The following is, apparently, and example of something I am NOT supposed to post on my new blog. Who saw that coming?


Decapitated kid much better now!

Hey, it takes a lot to stop a Canuck! In this case, having had his head chopped off back in July hasn’t stopped 11-year-old Ryan Ooms of Saskatoon from starting school right on time.

Ryan Ooms EMTsOoms spent just 2 1/2 weeks in a hospital where doctors fused the vertebrae and inserted titanium pins and rods. On Aug. 23, five weeks after the July 17 accident, Ooms and his family paid an unexpected visit to the firehall to thank his rescuers.”When he walked in I recognized him but there was this disbelief,” said McNair. “His recovery rate has been phenomenal.”

McNair was one of the first EMTs on the scene of the accident. He helped paramedics remove Ooms from the crushed minivan then stayed at the boy’s side in the ambulance.

Once Ooms was in the care of trauma specialists, McNair thought of the boy’s parents being told about their son.

But there was Ooms, on Aug. 23, smiling and cracking jokes and climbing on the fire trucks. The only indication of his injury was a brace hugging his wounded and tender neck, keeping it steady.

You’d better believe this kid has a patron saint (is it Nearly Headless Nick?). Yes, us Canadians are a fearsome breed, seemingly descended from the unhallowed love match of Odin and Laura Secord, with a bit of Sasquatch thrown in there for good measure. Given that decapitation has hardly slowed this Canuck down, what do you imagine it would take to stop Celine Dion?

Really, tell me. The sooner the better; I hear Mariah Carey’s offering cash.

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12 thoughts on “Chop-Chop

  1. Well the Manolo is supportive, but apparently even stories that end well are too scary for some of the mommyblogging community. It honestly never occurred to me that this would be considered too gross, but it was. I think it’s heartwarming, but then I do have a slightly different perspective.

    They want fashion. Okay, they’ll get fashion. I found a whole line of urination accessories!

  2. Have you recently become a parent, RC?

    On a slightly different note, I read in McLean’s today that Viggo gets nekkid in his upcoming film, Eastern Promises, during a nude fight scene. I might have pay the bucks and get myself to a theater when the movie comes out.

  3. Not a parent, just a recovering nanny and retailer of clothing for the teenies.

    Viggo LOVES to get nekkid. He’s done full-frontal in his glorious youth: see Indian Runner. It’s very dark, though.

    Apparently EP is a really marvelous movie, although it’s Cronenberg, who’s freaky. I will definitely see this.

  4. Oh, better go get myself a copy of Indian Runner ASAP.

    Cronenberg is freaky (I’m still suffering from Naked Lunch flashbacks…had to write a paper on it in school…ugh…) but he redeemed himself somewhat with A History of Violence.

  5. This one is apparently in that league. But what’s weird is that Viggo’s genitalia had to be computer generated for this movie. There must have been a terrible accident between IR and EP. The Globe and Mail had the story a few days ago…can’t find the link.

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