Trippy Tigers

Escher Trippy Tigers

Escher Trippy Tigers

I would hereby like to offer my firstborn child to the person who can make this image tileable. You can have the second one too, if you can animate it.

25 thoughts on “Trippy Tigers

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  4. Judy, then I’m afraid you only get custody on weekends.

    Glad you guys like them. Julian isn’t that fussy about having custody; just check the Guardian for confirmation of that.

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  7. So zeanyboi get’s the second child, but not the first, because that isn’t tiled – is it? The spinning made my eyes unfocus. It is longer, but does it tile?

    I’m not going to try it, the spinning made me dizzy!

    Looks very trippy, though, I agree.

  8. No, the second one is tiled. The first one is animated. So he gets both of the first two.

    That tiling image makes a terrific computer background. It’s stone-cold awesome.

  9. It really did make me quite dizzy, so perhaps my eyes just can’t cope feeding that image to my brain – or my brain can’t cope with being the receiver. I have a large screen, so the thought of all that spinning just spins me out.

  10. I’m really glad I am no good at it, or I’d have wasted a week! It really does make an amazing desktop background. I debuted it at a conference on the weekend and people asked me what I was on when I chose it. Always a good sign.

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