of that most hideous of the Great Old Ones, the abominable soul-feaster Cthulhu.

Click Play if you dare!

(yeah, I thought we were a little light on tentacled horror lately)

What the Playing Cards tell about your future

Mine is creepy. Swell.

What Your Playing Cards Tell About Your Future

Right now you are facing some major difficulties, especially in the financial arena.

Your emotions are currently tied to a close friend or confidant. You have known this person for a long time.

Your closest friend always can cheer you up… whether it’s through flattery, funny stories, or simply just being there.

The near future will bring a new competitor or rival – in business or love. This person may seem like a friend at first.

Beware of some very bad luck coming your way. This unlucky streak will make your life difficult in the short term.

Well, that’s par for the course.

My mother, you see, always warned me against getting my fortune told; not because she thought it didn’t work, but because she thought it did and it couldn’t be the forces of light and goodness that were sneaking tips from the future into our space and time. She figured it was a very Dark thing, and from my experiences, she was right.

Mind you, she’d get her fortune told at least once a year. She got her palm read once and the woman said she’d very soon be going to a hot, sandy place and that she’d have a health scare first that would get cleared up but later would come back to haunt her. Five years previously she’d applied for a job in Saudi Arabia, and six weeks after the palm reading she got a call out of the blue: she was hired.

But first, she’d need a clean bill of health.

Which she got, except that the first time they did the chest X-ray it came back with a spot on the lung. The radiologists thought it was a flaw on the film, so they did it again, more carefully this time. It was clear, and away to Riyadh she went.

Only to return, eighteen months later, with a fatal case of lung cancer.

It just hit me: I’m actually older right now than my Mother ever got. Somehow that feels like a betrayal, although she wouldn’t see it that way and in fact I can hear her lecturing about it right this second.

But, be that as it may, she always warned me against fortune telling, because while it might work, you’d be dealing with the dark side and there’s no way to do that and ultimately come out a winner.

She was odd, for a Buddhist, my mother. She used to hang out at the Pentecostal Church because she loved the music. I think I got it from her, my tendency to shop at Buddhist shops for exotic, flashy Christmas ornaments.

But I have a couple of friends who are good with the tarot, or so I’d heard, so one day I pestered one of them into doing my cards for me. He laid out the cards with great solemnity (I should explain at this point that when I get my cards done, which I’ve only had done about four times in my life, it is always primarily, if not entirely, Greater Arcana, and I tell the card reader as s/he is laying them out that they’ll be mostly Greater Arcana and they all chuckle and say, “I don’t think so. Do you know how rare that is?” and I actually freaked one of them quite out because it was all the CGA of Particle Accelerators and the Ninety-Nine of Spades and the Grand High PoohBah of Wonderbread and many other Greatest Hits of the Greater Arcana; she paused, sat back, goggled at me for a bit, and tried to duck out of reading the cards. She, herself, did not want to know) then snapped to full height with a crack like whip, sucked in his breath right sharply, and put both hands to his mouth.

Suddenly, I was not feeling optimistic.

There was a lengthy pause.




“Um,” I said, firmly. Or maybe not. “Um, so I don’t mean to disturb you, but what do you see?”




with bonus guilty expression stealing across his difficulty-having-when-lie-telling face.

Weeeeeeeelllllllllllll,” he said, “What would be your idea of ultimate luxury?”

“I guess to wake up whenever I pleased, never have to answer to anyone, not have to be anywhere at any particular time, and read whatever I liked, all day long.”

He paused. Again. Then he said, “that’s all going to come true in the coming months.”

Then he grabbed up those cards like they were kittens he was saving from a rabid wolverine, stuffed them into the silk sack and abruptly changed the subject. I think he asked if I wanted to see what was on tv, but I could be mistaken about that. And, no matter what, he would never tell me what else it was that he saw.

And, a few days later, I noticed some bumps at the base of my throat and thought I’d be all proactive-like and go to the doctor about them. Fourteen days later I was in chemo for third stage cancer, and I took an entire year off work during which I woke up whenever I pleased, never had to answer to anyone, never had to be anywhere at any particular time, and read whatever I liked. All day long.