King of Pizzas…and bad jokes

Asked about the items, Bethel explained that when Pizza Man!he finished delivering Domino's pizzas, "he transports deceased bodies in the same vehicle for a funeral home."

Aaaaaaaaaaaalrighty then. Thanks to the Smoking Gun for that story, and I am wondering what happens if he doesn't deliver the corpse within twenty minutes. Do you get the next stiffie free?

It is at this point that I'm reminded of The Pizza King. Now, I adore the Pizza King. It is my go-to pizza choice, without question. Large, three-topping pizza, lasagne, baked ravioli, garlic bread, four salads, side of ribs, two bbq'd drumsticks and four Cokes for $26 Canadian. Can't beat that with a baseball bat.


A few years ago another branch of the same franchise was in the news for some actions that were less than mouth-watering.

On Aug. 4, 1993, the charred remains of what police believe was 64-year-old Bikker Singh Sangha were found on four trays in the since defunct Pizza King restaurant, which used to be located at 12012-88th Ave. in Newton.

And now, because it is Tasteless Day on the raincoaster blog, something you'll have picked up on from the earlier posts, we will post a couple of the jokes that were current at the time. I believe the defence, which was successful, was that people were just trying to save money on the cremation by sticking him in a pizza oven and letting her rip. All perfectly above-board. At three in the morning before the death had actually been reported.

Note to consumers: apparently, the oven was later sold at auction to a new pizza joint. I order all my pizzas from places that have been in existence longer than that, just to be safe. Ew.

Joke A:

So, what was the name of the guy whose body was found in a pizza oven in Surrey?

Amir Cinder

Joke B:

What was his middle name?



5 thoughts on “King of Pizzas…and bad jokes

  1. I remember this!!

    “Did you hear that teh brother of the guy cooked in teh pizza oven was murdered too? Yeah he got run over. You know what his name is?” Pindunder Jeep

    “What was the name of the guy cooked in the pizza oven?” Pan Deep

    “What was the name of the guy that got cooked in the pizza oven?” Charred Cinder

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