GPOY: getting run out of town edition

Me being run out of town

Me being run out of town

Had my going away party the other night, and if you missed it, you missed epicness. Epicnosity. Whatever.

One of the things I most enjoy about the Downtown Eastside is showing off how inexpensive things that are fun can be, and when the bills came around at Pat’s Pub in the glamorous Patricia Hotel on East Hastings, there arose a chorus of “SO CHEAP!” I think I’ve made some converts.

It was amusing when an older fellow mistook the Anon mask for some pantomime thing. The mask was a present from Jay, and very handy it came in at picture time, for lo, I never did get downtown to get my makeup done that day. From Pat’s the die-hards went to the Heather, so I’m glad I got to say good-bye to it properly. Smart money says I’ll be back eventually. After seventeen years of going there, it’s hard to break the habit.

What with my newly glittery appearance and glamorous clubbing lifestyle, SOME people are jealous, it seems.


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