Backstage with Dali

Dali and flying cats by philippe halsman

Dali and flying cats by philippe halsman

Oh, it looks easy (okay, it looks impossible) but the amount of work this shot actually took is truly mind-boggling, most particularly when you realize there were cats involved. Yes, cats: Chihuahuas in alter form, fanged knick-knacks, short-tempered, incontinent attention sinkholes (huh, maybe they`re Mickey Rourke in alter form) in the shape of naked mole rats. Evil to the core.

It`s amazing to me nobody was killed during the shoot.

Dali and flying cats takes one through six

Dali and flying cats takes one through six. DUCK!

Then, undoubtedly, he killed the secretary and made her into a light fixture for a dinner party with the Duchess of Windsor. And the cats, too.

And now, speaking of viciousness and fanged, clawed, and bad-tempered things, let`s get to some gossip links:

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5 thoughts on “Backstage with Dali

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  2. Glad you like it. Halsmann was very creative; he said that once you got people jumping, you saw their real faces. They got lost in the childlike joy of the movement and their guard drops.

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