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#Dramasec and Dramamine

only fake anons dox real anons, Ed Eddinni Draughn

only fake anons dox real anons, Ed Eddinni Draughn

Are you still here? huh.

Me too, so let’s get to it. Here’s what happens on FB when I ban Ed “Eddinni” Draughn, a mentally ill, dox-obsessed, unemployable would-be magician from a small group on Facebook…for doxing. He promised to show this thread to his therapist, but somehow I think he’s lying. So why don’t you?

The short form: he faildoxed me, then impersonated several of my friends, attempting to scare me off, then banned my friends when they showed up to laugh at him, then obligingly listed for me all kinds of different Facebook pages he and his imaginary friends have created, apparently either to dox people who have annoyed him or to impersonate yet other famous, accomplished people. Yep, that’s how you manage a soopor-sikrit cabal on Facebook, Ed.

Then he tries to teach people about OPSEC.

Ms. Murphy gets mention as though she is not a Fed being in her position she definitely knows Feds, but has not come clean as to who they are within our collective. She also knows of one of the biggest Feds and (or) informants that is deeply rooted in our collective a person named #s1egewho she no doubt knows of his real identity, as any journalist within Anon worth their salt knows exactly who s1ege is. Her hiding this information, makes her a great liability to our idea.

Dox on Lorraine Murphy from Cryptosphere and Anonymous Reason This highly known Anonymous member… –
Lorraine Murphy Ed i told you a thousand times I neither know nor care who s1ege or his band of feddies are. They don’t interest me. I don’t know why you fanboy so hard on all the feds: the jester, s1ege, and the rest, but nobody really falls for those pages where you pretend to be them.
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Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards He doesn’t run these pages. We know for a fact you are friends with Maurizio (s1ege). So you are admitting they are feds and you are friends with them. We are good friends with you. We are glad you switched from the Dilaudid to the Tylenol. Please get well.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy I will so I can kick your ass, moron.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Lorraine Murphy The administrators of this page are far from joking. Keep not taking us seriously and under estimating us it just fuels our rage even more. s1ege knows we aren’t joking he needs to reveal himself immediately as obviously some knows who he is. We keep saying the fallout will be way worse and it will be on HIM. He likes to troll and make jokes not taking shit seriously. If s1ege comes to us admits who he is, then the shit storm will be over. We need proof of some kind too. We feel it’s a few people. The worse thing anyone can do is ignore this !!!!!
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Lorraine Murphy so? You want to kick our ass huh? You are pissed you got caught in a Lie saying they are Feds and you couldn’t care less when for a fact we know you are Friends with Maurizio Domenico. Before telling stories know we are everywhere. You tell him whoever is voicing s1ege to just say “Look okay I’m s1ege / we’re s1ege it started out ….” Etc. We are true Anon, and Anon doesn’t keep shit from other United Anons. You know lots of people are sick of hearing about s1ege, phaglord Ed, that Chris W. dude. You ask him if it’s really worth lots of people going down. It’s not us but him, j35t3r too. th3j35t3r we know for a fact is fed, guess what ask if we care. We heard he was successfully doxed anyway. Look on a solemn promise here in typing if s1ege does not reveal his true identity, then this will seem like kiddy shit, you got that?!
Ed The Fed The Voice
Ed The Fed The Voice Lorraine Murphy OMG get over yourselves people FFS. Also whoever runs this page get my damn dox off it, and everyone elses. Lorraine Murphy this here is ME. You know my page is you ever need anything to say. I don’t run this page here.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy OH god are you still here? You seem upset by something.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Lorraine Murphy “Lori” you know who this is? You know me quite well actually. I’m one of the most vocal voices of Anonymous I run the subreddit actually. We are good friends you and I. It’s Gregg, Gregg Housh. I thought it was time to start holding our idea up to higher standards. You know how I feel about the truth. So before you go running your mouth which we both know you have make sure you know who runs a page ;)
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy oh my god Gregg Housh is going to pee himself laughing. Gregg, get a load of this famefag.
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Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Well I’m not laughing lulz. You know how I’ve always felt about s1ege that he is a huge distraction that needs to be dealt with.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy And you are perhaps the least capable person of dealing with him on the face of the planet. if you weren’t obsessed with people more famous than you, you wouldn’t be so distracted by them. you’re kind of creepy in a mark david chapman way.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy not that i think you’re even as capable as him.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Lori we have talked about you not thinking before you speak. There are a few people you know that run this page that you would be very surprised. That is why we know quite a bit and can dig up what we can and even more. Call me.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy just another loser who can’t get women to give him a call. so he pretends to be people who’ve actually done something. imagine if you took all the time you spend doxing and making pages and spamming and used it to do something that wasn’t sad and pathetic and ultimately embarrassing.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Shall I get Jake to start talking you know he is not afraid to give you the very blunt truth which you seem to need to hear.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy just imagine all those hours you’d have to do something useful…if only you knew how to.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Davis and you have clashed before he’ll give you a piece of his mind.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy are you sure any of your enablers have any to spare?
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy it’s been… but it’s time for me to go watch a movie. have fun with the voices in your head and all your imaginary friends.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Lori it’s Davis cut your shit now or I’ll light up your phone !
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy ha who the hell is davis. nice of you to ban the real gregg. smooth move, noob.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy phone is just, like, sitting there. being quiet
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy tick tock, eddie.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy OH, oh, you are trying to impersonate Jake Davisnow? aw, Ed, you really are cray-cray. do you know what his lawyer would happily do to you for making the insinuation that he has nothing better to do than phone hacking people on facebook who’ve pissed off an unemployable would-be hypnotist? it would be comedic if it weren’t so sad. which of my other friends are you going to impersonate and then ban next? might not be wise to annoy all these OG Anons. Just sayin’.
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Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable I agree…
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable I am VERY annoyed by what I’m seeing right now.
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards We were kidding none of those people run this page neither does Ed as we’ve doxed him too. You have zero clue who to tuns this page, and for you that is good. We could be a number of different well let’s just say corporations. Lorraine Murphy the people that run this page has everything we need at our fingertips and we’ll just leave it at that. You obviously have zero intelligence, intelligence being a key word here. ;)
Anonymous Setting Standards
Anonymous Setting Standards Glen Barnstable Jake how are you? Still keeping up your probation?
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy That’s not Jake you tard. Jesus Christ, don’t you even know what t0piary sounds like? How many of my friends are you going to try to impersonate and then pick fights with? As I said before, it would be funny if it wasn’t so small and sad. Get therapy, Ed.
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Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable LMFAO!!!!
Glen Barnstable

