Fish heads, fish heads…by Barnes & Barnes

Eat them up, yum.

Well, this is a weird one. People always look at me funny when I talk about avant garde art in LA, but I tell ya, there are a lot of former art and fine art grads out there with soul killing nine-to-fivers, money to toss at their dreams, and memberships at Beyond Baroque. They’ve got to do something with their spare time.

Say hello to Barnes & Barnes. You get a sense of just how far out these guys really are when you realize that Dr Demento plays the straight man.

How are my darling little Spazchow heads? Fine? That’s swell! It’s 2007. Time is passing us by quickly. We’re getting older. One day we’ll all die and go to heaven. Or perhaps hell. You never can be too sure…Ya know, the internet is a wondrous thing. It makes me wanna say TOOMP!…

Man, is it ever a great time to be a B & B fan, or what?! And be nice to Billy Mumy, he’s really not a bad fellow. I mean it was touch and go there for awhile, but he got through it and now he’s just fine! Make sure to shout out a Down Hetta Hetta to him every once in awhile. Be sure to eat your vegetables and change your socks. Wash your hands after using the toilet and don’t leave the seat up. And fellows, when you drip, clean the rim, will ya?

Thanks and be sure to stay in touch and try to patronize Mr. Mumy and buy his music. He needs cash real bad.

Your extra special pal,
the ever reclusive Artie Barnes….

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