one too many cocktails

Steve and Eydie, bay-bee!

On the one hand, this is insane. On the other, it is lovely.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the classic Vegas lounge duo Steve and Eydie performing Soundgarden‘s nihilistic, heroin-laced grunge classic, Black Hole Sun.

Never mind, Odeo killed the file, thanks Odeo. Click onward to go to an updated post with the lyrics and a video.


10 thoughts on “one too many cocktails

  1. Yet another glitch: sorry, people, it’s not supposed to sound like they’re on helium. Stupid flash player can’t handle the encoding…whatever encoding is.

  2. That’s almost as strange as Johnny Cash cashing out with that NIN cover, or the oldies medley strung together by Prince for the Super Bowl half-time show. This was an excellent bed-time snack.

  3. Somebody suggested I change the encoding using media coder, which I promptly downloaded, but now I can’t open the fucker: it tries to open in an Explorer window instead of running the program. *rolls eyes* Technology was supposed to make life easier, right?

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