Glen Barnstable I’m not anyone you know…. I guarantee it.

I would love it if you would pick a fight with me. In fact, it would make my day. Show us your best mother fucker… You’re gonna need it.

I’m sick and tired of people like you… “Doxing” all sorts of people, which aren’t even real fucking doxes. You don’t even know what the fuck that even is…

You’re a joke and a fraud. You’re NOT anonymous and dont you dare even try to call yourself an Anon.

I hope you’re ready for a shit storm.

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Glen Barnstable

Glen Barnstable Oh and by you even hinting at you being involved in some corporation, clearly in opposition to Anonymous and involved in the slandering of my fellow Anon brothers and sisters, I have now taken this matter personally.

So gather all your little fucking tools you got and start using them because you’re about to feel the wrath of a mother fuckin Titan bitch.

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Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy today he’s impersonating the jester again.
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Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy Glen Barnstable an anonenema? he could use it. clearly there are no laxatives available where he lives.
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Ed The Fed The Voice

Ed The Fed The Voice Ms. Lorraine Murphy kindly keep your name from your mouth please. I am a true Anon, even as “Nick Cooper” in which we were friends I commented on your post shared some even, posted in your group, I am very much a activist as much as I can be being behiSee More

The Wikileaks Documentary — Full Version – YouTube
Cults, and How They Are Created
Cults, and How They Are Created Here is another one.
Anonymous For The Victims Sector
Anonymous For The Victims Sector Another Lorraine Murphy are you getting it yet? Ed
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy So, what meds are you actually taking now?
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy any of your personalities can answer, it’s fine.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy I know how you love maltego, and i’d thank you for all the pages to put in it except we had those and more quite some time ago. tick tock. tick. tock.
Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn I’m on meds for Anxiety, Mood, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sciatica, Colitis … Etc if you must know about 22 pills a day.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy they’re not working very well, are they, hon?
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Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn What do you mean? My meds work fine I’ve always been Med Compliant, just not good with Therapy. I see a Therapist early next month the first time in 7 years. They’ve wanted to do E.C.T. … etc. Since 15 I’ve been on about 30 different medications they work for a while then stop. They’ve ran out of meds to try. It’s therapy they think is key for me. See I’m open if you just ask.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy good. show your therapist this thread.
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Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn Why is that? I have commented with the pages I run. This exact page I have no idea who runs. See the thing with you personally and a few others is you upset me and that is never a good thing to upset me plain and simple, no matter who you are. I personally know a ex fed who will remain nameless except to say he found my private unlisted number and called me. He knew stuff about me that S.E, can’t dig up. He has lots of friends who are P.I.’s though he himself is not. He is ex alphabet and ex military. He told me I could change my number make it private all I want but he could find out always. He told me I had X amount of time to take back some stuff I had written as I’ve been trolled and lied to so many times I thought he was lying. He sent me a official email actually encouraging me to get a Lawyer or my Police to read. I was like Holy Shit. We are fine now.
Anonymous Justice Sector
Anonymous Justice Sector Here is another page I run which is to share knowledge more or less.
Anonymous Justice Sector

