The Butthurt is Strong With This One

I guess Mercury is in retrograde or something, because the forum is just full of these assholes lately.

How to report a site help please??

  1. Cant report anything that is illegal…???

    How can i report a site …that contains harassing and inciting violence and hate crimes ???

    Your report feature stalls at validating ???? Immediate action required

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And what is the URL of the site? Have you tried reporting it to

  3. Do you not read what ive just typed above ???

  4. May i ask that site mods that can help contact me and not people who just have a interest in being nosiey thanks

  5. You’re welcome, asshole. Good luck with that.

  6. What a idot another one to report for abuse

  7. Just reported you for abuse comments well done maybe you will learn to think before you speak

  8. I’m afraid you don’t understand. It is within my power to call staff to look at this thread and solve your problem. Or not. Guess which one I am choosing?

    PLEASE do report me. If this is your standard of “abuse” you must spend a great deal of your life in psychic pain. Please fill out the following form and return it so that it may be processed ASAP.


7 thoughts on “The Butthurt is Strong With This One

  1. Sheesh, Rain, he can’t spell, let alone form a complex sentence. Be nice to the dumb kids. They are unarmed in a fight with you.

  2. But Rain – you left out the “SEO genius” tag spammer – even after his whole blog was stuck in the spam filter – still took a bit even after the staff retrieved their blog = some people should not be trusted with a mouse let alone a blog

  3. Here’s an stunning example of a drama queen or king using ageism as a manipulative tool to get special treatment, while posing as a victim decrying non-existent bullying of seniors.

    Without doubt that multipurpose and useless snap-on tool will report me. Meh?em>

    I’ve spent over 60 years pulling punches, so as not to harm those with low IQs, but maybe it’s time to stop doing that and to start cold cocking them instead.

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