Lowered Expectations

It’s not just a dating site anymore!

I was promised snow, dammit!

I was promised snow, dammit!

So this was me up in Yellowknife. I did get frost by the last two weeks of August, and Auroras all the way through August, a few months early thanks to solar flare activity (thanks, Sol, you’re a doll), but no snow. People keep asking me when/if I’m going back (or rather, if/when, as my friends are all cynics like me) to the North, and all I can say is, when/if someone makes it worth my while. I didn’t go up there just to get my ass kicked and come straight back to Vangroover. I’ve got leads on several clients up North, but nobody’s making a decision hastily, so this all still pending. What I’d like, ideally, is to get a client whose business is such that it justifies me going back North and working through the winter; what’s the point of going to Yellowknife and NOT going through a real arctic winter? I already got the parka!!!

And there’s an NGO up there who wants to work with me (if and only if I get back there, as a major part of their mandate is supporting the North and Northern businesses); their mission is to get remote communities online and train Aboriginal youth in digital technology: both in terms of blogging and social media (just like I was doing as the social media trainer at Fearless City) and hardware (e-cycling and rebuilding).

3 thoughts on “Lowered Expectations

  1. And here I thought you were just back in Van for a few work-related gigs. I didn’t realise things hadn’t worked out Up North. Does this mean you now won’t be making your February winter escape to Sevilla?

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