Anonymous Justice Sector

OSInt, Cyberstalking, Footprinting and…
Anonymous Justice Sector

Anonymous Justice Sector This is a very good talk stuff I didn’t even know. If you use Bing Maps, you can see where people are tweeting from. If you look at picfog using hashtags you see all sorts of tweeted images, like the former openbook for facebook. This fool tweeted a piSee More

Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy yeah, we know that one too
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy Ed Eddini Draughn you threatening me, ed?
Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn No those are on that page have been lol.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy Anonymous Justice Sector youre REALLY not in a position to teach any of those skills, Ed.
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy ah, i see the kettle has boiled. off to have some tea and talk to some of my friends. you’ll probably try to impersonate them again tomorrow. ask your therapist why impersonating famous anons and hackers is a bad idea.
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Ed Eddini Draughn

Ed Eddini Draughn I don’t make threats lol. Those are just good videos. Of course this tool is my favorite, in combo with Maltego. Michael Brazzel who made this was / is a cop and has worked for the Feds. He’s great on Internet security.

Ed The Fed The Voice
Ed The Fed The Voice I don’t teach those are only some of the videos that I like, and I like sharing them. I don’t impersonate anyone, I’m me plain and simple. :)
Ed The Fed The Voice
Ed The Fed The Voice Lorraine Murphy 😂 I’m me but months ago before everything went down with Anon I used this Analogy quite a bit and many Anons agreed again BEFORE some of the shit went down which I was at fault and Anon too. I’m still Anon, but a bit Rogue. As far as the activism I said I was / am not a hacker at all, but using the real Lulzsec I always said I was more a “Topiary” than a “Kayla” though true Davis can hack. I’m more a voice in other words.
Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn I was friends with #s1ege, Maurizio we had like 60+ friends in common. My issue with him, is that he is a Coward that hides behind the “s1ege” name not saying his real first name, NO last name but the other “known” profile he goes under. Anons don’t do that to each other. I have been trolled so many times with people saying they are s1ege or so and so is s1ege yes it gets draining. On another profile I had guessed it was James St. Patrick or Raymond Johanson I had wrote both. It is a lie that #NWH was behind the big d.d.o.s. attack. It only seemed like s1ege with Anon Itel was spreading that around. I put two and two together. Anyway only Raymond had written me back and I told him I wrote James. Then Raymond said HE was Anon Intel so those two are same person in other words. He may not be s1ege actually he doesn’t care. I do know from Xavier Luloff that Mark Lubbers and Harvey Harris now Maj Houl has butted heads with s1ege. I know a few things from a chat I intercepted, is that s1ege is oldfag, part of black bloc, infatada, has been around since at least 05, has a ego, and makes waves, from tech republic interview can hack to a extent as he has told websites what their vulnerabilities are, and writes. Ash Fawkes apparently knows him personally I guess so the clues are there.
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable You’re more of a douche… Actually no, you dont deserve that glory… You’re the shit the douche cleans.
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Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn How? I’m busy running my pages trying to make a small difference.
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable lol And by the way, YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT SHIT…
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable Right… Sure you are pal… More like trying to be a fuckin leaderfag and spread your assholiness across the internet like a disease.
Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn Hey Glen I can talk bud without a mask. You? I have never hid my feelings about s1ege. Actually I use to like the jester too even spoke highly of him, defended him as most Anons don’t like J. I then go on twitter to see he blocked me from following him which I have no clue as to why. So him and s1ege unfortunately are on my shit list. That is never a good place to be either. I’m a good person just don’t get on my bad side as when I come back I come back hard. Like with Love when I love it deep and full, same thing with my anger.
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable Bitch please… Im not afraid of you. Dont threaten me fool.
Glen Barnstable
Glen Barnstable I dont hide behind a mask by the way… The fact that you havnt figured that out yet is why Im not afraid of your sorry ass in any way.
Lorraine Murphy
Eileen Townsend
Eileen Townsend love your earrings
Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy thanks, i still have them somewhere
Ed The Fed The Voice

Ed The Fed The Voice If you only see my profile and my public post Glen.

