SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Nerds and the revenge thereof

Ladies and gentlemen, start your wireless devices.System Administrator Appreciation Day is coming up on Friday, the 28th of July.

Let’s be sure to show them all just how much they mean to us. No, not by forgetting they exist until a problem happens; that’s what we do every day!

It's a math wouldn't understand.

from the site:

Get a cool gift for your favorite SysAdmin & help support at the same time!
Cookies! Brownies! Beer! Wine! Fruit Baskets! Steaks! Electronics Gadgets!
Your SysAdmin will be so happy.

Check out all these great gift ideas. When you Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!make a gift purchase from one of the merchants below, you will be helping to support this website. Note: You must click on the banner below and then actually make a purchase. Remember, you are suppose to be getting a gift for your SysAdmin.

We at the raincoaster blog suggest ESL lessons.

2 thoughts on “SysAdmin Appreciation Day

  1. If you’re the sysadmin, you should be able to convince someone that whatever new toy you’re buying is absolutely necessary for the company, so the company will be paying!

    Good luck!

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