Quiz: what should you name your boobs

Never let it be said that I failed to pander.

You Should Call Your Boobs

Skull and Crossbones

Actually, I don’t call mine anything at all. It’s not as if they’re going to pay attention to you when you do that anyway.

22 thoughts on “Quiz: what should you name your boobs

  1. Cat and mouse, az? There’s a metaphor in there. And FFE, it is indeed perfect.

    max, perhaps there’s a Saturday morning cartoon series waiting to be written, starring your boobs.

  2. Paul Anka wrote the “Theme to the Longest Day” which more than made up for his vejayjayness. That also means your dad had an Anka, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  3. Girl I worked with years ago had the last name of “Brosselot.” Dead heat in a zeppelin race. Had the posture of a sun dial. Her kids all had facial stretch marks. True story. Sort of.

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