This is very interesting, and like most one I have watched. This does go into computers too. It’s talks about “Evil Maid Attacks”, where a maid does MORE than clean your room when you are out. I’m sSee More

Ed The Fed The Voice

Ed The Fed The Voice This is a very good talk. It throws out some of the myths too. Like just because a person has their arms crossed or is twitching doesn’t necessarily mean deception. Myself I have my arms crossed a lot as it’s comfortable. I squirm a lot as well. You leSee More

Ed The Fed The Voice
Ed The Fed The Voice I got nothing to prove Glen as I always say those who count know me. I hope you get better Bud :)
Ed Eddini Draughn
Ed Eddini Draughn Here is that interview of the Guy that created that inteltechnique website with that tool I did a tutorial on which is in the pinned post. The guy knows his stuff having helped Federal Agencies and being a former Law Enforcement as well.

Ed Eddini Draughn

Ed Eddini Draughn As one who goes after Pedophiles this link has much invaluable information. Please #share this.…/pedophile-symbols-and…/

Glen Barnstable

Glen Barnstable No DOX for me???

Aww…. I feel left out.

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Lorraine Murphy
Lorraine Murphy like i said, the meds are not working.
Lorraine Murphy

Oh Sweet Jeebus There’s Another



  1. Please stop rejecting my passwords. I don’t care if you don’t think my password is not secure. I am OLD, & it is more important that I can remember it. Trust me, it’s fine. STOP BULLYING THE ELDERLY!

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you kidding me? What’s with this ageism nonsense? We can learn new things right up until the day we passover. I’m not buying into that because there is no evidence that the vast and overwhelming number of seniors are not mentally competent and have memory issues. In fact the numbers of seniors who have memory issues are low.


    Only passive aggressive manipulators pose as victims under the guise of being bullied and make demands for special treatment based on ageism.

    In fact the password setting requirements are the same for all of us bloggers regardless of age and infirmity. Note my gray hair and know I’m also a senior. My advice is either get with the program as I have done or find anther hobby.

  3. If you have lost your log-in information you can visit

    The weakest point in any security for your online accounts is usually your password. Traditional Passwords Are No Longer Safe. For Selecting a Strong Password see here

  4. What a jerk you are timethief! Go get some meds for your personality disorder. Shut up; your replies are mean & useless.

    I have been using the same password on WordPress for 3 years. I want to keep using it. Suddenly WordPress rejects it because , ” I have used it before”. WordPress is constantly telling me I am not signed into my account when I am signed in.

    Apparently, there is no way to give feedback to WordPress, except via trolls like timethief in this forum? Bad idea.

  5. I have been using the same password on WordPress for 3 years. I want to keep using it. Suddenly WordPress rejects it because , ” I have used it before”. WordPress is constantly telling me I am not signed into my account when I am signed in.

    Oh so now that your posing as a victim routine replete with using ageism as a manipulative tool to get special treatment got you nowhere, you prove you can communicate like everyone else. You could try emailing

  6. Nobody is bullying you because you are elderly. If you are being bullied, it’s probably because you are an unintelligent drama queen.


    See, when you whine and plead privilege, this is what you get. Spam. Great work there.

  8. Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you think was bullying you. The only reason why we ask for a secure password is to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your account. When such happens, there’s a chance that your personal data and blogs may be stolen, and even bigger problems may occur as a result. I think that this little sacrifice on your part would prove beneficial in the long run. Thanks for your understanding.

  9. druesome, I know you’re a much, much nicer person than me. I’d just like to say that I hope WP is treating you right. To get me to respond politely to this rant…I don’t think the budget exists.


The Butthurt is Strong With This One

I guess Mercury is in retrograde or something, because the forum is just full of these assholes lately.

How to report a site help please??

  1. Cant report anything that is illegal…???

    How can i report a site …that contains harassing and inciting violence and hate crimes ???

    Your report feature stalls at validating ???? Immediate action required

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And what is the URL of the site? Have you tried reporting it to

  3. Do you not read what ive just typed above ???

  4. May i ask that site mods that can help contact me and not people who just have a interest in being nosiey thanks

  5. You’re welcome, asshole. Good luck with that.

  6. What a idot another one to report for abuse

  7. Just reported you for abuse comments well done maybe you will learn to think before you speak

  8. I’m afraid you don’t understand. It is within my power to call staff to look at this thread and solve your problem. Or not. Guess which one I am choosing?

    PLEASE do report me. If this is your standard of “abuse” you must spend a great deal of your life in psychic pain. Please fill out the following form and return it so that it may be processed ASAP.


Flame War o’ the Day: Forum Freshman Follies

Ah, kids today! Who knows what crazy japes they get up to, eh?

Well, this for starters:


  1. I use an e-mail address SPECIFICALLY and ONLY for wordpress and it is now receiving spam. If you can’t keep my email off of a spam lists, how can I trust you with other sensitive information!!!!!!!!??? I am now receiving spam from all these weird Canadian medications and viagara.

