Quiz: What Comic Book Sound Effect Are You?

Oh yeah, baby! I’d totally rock the mutant space, and they know it. Why, Wolverine is covering his genitals with his hands AS WE SPEAK!

Although I was always more of a DC than  Marvel person. Hmmm, is this like Saul‘s vision on the road to … where was he going again? Stan Lee‘s house?

You Are “ZAP”

If you were a superhero, you’d definitely be the mad scientist type. You’d always be cooking up some new potion or weapon.

You would be relying on your brains instead of brawn. And it’s likely that “Zap” would be a sound that villains hear as you’re taking them down!

Over time, it’s likely that you’d morph into some sort of super human. There’s only so much experimenting you can do on yourself before you become a mutant.

But even if you had super strength, you’d still love the thrill of shooting off your latest weapon.

You know the rules: if you steal it, you link me up. Or I’ll come after you and “Zap” will be the last thing you hear.

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11 thoughts on “Quiz: What Comic Book Sound Effect Are You?

  1. I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link I shall link

    Yes I shall – I am terrified of the ignoble Zap

    (That cthulhu site is wonderful! have bookmarked – will weaken, will use fhtagn)

  2. Glad to hear it. I had a similar contretemps yesterday with someone who got the usual “GEE WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GREAT POST MATERIAL?” from me, and responded not with a link but with a comment (rel=nofollow anyway in a comment, dammit) “from your post of course!”

    Not EXACTLY what I was looking for.

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  5. You Are “VRROOOOM”
    If you were a superhero, you’d totally be in it for the toys. And you’re thinking big – like a fast car, rocket, maybe hoverjet…
    You’d like fighting crime as much as the next comic book hero, but the real thrill would be getting out of there quickly when the bad guys had been beat.

    You have a need for speed, and you love the adrenaline rush of speeding down the highway. Even better would be going faster than the speed of light.
    Besides, you think it would be cool to have dinner in Tokyo and dessert in Paris. And heck, maybe even appetizers on the moon. It’s all possible if you can go fast enough.

    Doesn’t sound like me at all!

  6. You Are “POW”
    If you were a superhero, you’d be a little old school. You’d do most of your crime fighting with your fists.
    You’re a tough character, and you don’t need to rely on weapons or superpowers to get the job done.

    You can’t stand bad guys, and you wouldn’t mind punching out the real evil doers in the world.
    You may not be a seasoned fighter, but you’ve got endurance, strength, and determination. And that’s really all you need to pummel a few villains.

    Of course, the independent wealth helps, as does the lovely spandex-clad sidekick. In the remake, she’s called “Shelia Stripp-Smartly.”

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