Deep Ones Caught on Camera!

Filmed at great personal somewhere off the coast of Ponape, this horrific Japanese Korean (thanks, Lori) video shows two of the unspeakable crossbreeds native to the area halfway through their mutation into Deep Ones, the alien aquatic servants of that most hideous of the Great Old Ones, the abominable soul-feaster Cthulhu.

Click Play if you dare!

(yeah, I thought we were a little light on tentacled horror lately)


16 thoughts on “Deep Ones Caught on Camera!

  1. Of COURSE they’re adorable! But yours are farther away, therefore less scary; these ones are right on the surface, obviously amphibious, and COMING FOR YOU IN THE DARKNESS!!!

  2. Uh…hate to break in on this Cthulhu-love-fest, but that’s technically a Korean video.

    It’s actually scarier that those are pond carp, 50 and 80 cm long, respectively. What the heck are they feeding these things?!?

  3. In Philippine folklore they have their own version of the Deep Ones called Ukoy (not the shrimp dish) or Shukoy. Usually portrayed as Gill-Men or sometimes as an Octopoid creature. Ironically in Shadow over Innsmouth, the Deep Ones were brought over from the South Pacific.

  4. “Too late, too late”
    the Saddest Cry

    as that distinguished Rider (errr.. wRiter) Monsieur Metro roars past a Cream Cake shop at 70mph on his much-loved Moped

  5. Ooh, I shall have to look up Filipino mythology in future. I’m only halfway through a compendium of Indonesian folklore, and talk about creepy stuff!

    Monsieur Metro has never been known to pass up a Cream Pie.

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