What did you do today, raincoaster?

funny pictures of cats with captions

What did I do today? Besides this post?

  • raincoaster, caught on film
  • WordCamp Fraser Valley: Creativity and WordPress
  • Happy Birthday to Hugh (Grant)
  • nothing else much, thank god, even though I was supposed to go over to Carinthia’s house and huck bags of earth and rock onto a pickup truck, truck it out to the dump, pay for the right to dump said dirt, and do so, thereupon returning. Given that I seem to have hurt my back, hucking something in the vicinity of 1800 lbs of rocks up onto a truck bed and then down onto the ground was not an activity to which I was looking forward with any great enthusiasm, $20 notwithstanding.

So instead I hung out at Carinthia’s, drank coffee, and made a deal: I’ll go out to her son’s locker in Langley or Ladner or Louisville or one of those L words and pick up the rack of bull moose horns and bring it downtown. In return, she’ll give me the eight-point rack of deer antlers.

So I at least made ONE good deal today!

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