Happy Canada Day!

From the always-giftworthy although only sometimes-raincoasterworthy shop Chocolate Moose on Robson Street:

Canada day eh


11 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Happy Canada Day, rain! If I ever get to Vancouver I know where my first stop for shopping will be.

    One of my favorite restaurants on the entire planet is in Canada – Suser in Toronto from the brilliant chef Suser Lee. He’s kind of hot too…

  2. Thanks, Raul. If I can get a ride I’ll see you there. I’ve GOT to get on some more of these mailing lists; I always have a great time at these events and the best thing about tech events is there are plenty of men there!

    Hey ella, I’ve never even heard of Suser, but then we like to pretend that there’s nothing east of the Rockies. I’ll take you to Conor Butler and Lumiere if you come out here (although we may only be able to afford the ice water!).

    Happy Day After Canada Day to you all!

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