I bought some of the most interesting tea from Ten Ren the other day: lychee ball jasmine tea. I didn’t even know lychees had balls, let alone such big ones! And it’s beautifully Cthulhoid once it’s been steeped. The damn tentacles even writhe as if in pain! It’s like watching Jacques Cousteau’s Adventures in R’lyeh right there in your teapot.

Cthulhu tea


8 thoughts on “Thirsty?

  1. No, seriously, these things WRITHE when you put water on them. They twitch, they claw, they spasm in what is known as “the agony of the leaves.” I never knew tea could be so eldritch!

  2. Oh maybe a couple to try. But you just reminded me of some other tea I like … I’ll email you about it. Though I’m not sure if zoomer will have time to meet up with you before he leaves tomorrow – and [understatement alert] you’re sounding more than somewhat busy at the moment.

    Coincidentally, the last time I had jasmine tea was in a café across the street from the large tentacled one in Málaga.

  3. Well, email me your addy and I’ll mail you some. It’s dried so it should go through okay.

    And yeah, actually it’s a relief not to have to squeeze something else in this week!

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