quiz: what extreme sport should you try?

I wouldn’t mind running with the bulls, but it’s so bloody pointless. I’d rather do a sport that gets me somewhere or is itself a physical accomplishment. Running with the bulls is like playing Russian Roulette on a rollercoaster: it’s not actually a skill or accomplishment, it’s just something risky. I loved Blue magazine: they didn’t cover bungee jumping because essentially, it’s passive. Fall. How can you fail at that?

You Should Try Running with the Bulls

Exhilarating, but not as dangerous as it might seem.

You’re more likely to get crushed by a person than a bull!

What Extreme Sport Should You Try?

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11 thoughts on “quiz: what extreme sport should you try?

  1. I’m not sure I’d call running with the bulls a sport. I think that would be a huge stretch.

    I’m not much into sports, to be honest, but did see one on tv recently that’s right up my alley (although my son insists it’s not a sport, either!) It’s called extreme cowboy. Anything on horseback would be more to my liking than actually having to run =)

  2. In this we are agreed. To me, extreme sports require something out of you that simply being a drunk 20 year old with both legs intact wouldn’t supply.

    What I really want to try is surfing!

  3. You Should Try Bungee Jumping

    Can you take the plunge?
    The true test of an extreme sports junkie!

    Who in hell wrote this quiz? Given the kinds of ADHD-afflicted types I’ve seen working at some bungee-jumping emporiums, I’d have done better enlisting and going Airborne or Ranger. At least they inspect the chutes before a 500-foot combat jump.

    Come to think of it, given the quality of workforce at bungee-jumping places, I’d have a better chance of survival shooting myself in the head.

    Bungee-jumping – jeezus!

  4. Seriously, falling. How is this a sport?

    I remember Gallagher’s routine about skiing. “Go up to the top of a mountain, strap slippery boards on your feet, slide down. Big deal. Slide UP! THAT would be hard!”

  5. i, apparently, need to try out car racing.

    You’ve got an unbelievable need for speed
    No little fear of crashing will stop your lead foot

    yea, right. this is the girl who whimpers just before the car goes over the hump because she’s afraid too many people in it will make the undercarriage scrape the top of the hump.

    just as long as i’m not doing the driving!

  6. Maybe that’s your problem: you’ll be less nervous if you’re in control.

    BTW I got your postcard! SO COOL! Thanks! I will try to get it scanned today or tomorrow.

  7. No, things just take FOREVER to get here.
    Public computers were closed for the long weekend, so I couldn’t get a scan. Should get one tomorrow, though. I want to post it.

  8. Base jumping.

    That is, leaping from a building with a parachute on.

    “One of the most dangerous extreme sports
    Illegal, potentially legal – but totally worth the risk ”

    Illegal–potentially legal? I think they meant lethal.

    I suspect I’d rather run with the bulls. I’ve already tried bungee jumping (UPward–sorta like being launched from a slingshot) and used to skydive on weekends.

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