Cloudy, with a chance of food poisoning…

…then again, it could be appendicitis. So there won’t be a whole snootful of online activity for you to follow; mostly just low-impact activities like reblogging on Tumblr and bitching on Twitter.

On the plus side, I wanted to lose some weight…

16 thoughts on “Cloudy, with a chance of food poisoning…

  1. Turned out to be gallstones and a raging infection. I am pumped up with antibiotic superdrugs and can probably heal people simply by waving at them.

    For all the blog readers who did not get me any presents or come visit and who are now presumably wracked with guilt…Christmas is coming. I like my Gin English, my Perfume French, my chocolate Belgian, and my Diamonds Canadian.


  2. Man, when it rains it pours, and no good deed goes un-punished. It’s times like this when all the silly cliches start to sound more true than they do annoying. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been going through all this shit. If it’s any consolation, know you’re not alone on the health front, I know how scary it can be. It will pass, just hopefully before you do ;) Get well soon, sending you hugs and well-wishes and a little get-well gift via PP. XO.

  3. Thanks. It will pass, because I’m having some surgeons go in with sharp, pointy things and take it all out, very soon.

    A get-well gift? XO? Super, I love cognac!

  4. I thought you could use some *cough* medicine, I hope that will cover what your superior health plan won’t. Good luck under the sharp pointy things, I hate them: the gall!

    Keep us updated, we worry when we don’t hear from you.

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