Yoko Ono’s Next Husband

No, seriously. Think about it. She’s got John‘s money and no particular need to be the ruling Rock Widow of Our Times, which goes to Courtney Love on sheer batshit-insane points. Sure, Yoko‘s meaner, and she’s smarter, and she’ll outlive Courtney by a good twenty years, but it’s time she moved on. Time she found a new man.

Time she found this man.

via WOWReport

William Lamson is clearly both deeply artistic and strange to the pink, gooey core. Check out his site: my particular favorite video is “Monument Valley Flight Attempt” but one has to come to it with preparation. One has to be ready. One has to wait it out, all two minutes, forty-one seconds of it. There IS no punchline. It, itself, IS the punchline. Or is the viewer?

Or the reader of this blog?

6 thoughts on “Yoko Ono’s Next Husband

  1. OH… you’re talking NEA, right? Now it makes complete sense. Had he been evacuating his bowels at the same time he might have received twice the stipend in the name of ART. (heh)

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