WaHo Ya Know

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the gayest video of all time (including ElektronikSupersonik and all of the Village People):

WaHo (waffle house) by the Athens Boy Choir

Did you know that the Waffle House is a religion in parts of the US, and has its own Shrine? I did not. And did you know that there are significant numbers of songs called Waffle House? I did not. And it’s really late, I should have been done two hours ago and sleeping by now, and so I’m not going to root through the whole intertubes for the lyrics to this one. I’m sure you’ll be singing along in a couple of replays anyway.

And then you’ll turn gay!

11 thoughts on “WaHo Ya Know

  1. Roller skates!!! I miss those. They were so cool before skateboards. People should bring back roller skates.

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