the salt mines

Coal MinersWorking for a living. Yeah, it sucks. The long, monitor-lit hours, from the very moment your afternoon coffee is ready right up until it’s time for cocktails, it is a gruelling, bone-crushing slog. The nightly thrashings from the trolls. The technical difficulties. The next-morning regrets when the boss asks why you posted the decapitation story on a mommyblog.

While some are fortunate enough to get iFreebie after iFreebie, some of us must content ourselves with only a token collection of, say, Viggo Mortensen videos, jewelry, international trips, and squid-themed clothing sent by various well-wishers from across the planet.

Honestly, what’s a humble anarchist squid/parenting/gossip blogger to do?

If you only knew the thousands of twisted, revolting things I have comb through every day just to find you something of the quality of Baby Toupee, show you a scientific video as breathtakingly beautiful as It’s Full of Stars, or compose a symphony of intertextual meaning such as Linkabilly Roundup, you’d bow your head and solemnly click the SUPPORT OPERATION GLOBAL MEDIA DOMINATION Paypal donation button near the




of the blog.

Again, for those just tuning in: the Support OGMD Paypal donation button is in the sidebar, on the right-hand side of the blog. Click at will.

Click early. Click often.

In any case, as I have recently been asked “How do you know this stuff” I thought I would give you a sample, however small, of the revolting masses of teeming Hollywood effluent through which I must wade day in and day out, slaving away for my crust and a bowl of scummy, tepid water.

Without so much as a Fish Head to gnaw on.

Go on. Click. But be warned: this stuff will fucking break you. You can’t handle it. No one can for long, and retain their sanity. Just be thankful that there are a legion of us bloggers out there protecting you from coming into contact with such things directly. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

You’re welcome. You’re warned.

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PS: 2.5 hours, 19 links, 5 crashes, 5 complete restarts. You can’t tell me I don’t earn my money.

11 thoughts on “the salt mines

  1. Sorry. See what I mean? I’m your front line. Occasionally, I leak. Stick a dutch boy in me. (on second thought, that doesn’t sound so good)(also, couldn’t find a cute one online, only this one). Times are tough in the Netherlands, I guess.

  2. I got off dialup only a few months ago, but this is worse. At least the computer worked then.

    So my technical tasks are to get the server up and running and then get the theme updated. Noooo idea when that’s going to happen.

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