Operation Global Media Domination: the Technorati Situation

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TIAWell, after losing 2000 places on Technorati recently because apparently nothing I cover is link-worthy, not that I’m bitter and you people wonder why max got a whole biography, I have recently regained my former status in the 16,000s. And how, you may ask? Simple, I reply.

I have a big mouth.

It turns out, it doth, that comments made on WordPress.com blogs are counted as independent links to our own blogs from those other blogs when and if that blog displays the recent comments in the sidebar.

Implications: I’m not going to be resisting the impulse to shoot my mouth off anymore (Metro, don’t say it). There’s more of an incentive to comment on the top blogs, which will of course reinforce their popularity, because they have more authority, which means that links from them count more on search engines than links from obscure blogs (although T counts everyone, no matter what the authority). It will make WP.com blogs attractive destinations for commenters who are interested in subtle blog pimping (ie not AND CHECK OUT MY BLOG WWW.BOZONINCORPORATED.BIZ!!!). God knows I dropped Iain Dale like a hot turd once he restricted commenters to those willing to link only to Blogger blogs or forgo links entirely. I am certainly not the only one who thinks this way.

Questions: it remains to be seen if it works this way with other search engines like Google. It remains to be seen if this is a deliberate strategy on WP.com’s part or if they’re going to read my post in the forum and go oh shit! and “fix” it. It remains to be seen whether this applies equally to those who choose not to become Avatarded (WP already excludes them from Top Blogs, Featured Blogs, etc).

Anyway, comment away. My Fish Heads, Fish Heads post could use some sweet lovin’.

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19 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: the Technorati Situation

  1. I thought I had noticed that change in Technoratty. I have made a few experiments and will continue to do so – down in to 60,000’s now :)

    I may be the first blogger to reach the four figures rank with a three figure readership – – –

  2. And I thought that the ‘Illuminati’ was all conspiracy crank stuff until I saw that logo!

    As to Dale, there’s no longer any point in bothering with the Tories at all. Deadwood has shot them in the head and they’re too dumb to realise it.

    Don’t know about all this techno-competition guff, down here in Chav City by the sea it hardly seems relevant.

  3. It’s England. Isn’t it all Chav City by the Sea? I get the impression you could walk from Dover to Hadrian’s Wall stepping only on the hooded heads of the feckless unemployed.

    Dale’s a principled fellow, if a Tory, so I do miss commenting there, but no way am I being FORCED into Google’s arms. Not a chance.

    Cameron and the Cameroonies are toast. I fear greatly that the rats leaving the sinking ship have leapt aboard Boris; from what I have seen of the mayoral campaign so far his support structure is largely deadwood. But then again: what do I care? I don’t have to live there.

    The logo, which won WordPress.com’s Most Fascist Logo award, is the former logo of the Total Information Awareness project of the Office of Homeland Security. Charming, isn’t it? I stole it, but something tells me they won’t complain. When the public got a load of that they sent up such a stink that the project was officially cancelled altogether (although of course it continues to this day under the cloak of several separate initiatives).

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  5. Gawker is ALL ABOUT the puns lately. You just have to comment as sort of an audition and if it’s good they’ll let you in if they’re not too busy or drunk. Find a punning thread that LolCait is active in and Bob’s your uncle.

  6. I’m sayin’ nowt.

    Except for thanks for the link and isn’t that an interesting point about raising your authority using someone else’s “Recent Comments” sidebar?

    Who do I know who uses one of those … ?

  7. Check it out and report back if Technorati picks it up. I am wondering if it works if you haven’t got an Avatar…and of course you don’t, because you’re not using a WP.com identity.

    I know Blogger’s equivalent (see what Iain Dale and I said to each other on the Running Through Rain post!) is to block anonymous comments; it then forces you to link to a Blogger blog or none at all. I would expect WP would construct the widget so that only WP.com bloggers got the benefit. Or maybe WP.org, too.

  8. You list yourself in the phonebook, then you get cranky when someone looks you up. Besides, everyone knows you’ll flash your Technorati to anyone who asks to see it.

  9. Is this a personal chat or can anyone provide the voice of reason?

    I understand the significance of your rants, but from a marketing standpoint…they will have to come back around. You said it all…one day they will say “oh shit! and ‘fix’ it.” I doubt seriously if it will be the result of one post….with players the likes of Technorati, WP, Blogger (the bastard baby of Googles urge to merge with the blogging community)…it will take many many voices going to another medium to start their own party. After all, that is how new social medias start everyday.

    Dont get me wrong…I am not advocating an overthrow of the system. Just that we can create a better system of our own. We use and abuse it….but we dont have to play by their rules. We can take our ball and go home! It’s our world….dont let the marketers sell you anything else. Oh wait….that would be me! =-)

  10. I think you miss my point. I LIKE that this works that way. It’s a huge advantage for WordPress.com bloggers. When you talk about a “better system” what, exactly, do you mean? Better Technorati-like system? Better blogging system? What are you selling here?

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