    Additionally, now I just got a domain renewal from a SPAM site to renew my domain!!! ([email redacted] says that if I don’t send them lots of money my domain is going to expire. HA!) This is ridiculous.

    You guys are a total joke and I plan to take my business elsewhere.

  2. Actually this is your doing.

    You have a custom domain. As you know, there is an upgrade called “privacy” which is available at an extra cost. You did not purchase this. Therefore, all the data you put in to register the domain, eg actual physical address, phone number, and email, IS PUBLIC.

    That is where the spammer got your email, and how they knew you had a custom domain.

  3. If you look it up here, you can see EVERYTHING

    I will refrain from doxing you in the forum, but your email is WordPress at your last name dot com and the last two digits of your phone number are 29.

  4. Well that is one thing. But my PRIVATE e-mail address? They make my private e-mail public? That is a joke if it’s the case. Most websites make the person’s Name, address public. They never mentioned e-mail address. If so I was totally misinformed, again shame on them.

  5. ALL domain registrations require that information, and they make it public unless you pay extra. It’s US law, I believe.

  6. yeah. I freaking got it. Can you take it off???

    I have another domain registered via google sites and it’s not public all that information and it’s FREE. delete your previous post while I figure the hell out how to damage control this. I want my site deleted ASAP.

  7. I can’t delete my post any more than you can delete yours.

  8. It’s US law, I believe.

    Not only in the US. I think throughout Europe also.

  9. You can delete your site, but that won’t get your information back from the spammers; it will remain public until the domain expires.

  10. Hey Raincoaster delete your direct link to my information. Are you really that mean?!!!

    Well it doesn’t work like that with google sites. I’m not giving you people my other domain name, but whois doesn’t show any of that information.

  11. I cannot delete my post any more than you can.

  12. why. why the hell would you think of doing that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I hate exclamation marks.

  14. BTW your domain at blogspot is not a custom domain, so you didn’t have to put in that information. If you had registered a custom domain for your blogspot blog, you would have put in that information and yes, it would be public.

    If you had stuck with here, you wouldn’t have had to put in that information and the information would not have become public.

  15. What a coincidence, I hate motorcycles and old men who ride them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hating on a charity ride to raise money to fight cancer? I should have put your dox here.

    Were you really a freshman in 2004? Because you sound like one now.

  17. Oh goodness me, what a surprise!

    Poor Andy, I really do have to get that changed.


Seriously, Andy, I PROMISE to get that changed. Right after I’ve wrung every ounce of amusement out of this thread.

Backstory: I was the first person to have a custom domain on The staff wanted it to be a surprise, so Andy registered it in his own name. Since that time, he’s gotten crazy flaming hatred from a number of people I’ve crossed online, probably including but not limited to the esteemed Sue Basko, Esq, and now including this twerp. Seriously, I very obviously don’t dox her and she goes apeshit. I should, but her mommy probably took her phone away by now anyway, so what’s the point?

By the way, her (custom domain-free) Google Site is if I’m not mistaken. And it looks like I’m not.

Yorkies: like Chihuahuas, with a side of provincial arrogance

Hello, may the men in white coats help you? Perhaps with the "Bunny Jacket"?

Hello, welcome to How may the men in white coats help you? Perhaps with the “Bunny Jacket”?

From time to time, as regular readers of the ol’ raincoaster blog may be aware, we volunteer in the technical support forums. One uses the Royal “We” here, you understand. One understands. Hopefully, given the stats on this blog, at least several of you understand.

And in the depths of the technical support forums, we occasionally encounter a type which requires technical support more than most; it requires, in fact, medical intervention. As long as they remain polite, they get help. Once they lower the bar, however, they become my lawful prey and learn just what real, true, bar-lowering looks like up close and/or personal.


  1. mildredpilchard
    Feb 7, 2014, 3:31 PM

    Please noteth that unless by the fourteenth of February of the year twenty fourteen does not remove the personal information of and not exclusive to names, addresses, dates of birth, names of children, names of spouses on the blog known as kevgreen1950 or ‘the man behind the mask’ then you will leave no choice under the courts of human rights than to remove such information.
    Save as for any credible information contained upon said site, every other defamatory or illegal insert should be deleted, namely names, addresses, ages, occupations, spousal details and any other offending inserts or postings relating to minors especially. Failure to do so could in Immediate terms be classed as supplying information as to provocate or at least attract paedophile attention due to the content of minors involved – this would be seen as a ‘pimping’ or offering a minor/s for targeting.
    I am sure you would not wish to be associated with such activities and I am confident of a successful conclusion.
    I can grant you audience at [email redacted]
    Kate Jones

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These matters are not discussed on public support forums available to everyone with internet access as this one is.

