and now…

Your Dramatic Lemur for Wordless Wednesday:

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24 thoughts on “and now…

  1. hmmm…interesting, but I’m not sure anything will ever compare to the “darthmatic chipmunk” (prarie dog).

    The only Lemur I ws previously familiar with was Zaboo on Zooboomafu – a PBS show my 3 year old is obsessed with. It’s actually rather funny, as sometimes wild animals attack the lemur puppet. In one episode a mountain lion or something actually relieved itself on him.

  2. That is the scariest lemur I have ever seen. Okay, it is the only scary lemur I have ever seen too. Lemurs are usually not scary lemurs are usually cute.

  3. Very well. All I can say about that is, if you are ever in a second-hand bookstore and see a large, old-fashioned book with brass buckles and a pure-black cover of strangely fine, soft leather, DO NOT OPEN IT.

  4. max, I have no further comment at this time.

    m, thanks for sharing. Did you enjoy the post? DEPENDS!

    BTW, this creature is VERY sneaky indeed; turns out it’s not a lemur at all but a …tarsil? metatarsil? metamucil? Something like that. I get all of my biodiversity news from Popbitch.

  5. Well, there’s still 10 minutes or so left in Valentine’s day, so here’s my semi-related “WTF??” Valentine for you, Rain. Notice – only 8 views so far. Imagine if we made this video famous!!!

    At roughly 2:21 I piss myself laughing when I watch this. Almost as good as the “blog song” (“please check my blog”)I shared a while back.

  6. I shall check it out. Was thinking of posting Mr. T’s tips for metrosexuals, but I might just give up altogether. You’ve NO IDEA how many times this computer has crashed today.

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