Innsmouth Family Photos

Innsmouth family snaps

Innsmouth family snaps

Awww, you can see the resemblance. But is Uncle Bob diddling himself with a tentacle? I’m a-skeert to look closer.

16 thoughts on “Innsmouth Family Photos

  1. Her Grace La Marchionesse Kiera de WitchHampton de la Zouche

    Your Grace

    While I flatter myself that your Grace & I agree on so many things

    eg on Mrs Palin’s Constitooonal right to upset Alaskan Sea OOOtters au sujet de das Oil-Drillingerei am Alaska or to hover above the heights attained by most of these Homo pSeudo Sapiens, while shootting at Pola Bears & Vild Volves

    but Surely your Grace cannot expect us to believe that your Grace has attained an age so passed as to have an Uncle who is so old

    Je have le Honneur de rester le Servant obedient de la vestre Grace

    L’Aigle Gris

  2. Your Grace

    [sotto voce]

    I would be greatly obliged for your Grace’s advice for how best to reply to the erudite Mr Strutts’ latest improving thought to our learned Deliberations

    How does one tell him gently (and without competing for the Metro-Award for Diplomacy & Tact) that None of us here read RUSSIAN

    Alas, this Eagle does not have the advantages accruing from having snails in his ears or butterfly cities of the games

    Another time perhaps

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