No Doggie, No Cry

sad pug is sad

Not that I’m entirely sure pugs are dogs. They think they’re fucking lions, just ask them.

Or don’t. Because this is what happens when you do that.

If we could only weaponize them, we could finally have a way to defeat the Chihuahua Army on their own turf!

8 thoughts on “No Doggie, No Cry

  1. Wow, that sound is not something I would expect from a dog. I could accept the monkey/lion hybrid theory. They do rather resemble the lion statues that one sees in China. (Like this one I saw in Hong Kong.) And now I know what sound those statues would make…

  2. Nono cat would drive me insane; that animal is simply not of terrestrial origin. FACT

    TeamOyeniyi, how do you feel about Senator Assange? I’m thinking of writing an article about his potential senate run. Fun!

    alejna, there are several of those statues near my house. Great, I’ll never sleep again.

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