my god, it’s full of stars

No, really. Watch this astonishing video of a Gonatus Onyx Squid with its brood from Brad Seibel, via Pharyngula. It starts slow, but the wait is worth it. (title heartlessly stolen from Tlonista in Ph‘s comments section; what can I say? It was just lying there, glimmering temptingly)

The Science Pundit adds some useful info in Pharyngula‘s comments section:

When Brad Seibel‘s 2000 paper suggested squids brood, it was called “erroneous.” Years later when Seibel had the opportunity to direct a submersible he captured this footage confirming his hypothesis. Take that, cephalopod traditionalists!

5 thoughts on “my god, it’s full of stars

  1. Gruss Gott

    Also, gut – ein Post das ich zu Frau Adler und zu den Jungen Adler rekommendieren kann

    … aber wenn wir nicht mehr Baum-Oktopodien oder LangPferden haben konnen durfen sollen sein, brauchen wir mehr Kuten Badgeren und Beaveren, bitte, sofort

    Tot siens

    Grau von Adler

  2. Her Grave the Marchioness

    Your Grace

    Das geDammen und geBlasten – the Germans also don’t seem to understand mein German

    I seem to recall that a few years agoin our part of the World, the Anglo-Saxons were dismayed that the Danes were so very good at carrying out Open Heart Surgery (and they economized by not incurring the costs of anaesthetics), but the Danes had a strange inability to understand German (as Anglo-Saxon was then called) …. hence the need to compromize by inventing English

    Your obedient servant etc

    G E

  3. Thank you. That explains much. As for me, my first language was Walloon, so if you can confine future posts to Dutch and/or French, I should be able to hack my way through it.

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