OTHER review o’ the day: the Fuggers on Paula Abdul

Ya gotta luv these shrivelled little hearts made of tar. Even more vicious than AA Gill!

Paula, what happened? Meteorite collision?

A snippet is reproduced here. Read the full horror of the report post-mortem here.

As for the Sternum of Doom… what meteor carved that crater? Did her pact with the devil go bad? Did Simon Cowell carve it out with a spoon? Did it sacrifice itself to become a chin or cheek implant? Did a nearby stripper accidentally ding her by sneezing while launching a ping-pong missile out of her nether region?

6 thoughts on “OTHER review o’ the day: the Fuggers on Paula Abdul

  1. Wasn’t that a line from a Lou Rawls song? Or maybe it was Lou Reed. I always get those two mixed up. Maybe it’s because of the colored girls going doo, dadoo, dadoo, do do dadoo, dadoo, dadoo, do do do do, dadoo . . . .

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