Guess who’s back?

Teenythulhu Rises!

Teenythulhu Rises!

via Archie

It’s been awhile since we had any spectacular tentacular action here, and I aim to get correcting that ASAP. As soon as I can free myself from the tentacles of Operation Global Media Domination, that is: I’ve taken on the Morning GIF on the DailyDot, plus my other work, including a kickass interview of Christine Assange, Julian’s mother, which should be coming out today sometime; I’m teaching at EatDrinkTweet, a three-day conference in the Okanagan for social media, wine, and food (always an epic good time and great learning too); I have a backlog approximately three years deep of posts for the food blog; and I’m working with ACTUALLY FAMOUS productivity expert Mike Vardy on developing an entire line of learning products for people who aren’t handy to one of our Social Flow workshops. Oh AND thanks to re-reading my friend Alannas book for the third time, I’m now doing some WordPress and social media work for her while she looks for other opportunities for me.

Hence the Blogthings, picture posts, etc. We shall return to our regularly scheduled perving, swearing, politicking, and absurdism anon.

Oscar Wilde is Anonymous

Oscar Wilde is Anonymous

15 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. Me too, he’s just so cute. If you click through to the Flickr page from the photographer, you’ll see he’s got a series of splashes, which are always fun.

  2. Not having a TV keeps me pretty disconnected – the video you have about Anonymous is the first time I have actually watched anything about them.

    You have once again sent me to Wikipedia (and other sources).

    Is it just me or doesn’t it all remind you of Eyes Only from the show Angel a few years ago?

  3. REALLY???? You’ve never seen or heard of Anonymous? I suggest you stay away from Wikipedia and look at my own Anonymous category here. You’ve heard of Arab Spring, right?

    As for Angel, I’ve not had cable longer than you’ve not had cable, and I’ve never seen it. Nor Buffy.

  4. true – but I have only been here for 10 weeks. The first two weeks I was trying to figure out how to add tags, I spent at least 4 weeks obsessed with doing it right, so really I have only been on the sphere for a month.

    Hey, I made the SOPA protest…I was pretty proud of that.

  5. As soon as my current project is done and I have more free time I would love to get connected to some quality news blogs so I can be more connected.

    Your blog always sends me off researching – I love it!

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