Operation Global Media Domination: The SurveyMagnet Edition

Total Information Awareness

Scientia est Potentia

Well, it’s been a bang-up start to the weekend what with all the pointless internet drama and all. There may only be three commenters, but they’re refreshing their screens like maniacs to see if I’ve replied yet. Well, if McDonalds can say “it’s all parts” I guess I can reconcile myself to “it’s all pageviews” but it’s still rather lowering the standard around here. At least the Albanian trolls were fun.

But this isn’t a post about that! Oh no! No indeedy! It is a post about my interview going live on SurveyMagnet. This was originally scheduled for weeks and weeks ago, but a two month medical leave rather puts a crimp in such self-promotional activities. Anyway, the interview is up, and I’m happy to promote it here, particularly because it’s all about Lolebrity, a blog I’m trying to pimp out to a positively JonBenet-ian level.

A snippet:

4) What is the craziest/most interesting exchange you’ve seen in your blog comments and why?

Well, there are very few comments on Lolebrity, except for the pervs looking for more Miley Cyrus boobs, but on another of my sites I did once get into a flamewar with the nation of Albania, and when it comes to the dialogue on the existence of fairies in Devonshire, well, I’ve got a corner on the market, with over 2000 comments on that particular raincoaster.com post.

Well, what are you still doing here? Go over there and read the damn thing; how am I supposed to get famous if you don’t? Eh?


8 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The SurveyMagnet Edition

  1. People who don’t like drama don’t link to drama and mention drama in almost every single post they write. Drivel.

  2. Thanks for the hit! Also, check out the Archives!

    I was just saying to someone that I didn’t worry about too much pointless troll drama today, because most Americans were concerned with bigger things, and events like the shooting of a member of Congress, a judge and a little girl had a way of pulling people’s heads out of their asses. Thanks for the information I was wrong about that.

  3. 4 or 5 out of the 7 or so posts on your front page refer to drama from 8 or 9 posts back but you act like it’s so beneath you? Seems you can’t STFU about it though when it’s all you can write about and link to like you’re proud of being hated or something. Nothing you say against me commenting about this makes that any less true.

  4. Look, sweetheart, if you look at the blog before you people lost your precious site, you’ll see it was actually not all about you.

    Now go put your head back in your ass or up Julia’s. Because obviously you have nothing better to do with it.

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