quiz: what would your body taste like to a cannibal?

Seriously, what does a woman have to do to get eaten around here? I consider this brand-building at its most primitive. Now that I think of it, I should have hacked it to say “beer” instead.

What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Created by Recipe Star

21 thoughts on “quiz: what would your body taste like to a cannibal?

  1. WTF? Barbecued tofu! I was thinking I’d be roast pork or beef, not barbecued tofu. I suppose that’s good in a way. I can’t see there being many vegetarian cannibals!

  2. The Other Half says that would make a good chat-up line:

    “So you’re vegetarian are you? Great, I taste like barbecued tofu…”

    Yes, she has even more class than me! :D

  3. barbecued fish for me too. that’s strange, Azahar and I have different body types and eat completely different diets normally – wonder how we ended up the same

  4. I’ll give you the different body types, but completely different diets, nursemyra? Really?

    I’m totally into the blueberries these days.

  5. Spicy chicken here. I’m thinking the same – how did they get to the results?
    My husband’s results came back as undercooked chicken! Blegh. But he does taste so yummy.

  6. kickass, im spicy chicken….hmmm….i wonder…crunch**…ow!…oh wow, it was right…holy crap thats really spicy…water!!!!!

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