The Invention of Dubstep

Dwight is right. Dubstep sucks.

Dwight is right. Dubstep sucks.

Well, now we know who to blame: Fun Fun, an Italian disco act of major attitude and minor talent. They were, in fact, so bad at disco that they turned it into dubstep, which is the least that it deserves for all what it put us through back in the day. So here, with or without further ado, is Happy Station, the song that started it all. This video has everything 2012 and nothing 1983 except the cropped sweatshirts: zombies, robotic dance moves, surrealism, a Token Black Guy, and shameless camera hogging by that blonde with the side ponies.

via ThingsISawThatILove

Of course, since it’s dubstep, that Happy Station is probably a Numbers Station.


5 thoughts on “The Invention of Dubstep

  1. I am so old I had to look up dubstep on Wikipedia – the description cracked me up: “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”

    Occasional vocals.

    So I watched it again – its hypnotic.

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