Guess what just happened!

Neither Maria nor I are impressed at this point

Neither Maria nor I are impressed at this point


Seriously, people. Anybody got a cardboard box I can borrow for a couple of weeks?

5 thoughts on “Guess what just happened!

  1. This is one of the more bizarre things I have heard in my life. I think you are the only person in the world that is homeless, but paying rent for two places. Why can’t you kick a person out? Can’t you stop paying rent for one of the places?

    I am sure there is some logic in here somewhere…

  2. I’m not paying rent on the sublet, but I had to pay rent on both places for the one month, July, which meant that rent was MORE than my gross income. There’s a megapost coming at which will spell it all out.

    Have to continue paying rent on the Vancouver place because all my stuff is in it. If I’d known they were going to double the rent, I would never have made that choice: I’d have put the stuff in storage. But at the rates I was paying, it was cheaper than storage. Oh, there’s more: although subletting a co-op violates the housing agreement, the management emailed me and asked why in hell I didn’t sublet it. Goddam. Try to follow the rules for once in your life and look what it costs you.

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