quote o’ the day: Diogenes, on pleasures of the flesh

The pyramid of drunkenness

“What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.”



11 thoughts on “quote o’ the day: Diogenes, on pleasures of the flesh

  1. What are you complaining about, Archie? Your cellar is in no danger. Whereas at the Metro house (or “station” as Antipodean ranchers might call it), we have twice had to weather the depradations of a Raincoaster about the place.

    It’s sort of like a swarm of locusts, only less pleasant and cultured.

  2. Locusts indeed! What was I supposed to do, drink the CHEAP beer?

    Exposing himself in public and living under a bathtub? That’s MY KIND OF GUY!!!

    Strangely, I got taken out for drinks last night. I had one glass of cheap shiraz (yes, The Sister, it was Yellow Tail) and one Negroni and I got absolutely wasted on them. I have no tolerance at all now that I’m living so goddam clean.

  3. Never mind the bath-tub

    What about the understandably-apprehensive squirrels anxious to keep out of range when the afore-mentioned tub is occupied by :

    (1) a formerly full but now empty beer-bottle


    (2) an air-rifle laden individual flustrated in his quest for reinforcements of East-Midlands brewed Coors beer

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