Save the Vowels!!!1

Stolen from carocat:

Save the Vowels

Join the revolution today.

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17 thoughts on “Save the Vowels!!!1

  1. Oh I LOVE this! My daughters absolutely despise text talk. How do I steal this too?! I would love to put it on my sidebar, however being a newly addicted blogger I have no idea. Anyone want to help out a newbie country hick from Australia?

  2. I don’t think you can put the gif in your sidebar: it’s too wide. But you can put it in a blog post. Just put this in:

    { p align=”center”}{img src=”” alt=”Save the Vowels” /}{/p}

    and change the parenthesis to pointy brackets. Be sure to give carocat the credit with a link.

  3. OK, so while I am bowing at your brilliance, could you answer one question oh mighty one? I have started a post and put in what raincoaster has given me (the other oh mighty one) and it is just showing me a static ‘I am anti txt tlk’. Being a lowly pleb not worthy of licking your boots, could you tell me if it will come up with the whole animation when I publish or have I missed something.

    grovel grovel……

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