sex sells

Safe sex tips for cathouses

I’m sure we can all agree that nowhere on Earth is safe sex quite as important as it is in a cathouse. Finally, the Humane Society of Kentucky has decided to do something about that; they’re bypassing the oft-subservient human staffers and advertising directly to the animals who get the urges.

An advertising campaign by the Kentucky Humane Society to promote a new spaying and neutering clinic uses “edgy” references to sex and condoms in the hopes of drawing public attention — and it appears to be largely succeeding.

Hmmmm. I wonder if, like many a sad-sack lite beer consumer who falls for the bikini-clad capers in the ads but whose life remains profoundly prosaic and bereft of bikini beauties, the poor, innocent yet randy cats and dogs will be left feeling like they’re missing something.

You're going to get WHAT? sex sells
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7 thoughts on “sex sells

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  2. Indeed. It annoys me how many people whine, “Oh, I could never have wee Fang neutered! It’s mutiliation!” but they have their ears done, tail docked, etc. Cosmetic surgery for their dogs. It’s sick.

  3. Thousand-dollar license, thousand-dollar insurance, and $10,000 good conduct bond as soon as you acquire a pet. It’s the least we should do.

    Oh–and have owners sign a statement saying that for every unadopted kitten/puppy/budgie/lizard one of their pets AND one of the family must be neutered. I think that service should be provided for free.

    And I say this as a person sharing space with two of the bloody fleabags, one of whom seems to have developed voluntary incontinence.

  4. Have you heard the Montreal protocol? When they catch your un-neutered pet roaming for the third time, you have to work a shift as a volunteer, helping euthanize pets. Recidivism is near zero.

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