Walking Away: pic of the day

Walking Away by Hector Guerra

Walking Away by Hector Guerra

This is the kind of photograph that makes me think it can’t possibly be a simple photograph of an actual place in our space-time continuum. It’s obviously a photograph of somewhere much, much more interesting.

I want to go to there.

15 thoughts on “Walking Away: pic of the day

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  2. Good news.

    In order to help me sleep for the first time in day’s I’ve hit the Bacardi. And I’ve hit it hard. And some codeine.

    I’m really hoping for some sleep tonight.

  3. My latest fave is Stoked Vodka. In order to drink it like my gran would, for medicinal purposes, throw some Neo Citran in there…zzzz. Alternatively, try a cedar bough bath and drink the Stoked while in tub! Lots more work though.
    Like the pic.

  4. Twitter reports:

    Two votes for Bailey’s and cocoa
    One for ‘Some Rum then some Jack with coke. when you wake up, Some Rum and O.J.’
    One for decaf coffee with Bailey’s
    One for hot toddy.

    Appleton’s is a premium rum which is very, very smooth. It’s only a couple of dollars more than Bacardi. If you want to really go smooth, Mount Gay is about five more than Bacardi.

    Yvonne, I can believe that if you made Neo Citran with vodka the whole world would look like that picture.

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