Digital Shrine at Parade of Lost Souls: Participate!

Parade of Lost Souls

(psst, can I get some coverage up in here? Links, tweets, emails, posts gratefully accepted. Spread the word and win fabulous, yet completely imaginary, prizes)

stolen from the FearlessCity website:

Fearless City LogoSaturday, Oct 25th, 2008, Grandview Park, Vancouver, BC
Time: 6.30 PM, procession at 7:00 PM

The Parade of the Lost Souls is a lively commemoration of the cycle of life and death, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest. Costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, skeletal brides, blessed witches, ghastly ghouls, and prancing pixies lead a walking procession through the neighbourhood to honour the dead, wake the living and celebrate.

The Digital Shrine at Parade of the Lost Souls is an installation where hand-made / solid shrine objects are placed, notes of remembrance can be written and posted on paper or video, and a
projection screen mixes text, pictures and video. The Digital Shrine is a way to pay tribute to friends and loved ones who have DIED or things that have PASSED.

Send your text, images, video up to 10mb to Shrine08 curator Flick Harrison: shrine08 at publicdreams dot org

OR post to YOUTUBE / FLIKR & tag with shrine08 and we’ll find it!

Deadline for youtube / flikr / email content: Oct 24th

Text / picture SMS messages: During Parade only.

text / pic to: 778-320-6673

or TWITTER #shrine08

Or come to Shrine Making Workshops:

and SEE THE DIGITAL SHRINE at Grandview Park at Parade of Lost Souls

Terms of Use: All submissions will be licensed to Public Dreams Society under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5, Canada terms.

Digital Shrine Website, including submission instruction sheet /handbill:

Public Dreams Society thanks Fearless City Mobile and DTES Community Arts Network for their help in creating the Digital Shrine.

Flick Harrison
Digital Shrine 08 Curator
shrine08 AT publicdreams DOT org

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