I’ve found religion!

Gin in Heaven

Gin in Heaven


Well, thank god I’ve found religion, otherwise I’d have made a sacrifice or two to Cthulhu this weekend.

It seems the prospective landlord of Panorama Palace, with whom I’ve been in communication for something like six weeks, has decided he wants to work on the house and doesn’t want to rent it out until those repairs are done.



I mean, nobody wants to slide into the lake in a brutal, bone-crushing avalanche in their sleep because of a flaw in the foundation, but they’d like to have known about this prior to eight days before move-in date.

Now I have another month at least to spend in limbo, house-sitting, couch-surfing, and whatever-worksing and in the meantime the prime time to get horses in the boarding business is slipping by…

So, just in case there was any doubt…

11 thoughts on “I’ve found religion!

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  2. Well, things seem to have worked out really well: I’m cat-sitting for a friend in Vancouver from April 2, and then in May going to the US to see Lorelle and stay in her basement apartment in the countryside outside Portland. Then this summer I can house-sit in the Okanagan and in September I hope to volunteer at Hollyhock and be there for Web of Change.

    I’d rather have the house, but this is still pretty good and means I don’t have to pay rent until October! Sweet, because I need to buy a new computer.

  3. hello u said in the forum of wordpress that we can use flickr widget to post instagram pics, how so? can u help me with that please?

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  5. My rule is, I answer questions in the forum for free. If you come to my blog and want personal attention, then I charge for that. I charge $200 per hour and no, that’s not a joke.

  6. I’d be fuming! Someone seems to be testing your resolve! You are a much stronger person that I am!

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