    See here

    Then use this form

    I’d like to add that you first must determine whether or not the site is a free hosted WordPress>COM blog or not. Many people assume WordPress.ORG installs are hosted by WordPress.COM when they aren’t.

    2) Determine whether or not the blog is hosted at
    If you see a link that reads “Blog at” in the footer of the blog (linked to, this normally means that it is hosted here (although external blogs may place this in the footer, if they choose to). Also, if you are logged into, you will see your gray-colored admin bar at the top of your screen.

  3. mildredpilchard
    Feb 7, 2014, 3:56 PM

    I am not here to look into the ins and outs of any wordpress blogs, indeed that is for wordpress to investigate as the onus as any future Defendant will be upon them. I have given the specifics, I can only suggest wordpress looks into this matter as a course of urgency since this is a site in question as per information previously supplied.
    I now think you are trying to deflect responsibility which does not good to say the least!

    I have a screenshot of your response thus far.

  4. No one will investigate a complaint that has yet to be made and therefore does not exist. Hopefully, you are clear on that.
    See also:

  5. mildredpilchard
    Feb 7, 2014, 3:59 PM

    Oh and Court Orders are not allowed to be emailed, they need to be sent to a bona fide address – allowing one exists of course.

    I suggest to WordPress that they seek to rectify this matter forthwith to reach an amicable conclusion. I am not so naaive as to think that absolutely nobody in the employ of WordPress does not read this forum (whatnots).

    End of communication. Over and out.

  6. Click the link and locate the court order address please. If I post it here the software will redact it.

    Court orders: Official, signed court orders can be emailed to

  7. mildredpilchard
    Feb 7, 2014, 4:09 PM

  8. mildredpilchard
    Feb 7, 2014, 4:12 PM

    Only your report button seems to spew this out relentlessly!

    Is it some ‘spook site of imitation’? I reckon not.

    Anyhow at ten past midnight I am not in the frame of mind to be entering into a to-and-fro.

    My position is clear is it not? No deviation, no quarter.

    I am truly out of here.

  9. “Please noteth?” Sounds legit.

  10. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 6:25 AM

    Oh I do apologise raincoaster for my grammar, I had originally written something else with the word ‘forthwith’ in it, the two words became strung together.

    OK for everyone’s benefit it should read Please note – is that better now?

    Anyway the message remains the same, the information on the blog I have linked to contains the personal information of other people, obviously you find it acceptable for people to do this especially when the details of house addresses are posted up where minors (children to you) reside.
    These people are now having to move home and it is perfectly obvious that wordpress supports the actions of those posting up this information. It needs removing immediately.
    The Police have of course been informed, maybe wordpress could check it out with North Wales Police to see if it is really ‘legit’ as you say.
    What does wordpress intend doing exactly? You have now received a complaint wordpress, so it needs acting upon does it not?

  11. Please use the links that @timethief gave you above and file a report using that process. yes the process is formal, but that is to protect everyone that has a blog here from someone just showing up in the forum with a rant demanding that a blog be taken down.

    The process does work. Endangering someone’s safety is against the Terms of Service. You need to make a very solid case on why a blog should be removed, that case can not be make by making the demands as you have done here and expecting us to do research half way around the world.

    Until you file the formal complaint with solid evidence in the submittable nothing will happen and eventually we will get tired of trying to get you to do the correct actions. Threatening legal action will do nothing either. Quite common for people to threaten legal action because they failed to read the Terms of Service. Also at some point this thread will be closed by the staff.

    If you have a valid complaint, the Terms of Service group will deal with it, continuing to post here will get you nothing. Sorry but that is just the facts of life and the law.

  12. If you refuse to follow instructions and pull legalese out your ass you will not be successful at achieving the objective. TT gave you the link which leads to success. Use it, don’t bullshit and try to pretend to be a lawyer, and staff will look into the case. Otherwise they will not.

  13. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 2:51 PM

    OK everyone – whoever you are????

    anyway absolutely nobody has confirmed that the link I gave you belongs to this site.

    Do they or not????

    This is the first point of action since some entity called timethief interacted and formed contract with me.

    Tell ya wot (is that USA enuf 4yaz?) Why don’t you contact the blog instigator and ask them to take the details off the net?

    Don’t try to threaten me because you are a faceless nothing entity – tell ya wot ya’ll I’ll go to alternative social media in the UK to warn not to subscribe to your site – howz that grabya?

    We can carry this on in the USA if you prefer since me brother and a credible relative of the children living in the UK is concerned?

    All you people want to do is be obstructive – I wonder why that might be???

    Answer the credible questions of why it is acceptable to publish the details of people under witness protection, or give me an address to complain to. San Fran Cisco PD??

