how to build a vulva

A nice piece of jewelryHere’s another useful how-to which should be of great interest to a lot of people who spend too much time on the internet and not enough in the presence of vulvas. This one shows you how to make multiples, too, at no additional cost. Have as many as you like!

Don’t say I never did nuthin’ for ya! Stolen from Pharyngula just for you. Click through to the instructions and be sure to check out the many, many pictures.

The vulva is one of my favorite organs. Not only is it pretty and fun to manipulate, but how it responds tells us so much about its owner. And it is just amazing how much we’re learning about it now.

Don’t worry about clicking to read more…this article is full of pictures, but it is entirely work safe because it’s all about science.

17 thoughts on “how to build a vulva

  1. See, Metro, that’s the problem: your way requires cash. As does your old way of getting them good and drunk first.

    Nematodes are free!

    Archie, do go on…I’m sure there’s lots more to be said along these lines.

  2. Nematodes are free in your apartment, maybe. Elsewhere they’re usually kept in little containers.

    As for getting them good and drunk, I never once bought a drink I was not willing to reciprocate the acceptance and drinking of. You might wish to keep that in mind, next time you come up to deplete the cellar.

  3. Yeah, whatever. Take a cheque?

    PS nematodes love hot tubs. You’ve probably got more vulvas than you know what to do with. Probably not the first time you’ve run into that situation…

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