Capitol Hill has Eyes

And they’re Ann Coulter’s!!!

Ann/Michael, sorta like Ann Margret, only scary

From Welcome to Pottersville:

Only someone like Ann Coulter can publicly applaud the nightmarish, Aldous Huxleyan jingoism that drives Israel to encourage its children to write greetings on bombs about to be dropped on top of their Lebanese counterparts. In doing so, Ann Coulter proves once again that, while Laura Bush may be America’s First Lady, she is America’s First Cunt.

27 thoughts on “Capitol Hill has Eyes

  1. Deapite my own personal abstinence from homosexual relations, I have to admit that I’d rather be sodomized by Michael Berryman than engage in any sort of consensual or forced sexualt contact with Ann Coulter.

  2. Better steer clear of Washington, then. I hear she’ll jump anything that moves.

    Someone should set her and Jay up. Specially now he’s off the heroin; he could give her weight tips. “How to keep it off when you’re straight” should be an article in Cosmo, come to think of it.

  3. If Tipper had ended up with Santana instead of Al Gore, she might have turned out differently. She’s a very strong advocate for second-hand ideas, alas. Typical home-schooling Southern wife. Not that I stereotype at all.

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