    Ban me if ya like ta, it will be outed in the UK to avoid you if you like…

    Roll your dice – take your choice – formality ‘don’t’ work obviously because ‘wordpress’ is full of seemingly antagonistic factions.

    The question to ask is why ‘wordpress’ don’t answer under their own steam, why do they need to hide behind ‘people’ probably dragged in from the net??

    oh and as for some people jumping onto ma grammar – I am wot’s known as a dyslexic – yes that’s right – just like ‘The Fonze’ strangeness eh?? So you like to discriminate against people with a mental stigmatism – go figure..

    I am not enjoying having to translate my postings into American – I am convinced you understand English of which ‘noteth’ is actually a word

    believe it or not!

  14. @mildredpilchard
    I’m not sure what part of this you fail to comprehend and this is the last time I will post here because
    (1) I provided the correct information above, and
    (2) this thread has turned into a gong show.

    To determine whether or not the blog is hosted at you can look for a link that reads “Blog at” in the footer of the blog (linked to, this normally means that it is hosted here (although external blogs may place this in the footer, if they choose to). Also, if you are logged into, you will see your gray-colored admin bar at the top of your screen.

    If and when you complete the form I provided the link to above your issue will move forward. If you fail to do that the complaint does not exist.

    Click the link and locate the court order address please. Court orders: Official, signed court orders can be emailed to

  15. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:00 PM

    Oh and was that IT?? why not say as such??

    Much to hide eh? eyh for you Yanks.

    In fact why not be up front and state that you are in the US?

    There is more than one way to skin a cat isn’t there? – so the saying goes in the UK.

  16. Okay!!! You sound hysterical!!! And unable to follow instructions!!!

    I, personally, as an investigative reporter who is also a consultant, will be happy to undertake the investigation you request, but my fee is $2500 payable in advance.

    Otherwise, use the fucking link you were provided to contact staff instead of giving us laughing material here in the forums, where all of your interactions are public, connected to your username and the allegations and blog you are complaining about, and archived by Google.

  17. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:03 PM

    err look at the link I sent you ta- is it wordpress or not? you seem to be unable to answer my question – why??

    gong? what does that mean please? Is that an Amerivcan term because English people don’t have a clue what you mean!

    Speak English please – not rocket science is it?

  18. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:04 PM

    err look at the link I sent you ta- is it wordpress or not? you seem to be unable to answer my question – why??

    gong? what does that mean please? Is that an Amerivcan term because English people don’t have a clue what you mean!

    Speak English please – not rocket science is it?

  19. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:05 PM

    Nope just answer, is the link I sent ya one of yours or not

    Is that a MENSA question to you?

  20. Sure. Like I sayeth unto thee, crosseth mine palm with argent and yea verily I shall render unto you the answereths to thine questionones.

  21. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:09 PM

    Oh and by the way I do not give a Thrupenny bit about who or what you claim to be.

    Do you exist in the UK – no you are unremarkable! If you can ‘blag’ that amount from your ‘clients’ then jolly good for you, otherwise I expect you are nothing

  22. Have you filed the complaint form yet?

  23. I expect if you don’t know who I am you don’t have Google where you come from.

  24. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:15 PM

    Well until thou cometh from The Riding Knowneth as Yorkshire – please do not try to insult me by your faux what? English are you trying to spout at me?

    Anyway, you confirm my prior thoughts, this wordpress stuff is an internet sham whereby no-one will answer a credible question like does the link I previously sent belong or come under wordpress – why the heck will nobody answer this?

    If you need me to resend the link then you only have to request and I shall oblige – it is not a difficult question so why all the deflection one wonders?

  25. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:20 PM

    Oh here we go ‘Don’t you know wqho I am?’ = fascetiosness and particularly ugly in the UK

    Do you know with whom you address? blah-blah words already!

    I do not care one jot who you are only what will you do about

    It seems to me that you would very much argue the toss than be integral and act upon what I present to you.

    Why don’t you answer my question – ego or no ego?

  26. If you still haven’t filed the form it will appear that you aren’t distressed about the actual issue you created this thread for. You will leave us convinced that you were merely seeking a soapbox to broadcast from.

  27. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:23 PM

    Declined to answer then because you can’t! Say no more because silence speaks volumes

  28. mildredpilchard
    Feb 8, 2014, 3:25 PM

    Err nope timethief, you have neither confirmed nor denied that the link I sent you belongs to wordpress ie YOU


    Does it or not?

  29. I don’t give a toss what you think and no one else will either until you follow the instructions and complete the form. Until your act on that there is no complaint.

