GPOY: Solution Mapping Edition

GPOY solution map

GPOY solution map

Among my friends there is a certain consensus of opinion, and they are unified in their belief that this is one of the smartest things I’ve ever said about myself: That, if I weren’t so confident in my ability to cope with crises, I’d put more effort into preventing them. Here we can see that principle expressed in the 21st Century’s highest art form, the Infographic.

Apropos of nothing, I will here list the words that I learned from the internet yesterday. You may find them amusing. Given my problem-solving style, I have no doubt I will find them critically useful at some point in the future.

As the great prophet Phyllis Diller once said, “I don’t merely believe in miracles. I rely on them.

  • auto-mythocredititis, otherwise known as believing all your own spin [from the Guardian]
  • opuloconfundosapiensis – the tendency to confuse having lots of money with being very clever [same source, and I can hardly wait to incorporate this into an attack on the 1% on a dilapidated cardboard sign for Occupy Vancouver]
  • mon-orchid, meaning having only one testicle. Not exactly sure how I will bring this into a political discussion, but then there is no low to which I will not stoop in the fury of a firefight, so who knows? I may even lay it on Christie Clark. [from a fascinating Fortean Times article on the blue dogs of Texas]

and yes, I do read an eclectic collection of sites recently. I got bored with the usual Gawker/Awl/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr round and decided to branch out, starting with solid, hard news sites and ending with amusing ones. No idea why I’m so fascinated with portraiture lately, though.

19 thoughts on “GPOY: Solution Mapping Edition

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  3. Oh, I love this. I should start one. I have a friend who lives in a converted church, we can do services there. With Martinis instead of sacramental wine.

  4. Hi raincoaster!
    Can you help me about online users counter, please?

    You use whos.amung, right?
    You pay to have it, or it’s free?

    I went to the site, and i copy the widget code, put it on my blog, but as you can see, it does not work correctly!

  5. I already answered you in the forum again. I answer questions in the forum for free. If you come to my blog and want personalized help, I charge for that, and I charge a lot. See my answer in the forum.

  6. Love the pic, I’d be worried if you suddenly became unravelled….

    PS: If I ask in my ‘Gitwizard’ name, can you help me about online users counter, please?

  7. Sure, just use the Paypal to send me $200 first.

    And yes, I don’t understand this fixation the world has on things being straight. As Gallagher said about people who comb their hair: big deal, parallel hair!

  8. WTF! I was going to comment on the video you posted about your social media workshops and homelessness, as well as as you some more questions about the workshops… but you don’t exist! Twitter has vaporized you! First, days of incessant spam, and then suspending raincoaster? FUCK YOU TWITTER!

  9. Twitter has suspended me. That’s the reward I get for exposing 1300 spammers and a Kevin Mitnick impersonator in one day.

    Bitch to them. God knows I have.

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