    I know for a fact they teach reading comprehension skills in the UK at the public school level. As I see no indication of higher learning in your responses and as the complaint form is a simple document that any school kid could master, I’m sure you can manage to complete it any time you want to.

    1. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:29 PM

      Is this a wordpress blog or not??? what is difficult about that question to answer and I will re-phrase it to make it as simple as possible

      HERE YOU ARE –

      DOES IT SAY wordpress at the end or not? Am I blind now too because I can get my dog to read it to me if it doesn’t

    2. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:31 PM

      Flipping useless waste of time if you ask me – a tip for ya, don’t bite the hand that feeds ya cos some of you are suffering the recession more than others

      Oh, don’t you know who I am?

    3. If and when you complete the form I provided the link to above more than once now your issue will move forward. If you fail to do that the complaint does not exist.

      Click the link and locate the court order address please. Court orders: Official, signed court orders can be emailed to

    4. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:37 PM

      Oh did I not already say the form spewed this out = there is a fault with your reporting system. Bah

      Still not a single reply to my ONE question – not too taxing for you I hope?

      OK here goes in baby language – does a blog ending in wordpress belong to you?

      Yes or no will be the answer

      Give mummy a yes or a nod, or give mummy a no a shake of the head, there’s a good baby, mummy loves you – here’s a biscuit for being a good baby

    5. Thanks so much for convincing me that you do not have a serious issue that merits the completion of a complaint form. This thread is tagged for closure.

    6. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:42 PM

      OK I have yet again=yawn tried to submit this it goes from submit to immediately validating and it quite obviously is not getting through to wordpress – a fault?

      Not my fault because I have tried submitting lots and lots – next excuse?

    7. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:43 PM


    8. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:46 PM

      Oh carry on and close this down , I notice the other participant soon elected to leave lol.

      Much to hide? = yes

      Protectors = yes

      Draw attention to your wordpress = yes

      Over to you

      Auf Viederhoeren

    9. Oh, Yorkshire. That explains it.

    10. I can access and complete the form at using Chrome 32, IE 11 and Firefox 26. My husband and 2 employees here can also access it. However, we have no court order so we won’t be emailing. Here’s what I’ll do for you. I’ll copy and paste the form here for you.

      We host millions of blogs on We have no control over what content our users decide to post on their blogs, but we do have a set of rules about what content is and isn’t acceptable on our service. If you have an issue with a blog on our system, please select one of the following to route your complaint:
      Spam blogs: Please this form to report spam blogs. We will immediately suspend any spam blogs.
      Mature blogs: Please use this form to report blogs with mature topics (erotica, porn, etc). Mature blogs are welcome on, but we will mark them in our system so they don’t show up in public listings.
      Copyright violations: If one of our blogs features your copyright protected material (and you did not authorize your content to be published by the blog in question), please use our DMCA reporting process.
      Defamation, abuse, threats: We suspend content for inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person. Please see our abuse process for more information.
      Court orders: Official, signed court orders can be emailed to
      Law enforcement: If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please contact us at


    12. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 3:58 PM

      yeah raincoaster you carry on talking like you know what you are on abbart eh?

      Well timethief my windows 8 don’t want to entertain you, I found that part just fine thanks, maybe Bill Gates needs a tug eh?

      PS you only had to say to use Google Chrome

    13. We just booted up my old Windows XP PC. My employee used IE8 and had zero trouble reading what I posted here in this thread and accessing the form either when compatibility mode was enabled or disabled.

    14. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 4:04 PM

      I have no idea of what you are talking about – ASGARD wtf??

      Anyway you can still answer my question, Google or no Goggle!

      We don’t all reside in America, thankfully.

    15. They are currently booting Windows 8 and I’m expecting there won’t be any issue with it either. Moreover, all you need is this Court orders: Official, signed court orders can be emailed to
      So you’re dismissed.

    16. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 4:07 PM

      Well perhaps it’s my Norton but one thing’s for sure it flicks over to validating at the speed of lightening, tomorrow I will record it with my phone so you can see. Will that appease you??

      Oh and you didn’t answer my question yet, why would that be??

    17. mildredpilchard
      Feb 8, 2014, 4:09 PM

      Yes I could post it onto You Tube so the world and its uncle can see – just so they don’t make the same mistake of course

      Night Then, you have not answered my question nor taken any action. You are quite simply……

    18. An ellipsis abuser? A Yorkshirian? Don’t keep us in suspense!

    19. You have been provided with everything you need to make your complaint, which appears to be a very low priority to you given what you have posted here. However, if you want to keep bumping this thread then we can do that. I wouldn’t to leave you all alone and suffering here because you lack what it takes to email the correct Staff department because that wouldn’t be nice.

    20. Virt, I like your style.

    21. Seconded.

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